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How i lost my virginity in bachelorette party by a stripper

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Hi I’m katie and this is a a little long confession of something that happened two years ago in 2022

When I was a eighteen years old girl with my blonde hair, blue eyes, a face really cute with angelic features, sharpey body with a 5 feet 5 inches slim fit, a 32 AA breasts and a nice round ass

getting engaged by my sweetheart from school, a boy named Matt of twelve years old, great and shape body and curvly black hair, that makes my heart hit in a passionate way since we where sixteen years, i was very happy in the day he proposse me in june month, i’ve always been like that girls who desire the first time to be like movies, so a save my virginity to him and extended by the honeymoon time like the plans we made together, even if he wants to me to stay i always wanted to do before and things will show that i was right…

After he proposed me, i said to all my family members and my bestfriend girls, they where all happy to me, especially my bff Sophie, a brunette with medium hair, beautiful shape that makes all boy want her, she was the extroverted and a little naughty friend, due the fact that all of my friend girls have lost their virginity in the fourteen-fifteen years old and a lot of times talk about their sex lifes and the boys dickes, specially the blacks, which made me imagine all the action and get me horny.

Sophie says to me that he will made a surprise that would make me roll my eyes with pleausere, (I should have taken it literally at the time), so I decide to waiting eagerly while planning my wedding with family members of mine and of my future husband, Matt in december.

When it was one day before the marriage day of i life time that i was spent so much, my girls friend, call me to the suprise that i forget in that time, they boughty to me a nice dress in white with a specially sexy decode in the boobs and my back with a veil and sash white writting the words golden: Bride to be.

They took me to the car, and all girls said to me that they were celebrate at dance club, but when a few hours have passed, i saw the sign: Strip Club.

I turned completely red and couldn’t believe they were actually taking me there, I argued that we should go back because it would soon be my wedding and my boyfriend/future husband would kill me when he found out I was in this place.

Sophie opened a happy and very naughty smile eating a whore, and told me to calm down because this would be my last night of freedon and I needed a bachelorette party for being such a good girl. I ended up accepting and entered the club, it was a place with LED lights, it was full of people of all ages, there were tables to sit at, several presentation and pole dance stages and in the center stage in front of a curtain, finally right behind an open area.

The host announced me for everybody as the bride to be in the bachelorette party of the night, a lot of girls cheering me and look at me and my complete body feel very shames but in the same time so wonderful to be the center of attention, the club was with a lot of alcoohol drinks, which i usually not drink so much but all my girlfriends encouraged me to take, after some moments, a curtain opened and several strippers came out, tall men, muscular bodies wearing sexy police and firefighter outfits and swimming trunks, of which even in normal condition they looked much bigger than those of my boyfriend who I had only seen a few of times per short.

Everything was ok until they started coming to me and my friends did sensual dances that made me and my friends laugh, suddenly one of them took out his dick, it was so big and strong that it made me feel butterflies in my stomach that soon after it tightened with my conscience of saving myself after remembering my future husband, some friends played with his dick until Sophie pulled him out, opened his mouth and gave a great blowjob, This made me horny, until she continued and told me to do the same, however I was reluctant, saying that I would be faithful to my boyfriend regardless of everything sexy that would appear, she then facefucked the strippers who soon after cummed on your mouth, I had already seen some porn films out of curiosity but all that up close, being seen for the first time + everyone around applauding and doing sexy things made me incredibly hot and my nipples getting hard and erect, clearly visible by my dress.

Then the host showed to Main Strippers for the night and announceted that Gabriel white guy with big cock and Lucas a bbc stripper with huge cock will made a game with the bride to be. I didn’t know what they were talking about but sophie told me to calm down and she told them everything about my situation and desires for them (in fact no). Than the girls catch me up, and and they went to a private dressing room to change my clothes and quickly I was wearing thin fabric clothing covering my body, breasts, ass and my pussy with only thin white silk panties, which even made me feel ashamed and cold of the night.

Then i was placed on a chair above the stripper Gabriel while the stripper Lucas arrived and rubbed himself over my body and others strippers were kissing and play with my nipples and at a time i was kissing passionately tongue of the stripper Gabriel, I tried to resist both of them but my body was far from sober due to the alcoholic drinks I drank and all the sexual stimulation that that place and those mens provided to me.

At the time i barely remember so clearly about my lovely fiance matt, that i want so badly to have my first time, getting pregnant and make a family, at that time i only wanted to feel more and more desire and to be able to feel the maximum pleasure that my teenage body, which had held so much back, wanted so wildly, especially by all the womans in the club that was watching me, cheering with loud voices “Go ahead make this blonde teen a true women, fuck her mouth, body and PUSSY”, telling the strippers to make me a slut.

