Jack Discovers Trisha’s Infidelity and Takes Action

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After seeing his wife fucking other men on the video on her phone, Jack puts a plan into action to make the best of a bad situation.

This is a continuation of the stories “Wife’s Sexuality Continues to Blossom” and “Wife’s First Time with 2 Other Men

As Jack went to work that day, he could not concentrate. All he could do was think of the video he had seen that morning of another man fucking his wife. The fact that he and his wife had some of the best sex of their lives last night was a distant memory. All Jack could see was that big cock pumping in and out of his wife. Adding insult to injury, his wife sat submissively as the stranger in the video pointed his cock to her face and shot his load. “Trisha NEVER let me cum on her face.” Jack was jealous more than anything. In addition to taking a facial from this man, his wife was obviously enjoying the man’s large cock as he fucked her from behind. “Did she like his dick better than mine? I’m sure she must have, that guy was a monster!”

Jack thought he would be angry at what had happened, but instead he felt depressed. Did his wife still love him? Could he ever satisfy her the way that Mr. Big Cock obviously did? After thinking about it for a minute, Jack came to the realization that there must have been a third person in the room doing the filming. Who was this third person? Was it another man? Was Trisha being tag teamed? Perhaps Mr. Big Dick brought his wife into the room and the threesome was FFM. Jack’s mind was swimming.

The next few days passed as if all was normal in the house. Jack continued thinking about the video. Truth be told, so did Trisha. Every day was more of the same for Trisha. A little work. Some hentai porn. Masturbating with her big black dildo thinking of Tom’s large cock fucking her. Jack kept thinking about Tom’s big cock fucking Trisha as well. Although the video on her phone only lasted 90 seconds, it had taken up dozens of hours in Jack’s mind. As more time passed, Jack found that he was less upset. He watched a lot of porn during those first few days. Cuckold videos of studs fucking other men’s wives. Was this his destiny? Is this what he could expect from his marriage going forward? After a while, the thought of other men fucking Trisha actually began to turn Jack on. He even began to think about her with multiple men at the same time. Not wanting to be a pure cuck, Jack thought about how he could make the best of the situation. One thought immediately came to his mind…swinging. Jack began to do his research.

A few nights later, Trisha and Jack were in bed touching one another. One thing led to another and they were quickly fucking. Jack made sure that at some point during their sex session he fucked her doggy style from behind just as the stranger in the video had done on Trisha’s phone. As he was thrusting into Trisha, he told her, “I want to pull out and cum on your face like the guy in the video on your phone.” Upon hearing this, Trisha’s eyes opened wide and she said, “What? What did you say?” Jack kept thrusting into Trisha and said, “I said that I want to cum on your face like the guy with the big dick you were fucking on your phone.” Trisha was terrified. How did Jack know? She quickly pulled away from Jack and curled up into a ball in the corner of the bed. She began to cry.
“Jack, I am so sorry!”

Jack reached out to touch her and she pulled away. The crying changed to heaving sobs with Trisha repeatedly saying, “I am sorry. I did not mean for it to happen.” When he finally calmed her down, Jack asked Trisha what happened that night. Trisha told Jack about the night in Florida. She noted that she had been having dinner with her boss Heather and a pair of men sent them drinks from across the bar. They kept drinking and she got pretty drunk. One thing led to another and before she knew it, she was headed upstairs with the two men. “Two guys!” said Jack. “You slept with two men at the same time?” Jack suspected that may have happened as he knew a third person had to do the filming on her phone. Upon hearing this, Trisha began to cry again and said, “I am so sorry. It all just happened so fast and I was so drunk. I love you! Please don’t leave me.”

“No one said anything about leaving you.” said Jack. “Now, I want you to tell me everything that happened that night.” Trisha said that she told him everything but Jack quickly replied, “You haven’t told me anything other than you fucked these two men.” Jack looked Trisha in the eyes and said, “If I am going to forgive you, I want to hear about every detail from that night.” For starters, “Did you like fucking that guy’s big cock? He looked huge.” Trisha looked at Jack with pleading eyes and said, “Please Jack, don’t make me do this. I am sorry.” Jack refused to budge and told Trisha that she must tell him every excruciating detail if she had any chance in Hell of him forgiving her. Trisha cried a bit, but relented and told Jack everything she could remember from that night. She had been drunk, so she had forgotten a few things but she did her best to tell Jack all that she could. Trisha was embarrassed at her actions and repeatedly asked her husband for forgiveness.

