I live in a beach house

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I recently moved into a beach house, I m single thirty yrs old with an athletic build wit 30 d tits, one day after I settled in I decided to walk along the beac so I put my bikini on and I took awalk ,I met two guys who were very handsome and we chatted for a bit and I invited them back to my place , we chatted along the way and after we went into my home they smiled and told me how nice of a place it was and I offered them a drink and soon we had something to drink and I felt good with them as chatted ,then one of them smiled as he got behind me and he kissed me as I felt his slowly slide into my bikini bottom I moaned as he caressed my pussy it felt good ,then the other guy kissed me as well they had swim trunks on ,then my top was taken off ad I was on my knees I pulled there swim trunks down as they stepped out of them and soon I was sucking there 8″Dicks ,they were hard quickly and we went to my bedroom ,and I took off my bottom and I laid back and spread as one of them started eating my pussy and the other kissed me and sucked my tities it felt wonderful I hadn had such attentio before,then the guy kising me backed off as his friend came up and positioned him self and slid his cock into my tight pussyi moaned as he fucked me hard I loved it I hadn t been fucked in bit and soon I felt him slide deep inside of me and I felt his hot sperm fill me up as I moaned ,after he pulled out his friend had me roll over and soon I felt him pushing into my assi laid there as he slid all the way in and then he was fucking me I loved it alot he kept going and soon enough he was fillin my as with hot sperm and then we all lai there restin with me in between them.We talked for a while and I agreed that they could keep fucking me whenever they want and they also said they would bring some friends over to and I said ok as I smiled

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