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Getting Fucked By My Dad

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So I’m a HUGE sex addict and it started when I was 13.

So I’m a HUGE sex addict and it started when I was 13. When I was 8 years old my mother left me and my brother with my dad. My dad started watching porn and masturbating late at night. My brother was 12 when my mother left and tried to raise me as best he could since our dad wanted nothing to do with us. One night when I was 10 I came home from school around 3:25 so my brother was still at work for another 4 hours. My dad either didn’t care I came home or didn’t notice because he kept jacking off to a porno playing on the TV. That’s when I started to watch porn. I would watch it while my brother and dad weren’t gone on the TV or my laptop. By the time I was thirteen I was a sex addict. One day while I was watching porn my dad came home early and caught me. He told me to get naked and on all fours on my bed. Me being a sex addict of course obliged to this command. He stood behind me and started to spank me. Each time his hand made contact with my skin I let out a soft moan of pleasure. Eventually my ass was bright red and my pussy was soaking wet between my thighs. I heard his pants fall to the floor and felt his 5 inch cock slide deep inside my virgin pussy. I screamed and started crying as he slid in and out of me with full force. He pulled my hair and tilted my head back and shoved my shirt into my mouth, gagging me. After a while the pain started to fade and it became pleasurable. I started to thrust back into him and grind my hips. He let out a low moan as he pumped his load inside me. He pulled out of me and left me on the bed alone. I showered and cleaned myself up before heading downstairs to dinner.

I am definitely posting more stories. Some of the stories will be about:
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When I slept with my cousin
When I slept with my neighbour
When I slept with my cousin
The most intense sex I had with my boyfriend
Cheating on my boyfriend with his brother
Becoming my NEW boyfriend’s sex slave

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