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I got to watch 2

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Hi my name is Jen. This is part 2 of the last story. I have never written before but i thought i would try. Harry talked me into fucking with other guys and it was a real turn on. I have even had threesomes with Harry and his mates. I have even asked Harry if he would like to fuck another woman and he said he would think about it. That was about 4 weeks ago.
I have been going to the gym once a week for about 2 years and have become friends with another woman – Debbie. She is about 2 years younger than me and about 6mths ago she split up with her husband. He left her for another woman. After they split up Deb always talk to me even about her non sex life. I finally asked her if she would like to come to our place for a swim and dinner. She accepted and would come next Saturday. I told her Harry would not be home until about 5.00pm as her worked all day.
Deb turned up about 10.00am and when she did she had her swimmers on with a dress over. We had a coffee and chatted for a while before we went for a swim. When she took her dress of i saw she had a two piece on and it was tight. You could see her nipples threw her top and it was showing her pussy.
I had a two piece on as well but not as tight. I said to Deb Harry will get turned on seeing her in the swim suit. Deb then asked if she wanted me to change into her one piece and i told her no. let him get turned on. Deb then surprised me when she asked how big is Harry, I then told Deb he was about 6 to 7 inches.
We had a swim and lunch before going back outside, had a rest and then back in for a swim. As we swam Deb went under water and swam towards the other side, came up and swam back to the side i was on. When she got to me she swam straight into me and her head got my pussy. She came up and apologized to me. I told her it was ok.
I heard a noise and told Deb and i would go and check. It was Harry and he said he was going to have a shower, I told him i had a gest Deb and we were having a swim. He said her would have a shower and join us. I went back outside and told Deb.
After a while Harry came out and joined us. I introduced Deb and he sat with us and joined in the conversation. As we talked i noticed Harry keep checking Deb out. I was thinking what to do to see if Harry would fuck her. Then it hit me. I asked Harry to put some sun screen on my back which he said he would. I handed the bottle to him and laid on my stomach. He started on my shoulders and worked down my back to my swimmers. He then did my legs and i felt him rub under my swimmers. I even felt him go close to my pussy. After he finished i asked Deb if she wanted any on and she said ok if i was ok as well. I told Harry to put it on Deb. Deb rolled over on her stomach and i saw her open her legs. Harry looked at me and i smiled. I watched as he went on the other side of Deb and i could watch what he was doing. I watched as he put the lotion on her from her shoulders down her back. I noticed Harry get a hard on. When he got to her swimmers i noticed him put his hands under the top and Deb just paid there. Harry then went and started on her legs. He worked his way up until he came to her swimmers bottom. He looked at me and i smiled and nodded my head ok. He moved his hands up under her swimmers and Deb did not move. I noticed he then moved a hand down between her legs and found her pussy. Deb opened her legs a bit wider so Harry could touch her pussy. Deb all of a sudden moved and rolled over on her back. Looked at me and i smiled and then looked at Harry. She opened her legs wide and took Harrys hand and placed it on her pussy. Harry slipped his hand under her swimmers and his fingers found her pussy. After a while Deb found Harrys cock and took it out of his swimmers. She moved a bit and took his cock in her mouth. Harry stood up and took his swimmers off, looked at Jen and she smiled and nodded ok. As Harry took his swimmers off Deb took hers off as well. Harry put his mouth near her pussy, looked into her eyes, took hold of his head and pulled it to her pussy. I watched as Harry licked her pussy and pushed his tongue into her. I watched as he also pushed a couple of fingers into her. It was not long and she cum twice. I watched Harry move up and Deb took his cock in her mouth. I watched as she sucked it and kept taking move cock until she had it all the way in. Harry kept looking at me and all i could do was smile at him nod ok. I moved over next to Harry and started playing with his balls. I know he likes that. Harry took his cock out of her mouth and moved between her legs. Harry lifted her legs and put his cock near her pussy. He looked at her and Deb smiled and then said – Fuck me please. I watched as he put his cock into her pussy. I moved to the top of Deb and helped Harry with her legs. As i held her legs i was looking at Harry pushing his cock in and out of her pussy. He was going all the way in. I had not noticed i was over Debs face and she had put her mouth on my pussy. I felt her move my swimmers to one side and she licked and sucked my pussy. I put her legs on Harrys shoulders as he fucked her and i put my hands on Debs tits. This was the 1st time i had touched another woman. I left one hand on her tit playing with a nipple and slid my other hand to her pussy. I played with her and felt Harry slide his cock in and out of her. It was not long and all of us cum. I saw Harry pull out and Jerk off all over her pussy. After a while we sat back and Deb said she needed that fuck and said she was sorry. I told her i was not sorry and had wanted to watch Harry fuck another woman.
Deb stayed that nite and she satisfied both of us. Deb also told us she was bi, but loved cock. She has been back a number of times. She has also been back to spend time with Harry by there selves.

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