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Fucked my Mother’s Younger Sister, Who is my Aunt

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This is an actual incident happened in my life, just few months ago. And now I’m experiencing a Happy sexual life with my Aunt, who is in need of sex.

I’m a Thamizh Boy from SL. (country) as, I’m a Tamilian i have had a lot of affections and lust on modern western women. I’m a 17 year old boy turning into 18 years this year (2024), has experienced sex, seems exciting for some of you all to read. but me, being here today and sharing my sexual life and the experience at this young age. of 17.

In Tamil, Mother’s Younger Sister is called as “Chiththi”. This Story is going to be about my chiththi, who is a pretty woman for my sight, Aged 45 (in 2024), Married woman, Mother of 4 Kids, Perfect Big Thick Ass, Who is not slim nor fat.. but a thick body figure, Brownish Tanned White skin tone (her inner body was white in tone for some reason lol, but still she had a sexy smacked tan as her skin tone which is a perfect colour for a MILF.

By now, i gave explanation on her appearance and relationship. Before i get into the incident i’d like to give a small background of her. My Mom has 2 Sisters.1 elder and 1 younger, younger one is my chiththi.
My mom passed away 6 years ago and my Dad planned on marrying my Chiththi who was already married to another person. (my uncle). Simultaneously, My Chiththi and my Uncle got divorced while they had 2 kids. My Chiththi’s elder daughter is my age and the 2nd daughter was 2 years younger to both of us. After my Chiththi and my Dad married, my Chiththi gave birth for 2 more babies.

So in total.. my Chiththi and Dad taking care of 5 kids including me. (Dad has a successful business, so we are rich enough to live).

1. Me – 17 years (2006 born)
2. My Chiththi’s 1st Daughter – 17 years (2006 born)
3. My Chiththi’s 2nd Daughter – 15 years (2008 born)
4. & 5. siblings are less than 5 years old now (2024)

My Dad got the Transfer to the Canadian Branch office and now he is in Canada for work purpose. Now, We are living in a house with 3 floors. where Parents room on the top floor and beautiful walls and balconies are, with a ho pool tub in the 3rd floor.
Our rooms -4 bedrooms (Children rooms), Cinema Home Theatre Room, in Second floor.
Down floor Kitchen, TV room, Lobby, an Art section, a Library of my Grandfather’s books collection and an Alter room where we pray.

I’m Having a crush on my chiththi since the age of 16, but dad was there and i assumed they had sex continuously, as i guessed they did sex a lot because i use to go up to the 3rd floor in night just to spy my parents what they do, and they actually have had sex as i, heard the sounds and noise of them doing sex on bed in night hours. No doubt i have a crush on my stepmother (Chiththi) she is so fucking material, romantic and playful.

I Had a room of my own and my siblings had either way. After my Dad went to Canada for work. i found my Chiththi not being usual. She was alone most of the time. We all spent time with the little kids, of our parents and time went quite good. Once, i saw my aunt in the room, the door was not closed properly and i can see inside the room clearly.
There was no one in the floor & all 2 servants left home for festival vacation for 4 days. Siblings in their rooms and it was 9.00 pm night. So, it has been a while dad left and this happened in Month of January (2024) this year, I went took a look into the room she was changing to her Nighty (Night dress) Sleev-less nighty gown and she took of her bra and panty. i purposely, coughed and made noise like walking to the door, i saw her quickly putting her inners into the drawer next to, in the hurry she did the drawer didn’t close properly.

And then i asked, “aren’t you asleep ?”
She answered, “No chellam (Dear), have to sleep now”
And then, I asked “are you okay?”, she said.. “yes i am but why did you ask like that”. I told she hasn’t been the normal person since my dad left to Canada. and then , we had a conversation for 30 minutes and she asked me, about my personal stuffs and all. i slowly realized she started hating my dad due to his some characteristic issues, like lot of girls and women around him.

And the, she herself asked me, would you sleep with me here tonight? it’s not a great deal in our country sleeping together, so casually i agreed. we went to bed at 10.00 pm and went to sleep. around 3.00 am in the early morning, i eventually woke up. That was the very first time i saw a woman that closely. Chiththi was so cool with the nighty turning to my side while we both had the blanket on us covered. She was deep in sleep and i went closer to her leaning towards her body and face with slight touch with her.i dropped few kisses on her cheak and forehead she didn’t know as she was deep in sleep. i, with more confidence took my face to her neck. with much foreplay and all later we ended having sex. with consent of both of us.


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  • Reply White wolf ID:2px1mhuf4hu

    Nice story

  • Reply Deen ID:5ri190thrb

    Expecting more from u nanba vitratha

  • Reply Cappy ID:1a4kzeo0d2

    A nicely explained story of life in your part of the world. Your English is better than many speaking a different language than they grew up with. Thank you for the story details and saying what words mean in English. (Dear) as an example. Also, inners and other clothing names in your country are unknown in the rest of the world. So to be understood, need a description. Your story is beautiful, but needs more sex to get high ratings on this site. Perhaps go into great detail sexually in Part Two of this story. Keep writing, don’t get discouraged. There are some amazing writers on this site from your part of the world. I think you could write beautiful stories. Part Two of this story please.

  • Reply Joseph ID:1ddo5gi213nm

    To bad they don’t have a half star