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I jacked off in front of little girl at a rest stop

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Just a quick story of opportunity so I took it.

I was on my back home from trip to a friend’s house.It was about a 22 hour drive and i had been driving for about 16 hours.I was spent I had to get some very needed sleep so i pulled into a almost empty rest park and parked layed my seat back and passed out.
I slept about 3 hours woke up it was 5am just breaking daylight.I had a massive pee hard on.I thought I’ll go pee and head on home I’m not jacking off in my mustang.I drove 1999 Cobra and I never jacked off in it.Well when I sat my seat up to my surprise there was a van beside me.Outta all the parking they park right by me.Then I see movement in the front passenger seat then a small hand , the window is down.Its a little girl between 10 to 11 years old she looks.Blonde long curly hair blue eyes and cute slim face.
She looked down into my car , I wave and smile , she smiles and waves back.I figure her parents are sleeping in the van and she woke up 1st.Now I’m kinda turned on,I have a massive hard on , should I.
I go ahead put my car in reverse , its a manual, and put the key in the ignition just in case I need to do a quick departure.I roll down my window say hi real softly and she says hi back.I said are your parents sleeping , she said yes , I said so talk softly so we don’t wake them OK and she agreed.
I was getting seriously aroused I felt the precum start to leak out of my very hard cock.I knew there was limited time so I just got right to the action.I started rubbing myself threw my jeans and she was watching I said wow I’m hard.She looked at me with confused look.I said I need to do something to make this not hard do you want to watch.She said real softly yes.
I open my pants pulled them down enough I couldvget my cock out.Just before I took my cock out I looked at the little girl and said , I’m gonna jackoff you watch OK there is a surprise when I’m done OK.She smiled leaned out the window a little and OK what’s the surprise?I said just watch you will see soon.I knew I wouldn’t have to jack off long and I would be cumming hard this little girl was beautiful.
I said OK here goes I’m going to jackoff for you you watch OK.She said okand I knew she didn’t know what jackoff meant.
I pulled my cock out that was covered in precum the head was shiny from the sex lube.Her face went into a surprised look, her little mouth dropped open and kinda leaned back in the van.I said no no no keep watching for the surprise and she leaned back out watching me stroke my cock.
I felt my cum building , it was very close I had stroked maybe 20 good fast strokes.I pushed my hips up giving her full view of my swelled cock and my now tighten balls.I felt the tingle I was gonna cum.I said here come the surprise keep watching.She kept watching her eyes glued to my cock.I looked right into eyes and said hers it is the surprise I’m going to cum and my cock started spurt after spurt of cum.I caught as much as i could with my hand.Most of the cum was streaming down my cock resting in my stomach.I scooped up all the cum I could and flipped in on the door of the van.I was done I said to her be sure tell your mom and dad you saw a man jackoff OK.I started my car and got the he’ll outta there.

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  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapfv9d

    Pity you couldn’t shoot it all over her little face. Imagine Mum and Dad’s surprise!!

  • Reply @Rizzbo ID:2vqw8f7lt0b

    Full of Aussies in in Australia too message me on telegram for trades. @Rizzbo

  • Reply Transcoso ID:19iamkeiwluy

    I’ve seen some guys jerk their cocks in front of me in our school parking lot. (School has been told a lot of times nothing was ever done about it.) one day I bravely helped a few men cum in my hand. Sometimes I give head to these guys swallow their loads, suck, and lick their cock’s clean. I know I wasn’t the only school girl to do it as there was a bunch of girls that whispered about it in the girl’s bathroom!

  • Reply Emma.H ID:jtp3mrdfqb4

    Great story, I used to love flashing my bald cunt at school and at the shopping centre after school on my way to my Grandparents, love watching guys wank of, Cheers Emma from Australia.

    • Bravo ID:1db23enoij

      Hey Emma from Australia, I would love to hear more about your young experiences. Cheers, Bravo from Australia

    • Josiah ID:v7zznb57onu

      I flash myself whenever I go out on my very early morning jogs sometimes I get really lucky lol we can chat more about it if u want my email is [email protected]

    • Pete ID:2vn9fp0qj

      That’s hot Emma

    • Emma.H to Bravo ID:jtp3mrdfqb4

      Well Bravo I write a story about my young years getting fucked by my Grandfather and his K9 when I was about 12, and my Grandmother encouraged him to fuck me in front of her as she enjoyed watching, and yes I did enjoy the cocks at that age.

    • Josiah ID:v7zznb57onu

      Got lot of crazy experiences if u wanna hear about them let me know lol email is [email protected]

    • I want a young fuck ID:88pyqouv9i

      Hey Emma i would love to see that hairless cunt of ur & if i get the chance to slide my big cock in ur tight Cunt

  • Reply Wanna watch ID:1ehle0kv2

    I’m a public exhibitionist. I’ve jerked off in front of many teen/preteen girls as they’ve walked past my car on thries way home from school.

    • [email protected] ID:5uns90qhrk

      Have any actually stopped and watched or even better helped?