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Making Daddy Feel Good – Part 1

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Introducing my twin girls into the world of pleasure.

Happened last year but I remember everything clear as day. I’m 43 years old now with a pretty much non-existent love life. My partner and I divorced a few years back and she literally wanted nothing to do with me or our children and so left them with me, which I do not mind at all. Kassie and Kylie are both 11 now (yes, they’re twins) and we have a really close relationship. I make a decent bit of money from my job, way more than I need to provide for the three of us and so I spoil them quite a bit, and so they’ve always been daddy’s little girls.

Through their much younger years, I’ve never looked at them in a sexual way but admittedly, as they started to grow up and develop, so did my attention towards their young, petite bodies. It began mildly with me sniffing their dirty undies and then using them to jerk off to while watching daddy/daughter porn. Luckily for me both hit puberty pretty early on and their chests soon began to form. While they aren’t massive now, it clear that they’re growing, and it’s been driving me wild.

I’d occasionally pretend to do something in their bathroom whilst either of them were showering and just spend that time looking at every inch of their perfect little bodies, their small breasts, petite waists, and their smooth, hairless pussies, both bodies almost identical. I would spend hours jerking off with those images in my head. I may be old now but when it comes to it, I can produce a healthy amount of cum, sometimes for two, three rounds on end.

So, around the start of last year, when the pair of them were 10, I decided to take a gamble and just go for it while they were still young and innocent. Picked them up from school and before they left for their rooms to take showers, I asked them “girls, did you wanna try something new today and take a bath with daddy in the big tub?”

Both of them being so young and naive you could say, were excited. They rarely used the bathtub and so it was I guess in a way different. We walked up the stairs, the pair of them holding onto each of my hands. I already felt my dick getting harder eying their tight butts in front of me. We got to the bathroom and Kylie undressed almost immediately and began turning the hot water on for the tub. Kassie took a little time at the mirror letting down her long blonde hair, but she also stripped down.

I watched intently as the girls set up the bath to their liking, squealing if it was too hot or cold and giggling between themselves. By now I was rock hard watching this scene in front of me. I was getting seriously turned on by my own daughters and for some fucked up reason, I loved it.

They both eventually got the temperature right and slipped in and then looked to me. “Daddy, are you not coming?” asked Kassie. “Hurry up!” said Kylie. I unbuttoned my office shirt and undid my work pants and slipped out of them leaving just my briefs which did a terrible job of hiding my raging hard on. I walked over to the tub and was just about to get in when Kassie stopped me. “No daddy, you gotta take all your clothes off,” she said giggling.

“Oh yea, why’s that?” I asked teasingly.
“Because you don’t have baths with clothes daddy!” giggled Kassie.
“You want daddy to take off daddy’s undies?” I asked teasingly once more.
Both girls nodded eagerly. Neither had ever seen me naked so this was already something new.

I towered over the pair sitting innocently in the tubs and slowly removed my briefs. My dick sprung wildly in the air and I just saw both their eyes widen as if they’d seen a ghost. I’m not massive, a little over 7″ with decent girth but the girls didn’t know that this was probably their first time seeing a dick and it happened to be mine.

I slipped into the bathtub, sitting between Kassie and Kylie as they both stared at my dick, quite intently too. “Daddy what is that?” asked Kylie pointing to it with her little finger.
“This sweetie is daddy’s penis,” I nervously explained. My heart was certainly racing.
“Will we get a penis like that when we grow up?” asked Kassie mesmerised by my manhood.
I chuckled. “Haha no, only boys have penis’s, girls, like you and Kylie have virginas,” I explained, pointing at their little pussies.

“Daddy, why is it so big?” asked Kylie, scooting over to have a closer look. My dick twitched as she brought her face closer. Kassie followed and also came closer. Both my girls were now mere inches away from my tip, which had now become somewhat swollen almost.

“It gets big when daddy sees something he really likes,” I explained very simply.
“Really?” the pair asked almost simultaneously. “What do you really like right now,” asked Kassie.
“Well, daddy really likes you two,” I said sweetly. “That’s why it’s so big.”
Both girls giggled and blushed.

“Can you make it smaller or is it always this big?” asked Kassie, looking into my eyes.
“Well, there is a secret way to make it smaller, you wanna know how?” I asked teasingly.
Kylie now looks up at me and both girls nod their heads excitedly.
“Well to make it smaller, you two have to make daddy feel really good,” I said as the pair listened intently. “You wanna make daddy feel good?”

