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Last Fantasy Part 7

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Mandy wonders if it’s possible that for the first time in her life something goes her way.

Part 7

*knock knock knock*

*knock knock knock*

“Honey? Do you and the girls want to come down for dinner? ….. Hello?…”

*knock knock knock*

“I’m sorry again, please come down for dinner when you’re hungry, we have pizza!”

Billy started to stir, awoken by his mothers knocks, he wipes the drool from his mouth with the back of his tiny hand and sits up looking around the room. After rubbing the sleep from his eyes he sees the pile of girls but heard the offer of pizza and chose to go towards the door. Unfortunately young Billy doesn’t know how to unlock the door and after struggling with the knob for a moment he gives up, walks over to the girls and plops down on his butt releasing a large exhale of defeat.

Clearing his mind off the pizza he starts to admire the girls in front of him feeling a stir in his baby pecker. Laying closest to him is his sister, Nicky, frazzled dark hair strewn in her face. Her shirt pulled up exposing her smooth tummy and flat chest, her luxurious tan skin looked so inviting in the rays of the setting sun through the window. Her skirt pulled all the way up showing off her now crispy and crusty panties as they hung loose enough to show her dark lips off to her little brother.

Billy’s pinky sized dick was fully erect when he started caressing the back of his hand across his baby smooth flesh and continues to observe the girls. Mandy was still naked with purple and yellow bruises popping up all over her face and chubby little body. Curled up on her side in the fetal position sucking her thumb, Billy noticed she was the little spoon to Becca’s big spoon. Becca, the tallest of the three, had her skinny pale arms and legs wrapped around Mandy like they were lovers. Her skirt was also pulled all the way up and her panties were pulled up tight showing off every contour and bulge of her tiny butt and young pussy flaps. Pulled up so tight that they were wedged between her lips bulging her even more.

The young horny boy started stroking his baby dick faster now with this feast of flesh in front of him. Gazing back towards his sister he crawls on all fours until his crotch aligns with hers between he spread legs, pulls the loose undies to the side and instinctually pushes his little head into the tight folds of his sisters 10 year old virgin slit. Too tight and dry to penetrate his tiny shaft starts rubbing between her lips, up and down over her clit, causing her to spread herself more open and moisture begins to accumulate making her slippery little slit hungry.

Billy’s pumping his hips at a slow pace feeling his sister get warmer and wetter with each stroke until he feels her raise her hips and at the moment of him pushing forward they connect at the perfect angle and his little shaft slowly tears into her hymen, surrounding his penis with the hot gooey center of his big sister. She’s so tight it’s almost as if she sucks him into her, their hairless smooth mounds pressed against each other as his baby cock is completely engulfed into his sisters warm crevice, now gently dripping blood and excitement down her butt crack and his testicles.

Nicky gasps and opens her eyes, too groggy to really understand what’s going on. The sharp pain she felt moments ago was completely replaced by warm tingles rushing up her body as something was pressing into her little crotch. Billy now pumping in and out of her like a tiny piston, causing her to wrap her arms around him and pull him tight, lifting her butt up higher and spreading her legs as far as they will go to accept every millimeter of her brothers cock. Her moans growing with intensity and her leaking lips starting to saturate the carpet beneath her, the sloppy slapping sounds of Billy ramming into her filled the room and probably the hallway outside the locked door.

With one final upward thrust of her own hips she started to grunt and felt her second orgasm spew her prepubescent nectar from the plugged hole between her legs. Squirting with so much force through the seal of her lips and Billy’s penis you could hear the liquid splashing on his thighs. At that moment Billy started thrusting as hard as he could feeling his own first orgasm, dry as it may be but no less intense, his dick pulsing inside of his sister just made Nicky grab his little butt and pull his body so tight to her own you’d swear she was trying to literally become one with him.

Nicky’s legs were now wrapped around her little brother holding him tight into her and her hands were running through his hair pressing his head to her chest. Almost gasping for air, she could feel her heart pounding in her head and she could feel Billy’s heart beating in his unyielding erection still buried between her sore and swollen pussy lips. Her head falling back and to the side for the first time she notices her audience. Mandy sucking her thumb looking wide eyed looking directly at the lewd scene of the siblings first love making and Becca, still mostly wrapped around Mandy but one hand holding her phone recording the incest initiation with an evilly wicked smile across her face.

