I am such a sick tease

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I’ve been like that since I was 16. I’m 30 now, 140 pounds, 5’10, with long dark hair and D-cup tits and big but firm ass. The latest incident happened last summer and I still masturbate to it from time to time. I met up with my friend that afternoon. She had gone shopping with her mother, then took her son to soccer and while she was waiting for him, she decided to come to my place for coffee. Like all my friends, she had seen me naked, so I didn’t attach much importance to it and decided that there was no need to get dressed. A dressing gown would be enough.

Soon the doorbell rang and I went to open the door. I didn’t even tie my robe properly so my tit fell out as I walked towards the door. When I opened it, I was greeted by a surprise – my friend brought her mom over for coffee.
‘Hey, how are you, what’s up?’ she said and explained that they were waiting for her son to finish training, so they stopped by on the way. I told her to come in and saw that her mom was staring at my half-opened robe. She asked did they interrupt me in the shower.

‘I’m always naked in my apartment,’ I answered her with a smile and went to the kitchen to get coffee cups while the two of them sat in the living room. She brought them coffee and as I bent down to place the cups on the table, my robe completely opened.

‘Fuck this shit, it just bothers me,’ I said and threw the robe over the back of the armchair. I sat back naked and lit a cigarette.

‘The smoke bothers me,’ her mom replied.

‘Oh mom, shut up,’ her daughter snarked as I handed her a cigarette. I inhaled the smoke and my big tits rose as I did so. I looked the old woman straight in the eyes as I blew smoke straight at her. She started coughing, and I felt my nipples getting hard and my pussy getting wet because it really turns me on to be naughty. I asked my friend when her son had training, and she said that it should be over in a little over half an hour and that she would call her on her cell phone. A moment late, her phone rang. Her son told her that he had finished earlier and asked where she and grandma were. She told him she was at my place. It was only a few blocks away from my building anyway. She told me he would come soon.

‘You’re not going to be like that in front of the child, are you?’ her mom shrieked. I told her I’d be naked in my house whenever I want. My friend agreed.

Then there was a knock on the door. I got up and went to open the door. My friend’s mom told me to least put that robe on. I ignored her. I opened the door and saw the little boy staring confused at my bare pussy, freshly shaved, and my tits with rock-hard nipples. I inhaled the smoke and put my hands on my hips, with my legs half-spread.

‘It’s not polite to stare,’ I scolded him. I can only imagine what it was like for a ten year old. He blushed and began to stammer an apology. I told him to come in and started in front of him. While he was walking behind me, I could feel his gaze on my bare ass, which I wiggled in front of his nose. I sat back in the armchair and didn’t even try to cross my legs, but put one leg over the backrest and my swollen clit fell out of my perverted cunt.

I told him to take some soda from the kitchen. After he came back, he sat down next to his grandmother, who frowned at my pussy while I was talking to my friend. Instinctively, I lightly touched my clit along the way. It wasn’t rubbing, but more like scratching. ‘It’s really hot in here,’ the boy commented.

‘It must be why I like to walk naked,’ I told him as I rubbed my clit faster. The boy was staring at me like a fool.

‘You’ve never seen a naked woman?’ I asked him arrogantly.

‘He saw me a couple of times when I was coming out from under the shower,’ his mom said, ‘but that was a couple of years ago.’

‘I’m just kidding, feel free to watch as much as you want,’ I told him with a smile. He squirmed and I could see his tiny boner tenting his shorts. I felt my hard clit throb.

‘And you are always naked?’ my friend asked me like her mother and son weren’t there.

‘Yes, for days. To be honest, I’m always horny. I haven’t had sex in a long time so I finger myself all the time,’ I told her, to which we both laughed.

‘Don’t listen to us, boy,’ she said to her son.

‘Come on, you have to learn,’ I said, sliding my fingers even deeper into my cunt. I began to seriously finger myself.

‘That’s enough,’ grandma said and got up from the couch. ‘I can’t watch this anymore and I’m waiting for you in the car.’

‘Go, I don’t give a fuck. I’ll take my sweet time,’ her daughter said and lit a new cigarette.

‘Light me up,’ I told her and she accepted with one hand, while I continued to caress my pussy with the other.

‘Now you’re going to learn something,’ I told her son and spread my labia. ‘This is how you should satisfy a woman. Look and be grateful that you will be the first in the class to know this. All the girls will want you when you show them this,’ I told him and started rubbing my pussy again. I rubbed like silly and felt myself start to sweat. He bit his lower lip and shamelessly rubbed his hard-on through his shorts, drool running down to his chin. Horny little fucker. I got off and my juices splashed on the carpet, the table and a little bit on the armchair.

‘You see, this is how you lose weight,’ I winked at my friend and then went to take a shower. She said that they had to go, but that we would see each other soon and that she had some plans for me…

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