Then, Lucas was trying to putt is huge dick in my mouth, it was so big, i tried no to open but my heart was racing so good and i can’t handle with all the exciting of my body that i open my mouth and receive his dick, the bbc was so big and fast that I let some saliva leak out of my mouth, i starting to feel so dirty, while my boyfriend was probably sleeping or thinking in our lives, i was getting a huge cock of 9 inches in a face fuck, the double of size of the dick of him that i saw in his shorts and when I gave him a blowjob but that was all he did in a sexual way, in the other hand, Gabriel was massaging my body with his hands, kissing my neck while playing in the entrance to my pussy through my panties with the head of his big dick, which made me become so wet, more than anytime that i was with my fiance, i was in a completely pleausere, when i feel something cold in my pussy and i I realized that my panties had come out of place, that was the time I slightly uncovered my conscience and tried to scream him to stop, I wanted to save myself for my husband, but my Best friend Sophie, who was relatively close to me, saw the situation and started encouraging the stripper, saying things like: “Go ahead, fuck this little blonde pussy, turn her into a real woman, give to her the maximum of pleasure in her life”.

Sophie knew I was a virgin, but she probably said that I had already had my first time for them to fuck me, that whore was satisfying her own desire to see an innocent Virgin giving her hymen to another man, this whole situation was wrong and at the same time gives to me a type of adrenaline as the other women, cheering very happy for me, to receive this huge cock, but inside of me was still the fear, I wasn’t ready, was I? No ones, no other man had ever been in my pussy before and I had no idea what to expect. I suddenly feel a intense emotional knife into my belly, twisting and turning and it felt so fucking awesome, the adrenaline of been afraid at the same time u wanted something so wild, i was going to get fucked and i needed that cock, at this time a lot of thoughts cross my mind, my fiance, my parentes and my childhood desire to saved myself to have a dream first time, i complete forgot about my sense of pride responsibility.

While my mind was that, my mouth was busy swallowing Lucas precum and my own saliva and running my tongue all underneath that beautiful cock planted in my face, fucking my tightly stretched lips. At the same time I could feel him, Gabriel, I could feel his cock head across my pussy. He was sliding it up and down slowly, teasing me with it and I didn’t close my legs, i stayed wide open and my pussy was hot for it. My clit was very charged with every time he happened to brush over it with his cock, I was lifting my pelvis, pushing back with my ass, rocking my hips and looking for it. I wanted penetration. My sex was tight and clasping on nothing but itself and I felt that as a hunger in my womb.

“Ohhh hmm…” I groaned and the other womans at the party shoot: “Do it Kathie!… take it!! Go ahead Gabriel push it harder…Fuck her, make this teenager shake in orgasms !” The whole place was going crazy. The voices were one atop the other and I could pick out my name from time to time, but mostly it was just chaos. A crowd of people were watching us very excited to see me getting fucked, Gabriel was finally splitting my swollen labia with his penis, entering my virgin hole slowly and finding me tight and hot and wet. But he was barely inside, not even all of his swollen cockhead was inside me and I could feel my cunt pushing him out, made me roll my eyes and that’s when I realized my body shaking from my feet and legs shaking open and closed in quick repetitive movements with my belly received butterfliesthe, i just had the best best orgasm of my entire life.

The stripper continued inserting his big dick inside me, he said that I was so tight to the point that it felt like a virginity was being taken (little did he know the truth until that moment), that was when I started to feel a strong pain, something tearing inside me, I knew it was my hymen being torn, and suddenly his dick went all the way inside my pussy and punched into my cervix directly hitting my womb, At that moment I let out a loud moan: Oooh aaah, aaah oooh, that is so fucking big, i can’t believe, i feel pain but at a certainly point i feel a lot of pleause to have two big dicks in me, one in my mouth the other in my pink small little pussy, due the fact that i was cheating my boyfriend, but not only with a tongue kiss or blowjob but i give my virginity of a hole time life saved to another man, and my future husband would never, never won’t be able to be the first guy to fuck me, neither with a condom or in raw, like this guys were doing to me.

On the other side, Sophie was so fucking happy with everything she was witnessing, i move my head to her direction and look at her with a side eye and see that her paint were soaked and wet and her face was full of lust and pleasure by what he made to a innocent couple, turning the girl of a good guy in a slut in one night.

While his dick gets speed to fuck in and out of me, because the lubrificated of my own hymen destroyed in blood mixted with juices of my orgasmic betrayal, oozing out of the pussy and sliding in the dick, the others womens and people saw that thing and they went into ecstasy, some shouted in an excited voice: “Omg she was really a virgin” “Such a bitch to do this dirty thing, but it was so hot” “The hottest scene i ever seen in my life, all innocence lost with his hymen burned” “Oh my gosh she gaves her virginity to another man and it was not her husband”, “she is so lucky to have her first time with guys who fuck so well and with such huge dicks”, “poor husband, at home while his future wife gives her virginity to others and may even get pregnant by them”.