Nicky eventually loosening her grip, letting her body relax, melting onto the floor with her brothers body limply laying on top of her, his shriveling penis retracting from her freshly fucked orifice. The girls eyes staring directly into each other, neither blinking, Nicky asks Becca why she’s recording.
“Oh no reason,” Becca responds slyly, “ you just never know when footage like that might come in handy.” She giggled, sitting up, putting the phone down and straightening her clothes.
“Well” says Becca, “I think I’m going to head home, this has definitely been a day that I will remember forever” emphasizing the “I” with a dangerous inflection.

“You’re not going to show anyone that, are you?” Nicky asks with a lump on her throat, realizing Becca has all of the footage of her step mom molesting Mandy and her being mounted by Billy.
“Of course not!” Becca’s responds with a hint of sas in her voice, “ that is…. Unless I have to”
She winks at Nicky as she stands up and walks to the door.
“See you girls around” she says with a mischievous chuckle and walks away. Nicky and Mandy listening to her walk down the stairs, saying goodbye to Nicky’s mom and walking out the front door.

Nicky immediately begins to cry, Becca was always the biggest bully in their class but at least Nicky had managed to be on the same level as her but now she feared what Becca would have in store for her the next time they saw each other. Pulling her knees to her chest, rolling Billy off of her, she starts hyperventilating not knowing what to do. Surprisingly she feels gentle arms wrap around her shoulders and hears Mandy say everything will be alright and wraps herself around the girl who was tormenting her earlier.

Nicky puts her hands on Mandy’s and starts to calm down, thanking her and realizing what an awful person she’s been to everyone around her for so long. Turning to face Mandy, they embrace, holding each other tight, cheek to cheek Nicky whispers a thank you in Mandy’s ear and kisses her softly. The hug ends when they hear each there belly growl and decide it may be time to eat.

Nicky finds the discarded dress from early and helps Mandy put it on and the two girls walk hand in hand down the stairs followed by a naked Billy whose crotch is still glistening from his sisters orgasm and tinge of blood from her torn hymen.

When their mom notices she manages a smile even though she’s still filled with embarrassment from her actions earlier in the day, offering the children pizza and soda. Excited, the girls dive into the pizza and start guzzling sodas like no tomorrow, their appetite’s insatiable from the days activities. Before Billy makes it to the food though his mother sees the mess he’s covered in and grabs him by the arm immediately taking him to the bathroom. Nicky whispers in Mandy’s ear, “I bet he won’t make it to the bathtub before she starts licking him”, causing the girls to erupt into giggles.

“Hey, I always see mom make what she calls a rum and coke with the soda and something from the cabinet, it always makes her act real relaxed, it’s when she gets handsy the most honestly but she seems to love it. Do you want to try it??”
Mandy was familiar with adults becoming inebriated but had never thought about trying anything herself but since Nicky was being so nice to her she didn’t want to ruin it and quickly agreed. So Nicky pulls her mothers rum from the cabinet and after dumping out the ice in their drinks she fills each cup up until there’s only about an inch available then fills the last bits with soda. After putting the rum away Nicky suggests they go to her room and relax after the wild day they’ve had. Mandy follows her up the stairs to her room, both girls walking awkwardly trying not to spill the very full drinks Nicky poured.

Soon after they left Nicky’s mother and brother came out of the bathroom, noticing the girls were gone, the mother frowns, wiping her mouth clean, and starts to make dinner for her son hoping the girls would come back sometime before tomorrow.

