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Granddaughters, part 2

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If the first time wasn’t “bad enough”, it, fortunately, didn’t stop there…

After my granddaughters (11 and 12) introduced me to what it’s like being molested, I wasn’t sure things would ever be “normal” again. And, really, they weren’t.
They usually come over to spend some time, usually Friday nights, as their mom (my daughter) and dad go out. We usually don’t do much, but sometimes there are activities or something on Saturday.
The next week, when they came over, I was thinking it might be a repeat of what happened last time, except, my wife was here, and it would be hard to hide that kind of activity from her…
Things progressed as they usually do, the bath, the “naked dance”… But no special “bend over and spread it” moment (to my displeasure), but it was still a turn-on to see their perfect naked little bodies.
They didn’t even give any indication that they were thinking or wanting to do anything, not like last time.
I wondered if it was because Grandma was home…?
That’s really the only difference.
As the evening went on, my younger grabddaughter came to me with a book. It’s a special book. It’s been in the family since I was young… “The Hobbit”, but a special version with the old animated cartoon pictures in it.
The girls loved the story, and I have always loved reading it and sharing the pictures with them.
Here comes the 11 year old, with a large book, in her nightgown, to come sit on my lap and be read to…
She climbs up on me, her legs on each side of mine, sitting right smack dab on my now very hard dick. As she adjusted her position, my dick ended up between her ass cheeks… I’ve still got my lounge pants on, and she is in her nightgown.
As we open the book, and turn the large pages, looking at the pictures, reading the story… She starts to rock back and forth. I’m not sure my manhood could get any harder, but it tried. She was sitting up, the book in her lap, and my fully engorged self between her butt cheeks, and she is, essentially, stroking me off with her ass.
She is holding the book, and as she is rocking back and forth, Grandma comes in, as sees us reading the book. She asked us if we’d like to have some cookies. Of course we would, as they’ll be great from the oven with some ice cream…
And Grandma disappears to bake cookies.
As we continue to “read the book”, I reach up under her nightgown to rub her legs, and as her legs were spread, I ventured between her thighs with my hands, expecting to, maybe, rub her like she is rubbing me.
My fingers found their way to her crotch, where they found no underwear.
I was a little surprised, and I adjusted how I was sitting in the couch, to be a little more comfortable with everything going on.
I started to rub my finger up and down her little hairless slit, and she kept going back and forth on my dick… It was heavenly!
I started to pay attention to her little bud of a clit, and she stopped moving and let me, essentially, masturbate her. So I went faster, and her breathing increased, and it didn’t take long for her to actually climax. This made her very wet, my fingers sticky with her fluids, and I wanted to probe her cunt with my fingers.
I spread her hairless lips and started to insert my finger, and she moved, stopping me.
I feared the fun was over, and she let me keep my hand between her legs, but started paying attention to the book again.
I hadn’t cum, and thought I’d be frustrated. But as we turned another page, she started rocking back and forth again…
Increasing my hardness to maximum. Especially as she wasn’t wearing underwear with my hand between her legs, stroking her slit…
This went on for a few more pages, and she then adjusted her sitting position, standing up, she bent over, putting her nightgown up over so she could sit on me, directly, no nightgown between us, leaving only my lounge pants in the way.
It was while she was adjusting things, I noticed how wet my pants has become from my precum and her pussy juices…
I’d have to go change or my wife would definitely notice.
As she sat back down, she reached into my fly on my pants, and pulled out my shaft, and she sat, with my hardon sticking up between her legs. I was surprised, but let her touch me (of course) and let her get comfortable again, with me up between her legs throbbing against her pussy.
She resituated the book, and started rocking again, while we read and turned more pages.
Grandma came in and announced that cookies would be ready in 10 minutes. She didn’t even seem to notice what was going on right in front of her eyes.
Thank goodness. That might have opened up a whole thing I wouldn’t want to deal with.
My younger granddaughter, sitting on my hardness, rubbing her haitless pussy… And then she put her hand down, between her legs, and pushed my shaft up against her and, in earnest, started rubbing herself against my dick, sliding her wet slit up and down my shaft, and she is going to cum again, as I’m being dragged across her clit, and her hand is using my dick to masturbate the both of us… The book is now forgotten, and I’m building rapidly to climax, which, disappointingly, doesn’t take very long.
She starts to shudder and shake and gasp, just as I unload my cum all over her and me, under her nightgown, soaking everything, her pussy, hand, my shaft, pants, her nightgown… Everything just covered and soaking with cum.
Just then, my older granddaughter comes in… She was playing some online game with her school friends.
So she comes up to us, book in our lap, having just climaxed together, and realized something was going on. She pushed the book up toward her sister and lifted up her now wet nightgown, exposing her sister’s bald pussy with my now spent dick poking up between her legs, cum everywhere.
She had this disappointed look on her face, and said, “you promised!” And her younger sister replied, “I didn’t actually do it”… And I was confused.
As she had the nightgown up, looking at our mess, she reached down and grabbed my meat, and slid her hand up and down in my cum as she stroked me. She did that for a second, then I heard Grandma coming around the corner from the kitchen, and pulled the nightgown down, and put the book over our wet mess. My older granddaughter let me go, and just stood there with the accusatory stare at her sister.
Grandma had bowls of ice cream and hot fresh cookies.
We took our bowls and Grandma left (not sure why) and I told my younger granddaughter to go change, and I was going to change too…
She slid off me, dragging my dick across her cunt and between her ass cheeks as she did.she put the book down, and ran off to change.
I stood up my semi-hard dick sticking out of my cum soaked pants, my older granddaughter looking at it, and I put things away and went down the hall to change.
It only took a second and I was back, everyone sitting on the couch eating cookies and ice cream, even Grandma…
Who had no idea what had just happened.

Part 3 coming.

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