Jack looked at Trisha and said, “I won’t lie, I was very hurt when I watched that video. I picked up your phone to look for some pics of the girls and I imagine my surprise when I see you fucking some guy.” Trisha looked down at the bed and said, “Jack, I am sorry. Please. Please forgive me. I will do anything.” Jack shushed Trisha and told her to calm down. “I was pissed when I first saw the video, but I can tell you that I also thought it was pretty hot. Seeing some random guy fuck you with his big cock actually turned me on once I got over the initial shock of the video.”

Upon hearing this, Trisha calmed down and became hopeful. She crawled towards Jack and grabbed his hand. “I love you honey. I am so sorry. It will never happen again.” She kissed his hand and held it to her heart. Jack touched her on the back of the head and held her. Feeling grateful, Trisha kissed Jack on the hand again and then leaned forward to kiss him on the stomach. Seeing that Jack did not pull away, Trisha kissed his stomach again and worked her way down to his cock. Trisha stared up at Jack and without breaking eye contact, she took his cock into her mouth. She began to suck. Trisha sucked Jack’s cock like her life depended on it. Jack thought this was quite crazy as not too long ago, Trisha would never put a dick in her mouth.

With Trisha’s intense blow job, Jack quickly climaxed. He pulled his cock from her mouth, aimed it at her face, and blew his load. Hot cum ran down Trisha’s face. Jack stared down at Trisha and shook his cock to make sure that every last bit of cum landed on her face. More than anything, Jack felt that he was marking his territory. Jack also wanted to humiliate Trisha for what she had done to him.

Over the next few weeks, relations between Jack and Trisha were steady. Jack noticed that Trisha was going out of her way to be extremely nice to him and he returned the favor by bringing her flowers and paying more attention to her. The girls were happy to see their parents getting along so well and they even noticed that Mom and Dad began going on a few date nights. Unbeknownst to Trisha, while all of this was happening, Jack was continuing his research.

Some of this research was him simply watching porn and jacking his cock. He found that he was watching a lot of cuckold porn and was preparing for the possibility of watching other men fuck his wife. He also watched a lot of swingers porn. This intrigued Jack the most because he did not just want to watch men fuck his wife, he wanted to do some fucking himself.

Jack searched the web for information about swingers in his area. This information was not easy to find. Unlike some of the stories and videos on porn sites, Jack was not going to simply place an ad in Craigslist and hook up with some random people. After a few weeks of searching, Jack stumbled upon some chatrooms dedicated to swinging. He chatted with people in the groups and eventually found some information about swingers in his area. He struck up a conversation with a man named Edward who lived in the same city.

Edward’s initial conversations with Jack were a bit guarded as he was trying to feel Jack out and see if he was trustworthy. Edward told Jack that he was a senior member of a local swingers club and that entrance was by invitation only. The club was limited in membership and new members could only enter when an old member left. All members were required to be married.

Jack had to provide Edward with a photo of his wife for “evaluation.” The club had some other ground rules for membership including all members being relatively fit, attractive, and below 55 in age. Edward noted that while there were one or two “knockouts” in the group, most members of the club were typical looking house moms and guys with dad bods. Edward was being a bit glib in this assessment. Anyone who has ever lived in a well-to-do neighborhood knows that the “typical looking house mom” who resides there is usually very well put together and nothing to sneeze at. Finally, there was a hefty fee to join the club. With these initial requirements discussed, Jack passed the cursory background checks and told Edward that he was interested in joining. Edward informed Jack that he would need to meet him in person to discuss the matter further.

One evening the next week, Jack drove to meet Edward for dinner. Jack knew the restaurant. It was in a nice part of town and he had been there many times before. When Jack walked inside, he saw Edward sitting in a booth near the corner of the bar. Edward was a distinguished looking man in his early 50’s. Fit and trim, Jack had a carefully coifed head of hair with silver at the edges. He stood as Jack approached and shook his hand. After a few drinks and casual conversation, Edward said, “Jack, it’s time we talked about why we are meeting tonight. Tell me why you want to swing.” Jack cleared his throat. He told Edward about the sex video he saw on Trisha’s phone. He told Edward that it showed him another side of Trisha that he wanted to explore.

Edward asked if it would bother Jack to watch another man have sex with his wife. Jack noted that he already had seen his wife fucking another man in the video on her phone and that he had not only come to terms with it, but he actually now enjoyed it. Edward asked if Jack was comfortable having sex in front of other people. Jack said that he had never done so, but he was confident that it would not be a problem. Edward then asked if Jack and his wife would be ok having sex with people of other races. Jack’s mind immediately thought of his wife fucking herself with her big black dildo and said, “That is not a problem.”

After some additional conversation along the same lines, Edward took a sip of his drink and looked Jack in the eyes. Edward noted, “I think you and your wife may be a good fit for our little dinner club. There are a few things you would need to agree to in order to join.” Jack was excited to hear this and said, “That is great to hear, Ed! What are the requirements to officially join?”