Once the girls make it to Nicky’s room they set their drinks down on an end table next to Nicky’s bed. Mandy can’t help but admire her room, everything was new and clean and you could tell her parents loved her.
“Hey!” Nicky blurted out, “ do you want to wear one of my new nighties tonight??”
In sight shock Mandy happily agreed and watched her former abuser open a drawer and pull out two silk night shirts.
“Do you want the purple or the pink one?”
“Uhh.. pink..?”
After picking Nicky lays them out in her bed and turns to Mandy, gently holding her face, looking deep in her eyes and gently placing her lips to Mandy’s. Slowly pulling away but never losing eye contact she grabs the bottom of Mandy’s dress and slowly pulls it up and over her head, admiring for the first time Mandy’s body, plump in the right places with baby fat but covered in bruises from earlier. Frowning, she begins to kiss each bruise on Mandy’s body, one by one until she’s satisfied she’s kissed them all then turns around and collects the pink silk nightie and dresses Mandy like she’s her prized doll.

Little Mandy just stands still with her eyes closed and the biggest smile on her face she can ever remember having. Is this a dream, she thinks, when will it all come crashing down? She decided to enjoy it while she can. Nicky again whispers in her ear, “open your eyes and look at yourself in the mirror, look at how beautiful you are.”
Mandy turns around and sees a disheveled little girl with messy hair and bruises on her legs arms and face wearing the most expensive clothing she’s ever had touch her skin. The silk hung perfectly on her body, giving a gentle chill to her skin. Sleeveless, hanging slightly above mid thigh it makes Mandy feel like a princess and tears begin streaming down her puffy cheeks.
“Oh my god, why are you crying?” Nicky says in an actual sympathetic tone.
“I’ve just never been in anything so nice, and I look so bad, I don’t deserve to be in this” Mandy says, choked up, trying to hold back her tears.

Nicky presses her body to the back of Mandy’s and wraps her arms around her like Mandy had done for Nicky earlier.
“You’re beautiful, please don’t think otherwise.”
She says “Here, let’s get you cleaned up.” While looking in her eyes and takes her by the hand leading her out of the room toward the bathroom. Walking down the hall Nicky hollers at her mother, “stay out of my room, mom!”
“Ok, honey” her mom hollers back.

Getting into the bathroom and shutting the door behind them Nicky starts to strip all her clothes off and goes to the tub and starts filling it with water and bubble bath. Mandy just stares at her, admiring her body and the luxurious bath tub. After stripping and starting the bath Nicky sits on the toilet and notices Mandy staring hard at her, giving her a slight tingle of embarrassment.
“Um.. I have to pee, I don’t mind if you watch. Oh.. uh.. I know you told me about some of the abuse you had at home and i wanted to apologize for making you drink my pee… I was being as bad as your family wasn’t I?
“It’s ok… you’re the closest thing I’ve had to a friend my whole life, even if you usually treated me pretty bad.. I was happy just to feel useful. Plus, it’s not even close to the worst thing someone has forced me to swallow…” Mandy replied coyly.

After hesitating for a moment Nicky scoots down until her crotch is sitting in front of the toilet and asks if Mandy would do it again for her.
“I’d do anything to make you happy, Nicky.” She says embarrassed herself then gets on her knees in front of the toilet between Nicky’s legs.
“Oh, one second, let’s get this off before it gets messed up” Nicky says gently pulling the nightie off and hanging it up safely so Mandy can feel like a princess again after the bath then returns to the toilet and asks if Mandy is ready. Mandy nods scooting close to the bowl and placing her mouth over the Asian girls dark and dirty pussy lips. Gently sucking to latch on and sliding her tongue beneath her urethra, tasting the blood from her torn hymen and remnants of the creamy cum from earlier, making Mandy moan sending pleasurable sparks up Nicky’s torso.

The pleasure starts to radiate through her body as the stream of urine starts to flow into Mandy’s obedient mouth, sucking and swallowing gulp after gulp. Placing her hands on Nicky’s thighs and pushing her mouth in tight so not to lose a drop Mandy swallows every bit of her friends warm and salty urine, continuing to suck even after the flow stops, noticing Nicky’s fingers in her hair pulling her hard between her legs and rubbing her groin into Mandy’s face, groaning in pleasure. Then Nicky taps her head, “ whew, ok, we should stop, I don’t think I can handle going all the way with that again. I’d pass out and you’d have to carry me back to my room and I have plans for our bath” she said with a sly little smile, running her finger tips down Mandy’s cheek.

