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How I learned to love being fucked Pt. 4

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Finally Part 4. Hope you enjoy this story.

“I should have expected this.” My aunt finally said after a few moments of silence. I was confused. She didn’t seem to be angry. Instead she seemed to be rather calm and relaxed about what she just witnessed. Her husband having sex with her niece. Her husband betraying her with a family member. She closed the distance between herself and her husband.

“How much?” She asked him and let him pull her into a hug and a deep kiss. “Two times.” He answered her. “Just two times?” She asked again and giggled. “Yeah.” My uncle responded and laughed himself. These two didn’t even notice me anymore I realized. “We didn’t have much sex in a while, huh?” She sighed and seemed to feel guilty. My husband just shook his head and seemed to be disappointed. “No wonder you wanted to have sex with Emily. She’s your daughter and the spitting image of Jillian.” She went on and put a few kisses onto his chest.

“Wait!” I jumped off the table, on which I had sex with my uncle just mere minutes ago. “You know that I’m a freaking incest child by him and my mom?” I stared at my uncle and my aunt in disbelieve. My aunt pulled herself out of my uncle’s arms and looked into my eyes, while shrugging her shoulders. “Of course I know. What else did you expect? He’s my husband and tells me everything he’s doing.” My uncle nodded his head.

I couldn’t grasp this information for quite a while. “So …” I started to say something. “So … you already knew …” I was still confused about what I learned just now. “You want to know if I already knew the both of you had sex? Yes, of course I did and I already knew he would have sex with you again. I’m okay with this, but …” My aunt’s face turned more serious again. “I won’t accept anyone having sex on my kitchen table. It’s here for eating meals and not pussy’s. You got that?”

I shook my head. “This is so weird. And I’m confused. You know I’m Steven’s and my mom’s child and you know I had sex with him. And the only thing you are mad about is us having sex on the kitchen table?” My aunt’s face showed me she was kind of worried about me and then she took my hand. “Steven, make some breakfast for us.” She demanded him and took me with her into the living room. “Take a seat.” She pointed down to the sofa and sat down next to me.

“I love Steven.” She said after a while as if this would explain everything. I wanted to say something but she put her finger onto my mouth and rendered me silent. “You could say he managed to save my life back when we met for the first time. You have to know I was highly suicidal. I was abused by my own father, mobbed by my classmates and my mom died when I was born. I had a tough life but when I met your mom and her brother everything changed. Around these two I felt much, much better again. That’s one reason I felt in love with Steven and married him. But he and your mom where sex addicted. So much they, as you already know, would even have sex with themselves. Many, many times. And since I love and have to thank Steven so much I would never be able to be angry about him having sex with another woman. So that’s why it’s fine by me if you and him have sex with each other. Especially since you look so much like Jillian, when she was younger.”

It turned quite for a few seconds between us and I didn’t know what to say next. “So, do you enjoy having sex with him?” My aunt interrupted the silence. I smiled and I nodded. “Yes, I do. I didn’t have sex before but now I’m starting to like this feeling of being so close, of having so much intimacy, with another person.” The next thing I felt was my aunt’s arms around my neck and her lips pressing themselves on my own. She pulled me into a deep kiss, which I responded to by kissing her back. She pushed me down onto the sofa and I felt her finger tips caressing my naked body.

“You already had sex with another woman?” She whispered against my lips and nibbled at them with her teeth. I nodded. “I had with Jenny. But she’s my mistress and is dominating me while we have sex.” I could feel her lips kissing my throat, nibbling at my skin, her finger tips still caressing my arms. “Then let me show you the …” she giggled in lust. “ … romantic part of having sex with another woman.”

My aunt pulled back from me. She undressed her bath robe and was completely naked under it. Her breasts where huge, was the first thing I thought and i felt how my face turned red. I had the urge to lay my hands onto her breasts. But she was faster than me, laid her hands around my wrists and guided me onto her breasts. I started to caressing these huge ones which let my aunt moan in lust. “Jenny must have taught you well.” She whispered which I responded to with nodding my head.

I put my thumb and my pointer finger around her nipples and started to massage them this way. Again my aunt moaned in lust and closed her eyes, sitting on my body. Then she pulled my hands away and came closer to me, just to kiss me on my lips. I kissed her back and laid my arms around her, caressing her back, fondling her neck. Both of us opened our mouths and our tongues started to play and dance with each other.

I was able to feel her huge breast rubbing against my own and it felt great. I enjoyed every second of this intimacy I was sharing with my aunt. Jenny just dominated me. With Jenny it was always I who was giving her pleasure and not receiving any. Which felt great, too and I loved being Jenny’s sex toy, giving her pleasure, being her slave and doing what she demanded of me.

But now … This, right here, right now, with my aunt, felt great, too. In these past few days I experienced a lot of facets of having sex, of being fucked, of giving and receiving pleasure and all of it felt so good. I never wanted to miss these kind of feelings again.

My aunt pulled back from our deep kiss, her hands caressing my arms, my shoulders, my breast, her lips starting to kiss my throat and were wandering down to my breasts. She let her tongue and lips play with my rock hard nipples, which let me moan in lust. Her hand was playing with my other breast and I could feel her tits pressing against my lower body.

I started to shiver and breath heavier. It felt so great to receive so much pleasure instead of giving it. It felt so much more intimate than having a penis inside of my pussy and being fucked. She continued the journey down my body, her tongue fondling my bellybutton until she continued. When I felt her tongue caressing around my clitoris, I shrugged. My whole body was shivering, my hands grabbing into the blanket I was laying on. Her tongue felt so great around there.

She let her tongue play with my clitoris which I responded to with a loud, lustful moan, her hands were caressing my legs and I started to ruffle through her long, dark hair. I was a little disappointed when she pulled back from doing this further. But I could feel her eyes taking a closer look at my body.

“You look so much like Jillian.” I could hear my aunt whispering. “This reminds me of when I was having sex with her. You are as much as a whore as she was, Emily.” She was giggling and I wanted to say something but she immediately silenced me with another kiss. “You know, I’m right or why did you agree to us having sex? You love being fucked, you little slut. You can’t deny it and you know that pretty well. You had sex with my daughter, her girlfriend, my husband and you didn’t even reject me. You need being fucked, right?”

I thought about what my aunt just said and finally I nodded in agreement. “Yes … you are right. You are definitely right, aunt Maria.” At this point I wasn’t even surprised about what I was saying. “I need this. I need someone to fuck me. Because I love being fucked.” I shouted out loud and that was when I had my aunt’s pussy in my face. My hands laid around her ass and I started to lick her pussy, giving her pleasure just like Jenny had taught me. At the same time I could feel my aunt’s tongue at my own pussy, licking it, diving deep into it, alternating with her fingers, which fucked me merciless, while her tongue, her lips, her teeth played with my clitoris. This was giving me so much pleasure, which I returned to her until we both moaned out our orgasm.

She let me lay down there on the couch and left the living room. It took me a while recovering from such a great orgasm and I started to think again about what my aunt had told me. She was right. In just a few days I had sex with every single person in this house. And I didn’t even think about rejecting anyone of them. Instead I welcomed every moment of having sex. And I wanted more. No … I needed more. I get down from the couch and went to kitchen where everyone was sitting, having breakfast.

“Um … Would you all mind listening to me for a moment?” I asked them and everyone was looking at me. “I don’t want to be just Jenny’s sex toy. In the future I want to experience much more sex and want to be fucked a lot more. Maria is right. I am a whore and I want to be yours. From now on I want to be this house’s, this family’s sex slave. Do whatever you want with me and my body.”

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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    Great story. I need to read the parts 1 through 3. What are the names of the story’s.