“Yes!!” shouted the pair. “How do we do that daddy?” asked Kylie frowning at me.
“Here like this,” I explained as I took their small hands and placed them on my cock. I allowed them to gently rub my shaft, teaching them how to grip it properly.

The pair played with my dick, rubbing their soft, wet hands up and down my shaft, tugging on my foreskin at times and whilst it was nowhere near perfect, I was ready to explode in a matter of minutes. I knew having my two 10 years olds give me a hand job was so wrong but, in the moment, it felt so right. I lifted myself and sat on the edge of the tub throwing my head back in pleasure.

“Good girls, daddy’s very close now,” I moaned. Neither spoke a work and kept stroking me. I leaned back as far as I could and then exploded, shooting ropes of cum over my stomach. The girls shrieked at first then giggled and laughed seeing my cum shoot out my dick.

“Daddy, did you pee?” asked Kylie laughing.
“Haha no… uh this is because you two made daddy… feel very good,” I chuckled. “There is one more thing you can do to make daddy very happy though.”
“Oh, what’s that?” asked Kassie staring at the ropes of cum on my stomach.
“Well, see this white stuff, that’s called cum and… it’s very good for you, so I want you both to try eating a little bit of it,” I explained.
Kylie didn’t have to be asked twice as she scooped some up using her finger and licked it straight off. Kassie not wanting to be left behind did the same right after and soon both girls were making a disgusted face complaining that it didn’t taste very nice.

“Hehe, it’s like veges, it doesn’t taste very good but trust me, it’s very good for you,” I said. Seeing my girls go for seconds and thirds, lapping up every drop of cum made me hard within seconds.

“Uh oh daddy, it’s gone big again,” said Kassie, licking up the last of the cum.
I looked at the pair and knew that I was too far gone to back off now, and so after the bath, I took the pair to my bed for the next part of my plan.

Will upload Part 2 soon…

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  • Reply Daddylover ID:1clmulxulbx3

    Loved it!!! More please 💕

  • Reply NawtyGrandad ID:576cs2oik

    Sorry it’s [email protected]

  • Reply NawtyGrandad ID:576cs2oik

    Love the story, twins are hot fantasy. I’ve never been lucky enough to meet any, the girls I’ve had were as singles. Some shy and some eager but I loved every one of them. Inciting their curiousity combined with encouraging them to think it’s their choice to play worked well for me. [email protected]

    • DaddysTwins ID:6dn5hoseqj

      Yea they are naturally very curious and it’s the easiest at such a young age to get them into a reltionship like this. Made it easier that they trust me and did everything I asked of them with little to no hesitation.

  • Reply Gonzo ID:19gnd2q18zfl

    Holy shit that was HAF. I only had one daughter but my god I could only dream of twins. I have had many other twins and my first was when I was 12 and Kala and Kylie were 7 1/2 when they wanked my cock for the first time. Like this story their is always one that is the instigator of the two and Kayla was always the first to try everything then Kylie always followed. Kayla was the first to lean forward and lick a huge rope of cum that landed on Kylie’s face. When she said mmmm not bad Kylie leaned forward and did the same thing to Kala. They both giggled then proceeded to lick all of it up and ask for more. This was the start of a wonderful relationship that lasted 8 1/2 years with both ending up pregnant with my babies as in both had twins.

    Please do part two

    • DaddysTwins ID:6dn5hoseqj

      Wow lucky you, you got some very young twins, wish I’d done the same with my girls, left it a little late in hindsight.

  • Reply Golden ID:1ec7xyznwlo3

    Lucky daddy. Shouldve started sooner. Goldenbiguy on telegram or proton.me

    • DaddysTwins ID:6dn5hoseqj

      I wish I did.

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    Who’s about to turn on links me on with my Telegram link https://t.me/Alessia_dinoqueen

  • Reply Jason ID:1e91m6ve4g4o

    Love is, my daughter is young but is so sexy and turn mes on. She turns my wife on and we love to play with her. She lives to please us.

    • Captain America ID:1ah742a5t0k

      Jason your lucky

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    Next chapter please

    • DaddysTwins ID:6dn5hoseqj

      Coming soon!

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    Love reading about other fathers who are turned on by their little girls and want to fuck them. Gets my cock rock hard.

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      Coming soon!

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    Such a good story

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      Thanks Jake!

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    I fucking love this. Wish there was more already so I could cum to the whole series.

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      Thanks. Writing the next part now!

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    Yes more of your twin girls, great story so far.
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      Thanks! writing part 2 now