“Number 1” said Edward, “Entry fee into our club is $50,000 and yearly membership dues are $10,000. We must keep our fees at this level for many reasons. First, it keeps out the riff raff and ensures that a certain class of people are in our club. Second, it confirms that people are serious in their decision. Third, this allows us to have some kick ass parties when we meet. Will this be a problem for you? “No, no problem at all.” Jack replied to Edward. Jack and Trisha’s financial situation was very good as his job and their investments had established a nice nest egg.

“Number 2.” said Edward, “To keep our little club secret and protect the identities of our members, you must sign a contract making you financially liable for any breach of confidentiality with our club. Basically, if you tell anyone about the club or any of its members, we are going to sue you for pre-agreed-upon financial penalties. Can you keep your mouth shut, Jack?” Jack looked firmly back at Edward and replied, “Trisha and I can be trusted. We can keep a secret.”

“Very good.” said Edward. “Now for the final entry requirement. Jack, when you join this club…we all get to fuck your wife on your initiation day.” Jack stared at Edward for a second and then said, “When you say “we”, who exactly are you talking about?” Edward took another sip of his drink and said, “All of us. The current members of the club all get to fuck your wife. A gang bang if you will.” Jack was a bit shocked at this final requirement and took a moment before saying, “All of the men in the club get to fuck my wife? At one time?” “Yes. Every man. This is the requirement which often prevents people from joining.” Jack had no idea if his wife would be open to this, but he blurted out, “I think Trisha would love it. I also want to watch her get fucked by a room full of men.”

Edward smiled at Jack and said, “Great. We do not take this lightly and there are reasons why we do this. First and foremost, we obviously want a taste of your lovely wife. She looked great in the picture you sent me, and my wife thought she looked cute as well. Second, we want to ensure that your wife is committed to our little club just as much as you are. Third, this gives everyone common ground for a unique shared experience. Every wife in this club has been generously fucked by the members at initiation. Oh yes, one last thing. The gang bang ends with your wife getting bukkaked.” A vision of Trisha on her knees surrounded by dicks inches from her face appeared in Jack’s mind. He could see his wife, her face and naked chest covered with copious amounts of cum that slowly oozed down her body. This excited Jack and he said, “We will keep that as a little surprise for Trisha.”

Edward stood and reached out to shake Jack’s hand. “Ok, if you are agreeable to these criteria, you and your wife are in. We have a pair of members who will be ageing out of the club in 3 months. Our rules are strict and we adhere to them. Use this time to talk to your wife about our club and make sure this is something she wants. We don’t want anyone in the club who doesn’t want to be there. I will contact you two months from now to see if you are still interested in moving forward.” With that, Edward walked out of the restaurant. Jack sat at the table wondering how he was going to tell his wife about this. At this point, he had no clue but he would figure something out.

When Jack returned home, his mind was racing. He was excited at the opportunity to join the private swingers club. The $50,000 initiation fee was a big commitment, but he thought of it along the lines of paying similar fees to join the country club where he played golf. The biggest question was how to tell Trisha about this and have her agree to move forward. He had twelve weeks to accomplish this goal. After a good deal of thinking, Jack set his plan in motion.

A few nights later while they both lay in bed, Jack told Trisha that he wanted to watch some porn together. Although Trisha loved to secretly read hentai porn on her iPad, she had always outwardly expressed her disdain for live action porn. “Jack, that stuff is gross. No.” Jack looked at his wife and said, “So it’s ok for YOU to be the star of a sex video on your phone, but not ok for us to watch one with random people? I see.”

Trisha was taken aback by this comment and stammered on her words. “Jack, that was mean.” “It is not mean.” he said, “It is the truth and to be perfectly honest, it is not really fair that you would fuck two other men AND have it filmed but you won’t even watch porn with me in the privacy of our own bedroom.” Trisha once again felt guilty about her actions and knew that Jack was right once she thought about it. “Ok” she said, “but don’t put anything on too crazy…and turn it down so the girls don’t hear anything.”

Jack smiled and kissed Trisha on the forehead. His plan was now in motion. He had carefully selected specific porn videos which he would show his wife over the next few months to prep her for the conversation he needed have about the swingers club. Knowing that she liked hentai porn, Jack specifically selected a hentai toon as the first video they would watch together. Trisha was obviously comfortable watching hentai porn and the fact that the characters in the video were drawn rather than real people may ease her into the videos.

In this particular video, a young woman was having sex with her boyfriend. Nothing too crazy and Trisha seemed very comfortable with this. At one point in the video, a second man entered the picture. The woman was riding her boyfriend in a reverse cowgirl position while sucking off the new guy. Jack turned to his wife and said, “Is that how you were with the two guys in your video?” Trisha gave Jack a death stare. He said, “No, I am serious. I’m not mad, just curious. When you were with both guys, how did it go?” Trisha looked at her husband and said, “Jack, I don’t want to talk about that.”