“Do you need to go?” Nicky asks getting up from the toilet, “if you do you should do it now, you don’t want to pee in the tub while we wash”
Without saying anything Mandy nods and sits down on the toilet, ironically pee shy, unable to let go while her friend watches.
“Um.. since you did that for me… would you.. uh… like me to do it for you??” Nicky asks embarrassed holding her arms behind her back, finding it hard to make eye contact.
“Is that what you want?” Mandy responds meekly.
“Kind of”
“…ok” Mandy responds, scooting to the edge of the toilet seat and spreading her legs nervously.
Nicky kneels down and places her mouth directly on Mandy’s pale little pussy lips, bracing for the steam, rubbing her finger tips up and down Mandy’s thighs trying to comfort her when she starts to feel a few drips on her tongue leading to a full stream of hot pee filling her mouth. Finding it hard to swallow she coughs, spitting some pee up onto Mandy’s mound and out Nicky’s nose but determined to show Mandy how much she means to her, now, she pushes her face hard into Mandy’s pussy and starts gulping as quick as possible until the last few drops hit her tongue and she slurps Mandy clean of pee then looks up and smiles big at her friend who looks shocked and enamored with action she’s done often but never had done for her before.

Satisfied with the task, Nicky stands up taking Mandy by the hand again and leads them to the full hot bubble bath. Helping Mandy step in and sit down, following and sitting behind her, slipping her legs around her, pushing her crotch into Mandy’s backside, the girls sigh in unison as they settle into the bubbles. Nicky pulls Mandy back so they are both leaning into the water with just their faces sticking out of the water. Mandy close her eyes and just enjoys the heat and bubbles surrounding her and Nicky lovingly caressing her sides and back, running her fingers through Mandy’s hair.

After awhile Mandy realizes her hair is being washed and opens her eyes greeted by Nicky’s smiling face.
“Hi pretty girl, I decided to wash your hair while you relaxed, I hope you don’t mind”
“No, I don’t mind, thank you” Mandy reply’s coyly returning the smile.
“If you stand up I’ll wash your body for you”
Mandy stands, unembarrassed at this point and enjoys the sensation of a soapy loofa scrubbing her skin clean. Starting at her neck and scrubbing down her arms and back, chest and tummy, she slows as she gets to her waist then lovingly starts circling the loofa across her plump mound and around her chubby thighs, finally getting to her perfectly round ass. Scrubbing every inch of her flesh above the water then learning a tactic from her mother she soaps up her hands, spreads Mandy’s legs, and starts to wash the creases of her groin, fingers sliding through her lush lips and up her butt crack until she reaches her anus and a few of her fingers easily slip into Mandy’s cavity causing her to gasp and steady herself on the edge of the tub, bending over and inadvertently giving complete access to her young gaping asshole.

“I’m sorry,” Mandy murmurs defeatedly,” that’s where most of my abuse happens, I know it’s disgusting…”
“Please don’t be ashamed, Nicky interrupts,”after everything today feeling my fingers slide into is really making my kitty tingle!” Feeling exhilarated and almost out of breath as she slowly slides 3 fingers in and out of her bent over and exposed lover.
“Really?! This is the first time its ever felt good to me to be violated like that.. its usually a penis and they never make it slippery. Your soapy fingers feel like heaven right now.”
“They always go inside you dry? That must hurt, I’m so sorry” Nicky coos as she rubs her face on the soapy butt bent over in front of her, pushing her 3 fingers to the last knuckles and slowly pulling them out.
“Yes.. the last time was someone I don’t even know who broke into my room and raped me after my brother used me. That’s why I’m so stretched out, it’s usually only my brother who sticks his penis in me but this guy was older and was much bigger and so rough with me..”
“Oh my god…” Nicky muttered almost absentmindedly, barely realizing how her pinky was also slipping into the poor abused hole. Mesmerized by the warm feeling of Mandy’s colon over almost her entire hand. Brought back to reality when Mandy started to whimper and moan.

“Let’s rinse off so we can go relax in my bed”
“In your bed, together?”
“Yea, why?”
“You usually tell me to sleep on the floor.. like a dog…”
“Well, maybe things are starting to change” Nicky said with a smirk.

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