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My cousin’s feet

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I have read a bunch of these stories but never thought i would post. Now this one is 100% true and one of the reasons i have a foot fetish…

This story takes place in 2018
i remember i was 16 when this happened.
My cousin and i were very close and she was so sexy and her feet were always so warm and smooth. One day she came over to visit and watched Netflix. She was watching Jane the virgin on the right side of the couch while i was on the left. She was wearing socks and you might think this is un important but its very important. Every time she took her socks off in front of me that meant she would want me to play with her feet. Anyway she pushed her feet al the way to the left side and started rubbing her foot on my dick. My parents were in the garage so i had time to do my own thing. I took off her socks and immediately started smelling her feet and it was amazing. I began to wipe my tongue up and down on her soles. She was still a virgin at the time so she didn’t want to have sex.

I ended up making her agree to sex after finishing her feet. I wrapped her feet around my dick and started rubbing it until i cane on her feet. I then go behind her snd start dry humping her. Eventually i get tires of her clothes and take her pants off and stick my dick in her vagina. She didnt expect that so she kept telling me to stop but i kept going. After this she asked me to go shower with her which i did and it was amazing.

She sucked me off in the shower and since we were washing ourselves anyway i decided to cum on her face. She eats some and sucks my dick some more. 2 days later she came back to sleep over and went to shower. So immediately i go through her back and try to find her socks and panties because they smelled amazing and sweaty. She comes back and finds me going through her bag and tells me to get naked. I already know whats gonna happen so i push her on the bed and start fucking her. We get caught by my other cousin and this is where things get good!

My other cousin and her family is more religious since there are now 2 cousins i will make the main cousin G for her name and R for the other cousins name. Anyway she says she is gonna tell our parents when they get back so i grab her by the arm and pull her back. I pull her shorts down (she always wore basketball shorts) and spank her. I get my cousin on the bed and fuck one in the mouth and the other gets her ass licked. R starts saying how she wants to do her kinks which includes pissing so we all go to the bath and i piss on R and G. I thought it was weird but whatever it was ok. I tell them i wanna do my fetish so i grab both their feet and make them give me a footjob. It was amazing and i came on both of their feet.

I end up lubing my cousins up because they wanted to get ass fucked. I fucked their ass until one of them farted which was funny but i smelled it and wanted to eat her ass which i did. R wanted more piss so i pissed and came all over her face. I thought the piss was weird but we ended up showering and fucking until my parents and R’s parents got back.

Before my cousins went back to Melbourne my sexy aunt found out that we had sex and wanted to speak with me. She knew i had a foot fetish so she offered to give me a foot job. It was amazing and ended uo seeing her alot more after that because she lives like 29 minutes away. I hope you guys like it. Its my first story snd sorry if its messy i just tried to fit as many of my experiences as i could.

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  • Reply Raj the Sniffer ID:7lxwjy1d9a

    I am Raju from Kolkotta who is interested in beautiful girls feet which are clean but have some sweaty stale smell like cheese . Love holding such feet & smelling them, mssaging them , kissi g & licking them . Almost all my 5,gf in this city love my ways & 3 of them allowed to smell & lick their hairy pussies & have sex with them .

    • AyushiCockLover ID:7lxwjy1d9a

      Raj I wish I could meet you in Kolkotta as Im going to study my SECONDARY Class 11 & 12 there. Lets get in touch I will stay in ladies PG know to my parents . We will share our common interests . I ll contact you through fb .

    • Raju the sniffer ID:7lxwjy1d9a

      AhyusiCo kLover , yes I am connected to you through fb & messenger . Soon we ll meet at your favourite cafe . Looking forward meeting you
      Loads of love & XXX

  • Reply Dave ID:1a5t6virhrb

    You have the best life ever bro