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my big brothers toy

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as a small child I was like a mutt I was very small and by the age of 14 I was built like I was 6 years old imagine being a freshman so small which led to me being an outcast unlike my 18 year old brother mikey he was my savoir and it kept me from being bullied alot.

but I remember one night he really made me his little boy.

I brushed my teeth in nothing my my SpongeBob undies and a slave white beader Mikey came behind me and picked me up making me groan and blush when he did I felt his bug him being in boxers and nothing else.

“m-mikey put me down!” he only laughed and looked away “mm shh your way too small to this levi” his huge hand held my butt as we walked to his room.

“wanna play a game?” he said I nodded and wiggled down only to be laid on the bed and stripped my small cock harder as he undressed too.

“w-what is this” I muttered he ignored me grabbing a huge reddy bear oil and a knife. I watched he cut a hole set the cloth in and added oil and laid it down and told me what to do.

my tiny cock pushed inside the wet soggy hole and I moans it took my mind of his hand loosening my butt with lube I screamed and sobbed minutes later his thick cock was pounding me as I screamed stop and no only for it to be muffled.

my brother was raping me yet my cock was hard and he never stopped until he creamed my holes he cleaned us up and kissed me.

muttered he loved me.

I never forgave him for molesting me but to this day he still does and I’m fine with it

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    nothing like a tight 14yo boyhole!

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    I’m 14 5”10 with a 6’5 inch cock

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      Make sure you share your gift!

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    This could be a good story but the typo make it almost unreadable. Read it out loud to find & fix the mistakes. Then repost it and send the admin a request to delete this version.