Jack looked at Trisha and told her that if they were ever going get past this, he need to hear about it. Trisha sighed and said, “When Tom was taking me from behind…”. Jack interrupted Trisha and said, “Ahh, so Mr. Big Dick was named Tom! What was the other guy’s name?” Trisha gave jack another dagger-eyed stare and said, “Yes, the well-endowed guy was Tom and I don’t remember the other’s guy’s name.” Jack laughed and noted, “I see how it is. You remember the name of the guy with the big cock.” Trisha smirked at him and continued her story.

“Yes, so Tom, Mr. Big Dick as you call him, was taking me from behind. The next thing I know there is a hard dick in my face. I didn’t even think, I just grabbed it and sucked.” Jack’s face lit up with excitement. “So you were spit roasted!” Trisha looked at her husband and said, “Jack, I don’t even know what that is.” Jack provided Tirsha with some education and said, “You know, spitroasted. One guy fucks you from behind while you suck another man’s cock. So primal! I love it. Back to your basic instincts, eh babe?” “Whatever, asshole” replied Trisha.

Jack grabbed Trisha’s phone from the night stand and said, “I want to watch the video so we can see you in action.” Trisha reached out to grab the phone and said, “Give me that!” Jack pulled the phone away. “Nope. I want to see how this story ends. It’s been a while since I’ve seen the video.” Trisha pleaded, “Jack, please don’t make me watch it. I should have deleted that damn video.”

Jack looked at Trisha and said, “It is odd that you haven’t deleted it. Do you like watching it? It is pretty hot to be perfectly honest.” Trisha looked at Jack and said, “Doesn’t it bother you to watch it? I’m sorry it happened.” Jack took Trisha by the arm and told her that he was over the video and that he forgave her. Trisha was relieved and felt that a tremendous weight had been lifted from her shoulders. She leaned forward and kissed Jack passionately.

“So, can we watch the video?” Jack asked. Trisha relented and told him to hit play. After being fucked from behind, the woman in the video whirls around and has a hard cock pointed at her face while the man it was attached to furiously stroked himself. Jack inhaled and said, “Look how submissive you look waiting for that cum.” Trisha just watched as she relived the moment in her head.

As Tom’s cum shot Trisha in the face, Jacked hooted. “Wait, wait, this is my favorite part” Jack said as a rope of cum streamed into Trisha’s mouth. The woman on the video swallowed the cum and Jack asked her, “So, how did it taste? Did you like getting a facial?” Trisha looked at Jack and said, “I let you cum on my face a few weeks ago, didn’t I?” Jack tickled Trisha on the ribs and said, “I always knew you had a slutty side hiding inside of you!” Trisha giggled and told him to stop.

Jack gave Trisha an evil grin and said, “Why don’t you show me your slutty side and swallow my load just like you did his.” Jack stood next to the bed and beckoned Trisha before him. She dropped to her knees. The head of Jack’s cock was inches from her face. Pre-cum oozed from the tip. Trisha grabbed his cock and put it in her mouth. With one hand, Jack grabbed Trisha by the hair and encouraged her to suck him off. As Trisha’s mouth bobbed on his cock, Jack used his other hand to record the action on Trisha’s phone. Trisha stroked Jack’s shaft as she blew him.

Feeling Jack’s body tense, Trisha could sense that he was about to cum and she quickened her pace. She felt Jack’s cock twitch and a river of hot salty cum shot to the back of her throat. She tried to pull away, but Jack’s hand held her face on his cock as he continued to ejaculate.

Jack released his grip on her head and Trisha pulled away. She looked up at Jack and saw that he was filming the entire time. This pissed her off, but she let it go. How could she justify being mad at her husband for filming their sex when the same thing happened with two random men she didn’t even know?

As Trisha sat naked on her knees with cum running down the sides of her mouth, Jack commanded “Open your mouth so we can see.” Trisha did as she was told. “Now swallow it you slutty whore.” Obediently, Trisha swallowed Jack’s load. She told Jack not to call her a slutty whore, but it secretly turned her on to have Jack assertively treat her like a piece of meat.

Trisha rose from her knees and went to the bathroom to clean up. Jack felt that the first part of his plan had worked well.

To be continued…

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    Making such plans, and commitments, with the swinger club, before she willingly flirts, much less fucks, someone in front of Jack, seems very risky for long term happiness. But, I guess that Jack in his wisdom knows this, and has plans for the time between now and The Big Event? Not much time to do this Jack. LOL. Good Luck.

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