I was so excited by all the pleasure that i feel, my eyes don’t stop do roll, my body shakes everytime, my juices mixteds with ther dicks, the fact that i lost my virgin hole with this situation and not what i spected my life, made my body betrayed me one more time, even through all the pain, my muscles were squeezing him, trying to hold him deep inside of me, coaxing the man to shoot his load deep inside my fertile womb, something that’s my body really wanted so badly. A reward for all that moment of pain, orgasms, shake body, for all that years of waiting and wanting. and from that i started to saw things like: “Please don’t stooop, please fuck me with your huge dick, i want to feel all of your cock inside, as the speed was incresceding, given to me another powerfull orgasm with face fuck and my hole getting more and more adjusted to his penis size, i saw something that i wound’t believe until now, “Fuck me hard, give to me, give your cum to me”. “Please feel me up” “I want you to Cum deep inside of my pussy, “I want to feel your seed in my womb and get knocked up”

That was when gabriel say: “ I can´t believe i just taken your virginity, you are a fucking bride to be whore, “You are the most fucking hot girl i have fucked, “yeaaah i will give all of my potent sperm inside of you” “Hey girls, this little slut needs to be pregnant with my babies”.

I was so out of my mind that I continued with everything because deep down I was living my most secret desires to be fucked hard, to feel the sensation of sperm inside my vagina like in porn movies and to be able to experience everything that my body was prepared as a woman, born, grow up and naturally reproduce.

After lucas moan and give to my face and mouth a lot of sperm, it was the time to Gabriel gives my first creampie in life, he gave a strong thrust and moaned loudly and i feel my inside gets warm as he shoot his potent seed inside of me, and spunk that i feel like they were hitting my womb and definitly i was getting pregnant by anothers man, This led me to the biggest, strongest and most vibrant orgasm of my life that I have ever felt.

While Sophie was masturbating her body after heard everything that i was saying she was having one of her biggest orgasm while every other women teen or mature that was there, were cheering, happy and excited and and with a look of great surprise at everything they witnessed.

After that the boys sneaked out, leaving me standing on the chair, completely sweaty, with my nipples red and my vagina more pink and open than it should be, they asked if I wanted a morning-after pill but I was already on birth control, they give to me sheet and cloths were used to clean me, a lot of sperm came out of my pussy mixed with blood and my squirted liquid, squeezing oozing out from my cunt until it reaches my legs while several people tried to take a photo but were stopped by my friends.

Sophie was very proud of me, and said he would do all of this and even lied to the strippers and the club about me not being a virgin so that I would receive the best orgasm of my life with the adrenaline of allt the situation and the big dicks but she couldn’t imagine a creampie. She then said that she hopes that I don’t get pregnant and that my husband doesn’t notice what a break they made in that ex virgin pussy.

we went to my house, i was feeling a lot of things, happines, pleasure and and a slight weight on my conscience because my fiance but I was proud and happy to have had such an intense first time and the best time so far, when my husband was going to have his first time with me I said that sometimes the vagina doesn’t bleed but I will never tell the truth about that day.

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  • Reply Hannah ID:2kyhpc18rd

    I did the same but was actually on wedding day when the girls and these guys they met git me too try a line of coke, and admittedly felt incredible and then suddenly after doing it felt a hand in my knickers and couldn’t stop myself the pleasure was immense, and so the guy just lifted wedding dress and bent me over and then he thrust it in me started fucking me and found myself saying please don’t stop

  • Reply Evarel ID:4bn00en3fia

    OMG GIRL i need ur number so i can get a bbc too

  • Reply Pamela ID:4bn00en3fia

    Ooh, i love the sound of that, Nathan ur getting me wet just thinking of that bbc

  • Reply Tt ID:bgggn0c43

    So you are worried you will get pregnant but don’t need a plan b because you are on contraceptive pills. Right. This story was shit

  • Reply Namzy ID:4bn00en3fia

    That is nice

  • Reply Pamela ID:4bn00en3fia

    I Need a good dick too.Nice story btw,just needs some corrections.

    • Nathan ID:19z0a0eq

      I have one bbc, for you

  • Reply Aua ID:1ckp4wo1b811

    While I applaud you in your sexual efforts and such a fantastic story I am sickened that you not only lied to your future husband but denied him his natural right to deflower you through all those years of dedication. So now you live under a lie and false pretenses and this is what you base your marriage on. I believe in free sex for everyone at any time but not in this case and I hope your marriage is a complete disaster. Just wait until he finds out you fucked a nigger, I am sure he will be thrilled.

  • Reply Emma.H ID:jtp3mrdfqb4

    Nice story got me wet. Emma from Aus.