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Friends step mother or his dads girlfriend as nit married

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Used to play football school games on Fridays then all back to our friends house we left early on those Fridays so no one at home at his house , we went there specifically to Jack off in the consort of his house in those days no videos , just magazines we would chat and Jack off we was comfortable with each others company while doing it often very vulger talk , unfortunately but actually was fortunate johns step mom comes home early just walks in the living room and sees us 3 jerking off and a small pile of magazines, she walked out immediately shouted from the kitchen please stop what your doing right now !! Then she waited and comes marching in , we had all zipped up and hidden the magazines, I saw what you was doing why on earth didn’t you warn me ? Or something I have thought about it all and I realise at 16 your hormones are crazy and it’s very normal to er? Jack yourselves off I suppose it’s hard not too ? Listen you need a place to do it I understand and I’m not sure what the 3 of you beating off together is about but just keep the door shut and the curtains it’s ok I’ll knock loudly just don’t make a mess either in my living room , am I too expect you here next Friday ? Yes Ms jones is it ok then ? I am really sorry arnt we lads hope your not going to tell Johns dad (her boyfriend ) for five years , er no he doesn’t have to know let’s keep this between our selves , so following Friday we get the magazines out laying around ready , remembering to lock the door giggling laughing what if she comes in without knocking blah blah I’m not stopping lol I’ll keep going lots of banter , I say John she’s pretty hot isn’t she oh yeah had many a wank over her , next we all settle down wanking off , showing each other what we are looking at , I’m really horny and enjoying it , then wtf bang bang knock knock shouting out loud can you hear me I say knock knock , she opens the door and puts down a towel on the table use this when your done she and walked out but on her way I’m sat with my cock erect she leaned forward commenting she’s hot the woman in the magazine and just walked out , she was much more relaxed and laid back last words was enjoy ! Disappeared then heard her washing up dishes and stuff , it really turned me on the thought of a real live sexy older woman within feet of us and knowing what we was doing ,we all agreed it was fkn crazy best is yet to come , I shit my load as did John and Alan I admitted I thought of her as I came laughing so did other two , next thing knock knock are you done and just barges in gathered the towel you could plainly see a good spreading of sticky spunk she grabbed it her hand was in the spunk she wiped her hand on the other bit as she walked past she seen my cock again unconcerned put them away now please if your done , we was making plans to get her involved but no idea how and would she freak out ? So we agreed next Friday we wouldn’t try at all to put cocks away and just carry on wanking as really she didn’t seem bothered , so it’s Friday we’re all pulling away dirty vulger talk as usual suck it slag and oh mother laughed saying it hoping she could hear us then knock knock door opens I just kept on going pretending she kinda wasn’t there I nodded to others to say keep going and they did , next thing she stood there my my what a site don’t stop get on with it peering over again at the magazine shes my age she says … yes ms jones , stop with the ms jones call me Angela I kept stroking wow she’s watching me , then says do you think I’m as sexy as those ? I nearly choked ffs I’m dreaming , yes definitely Angela good enough to jerk over ? Carry on as we are talking she whispered , then walks over to Alan who had a very large one she said that’s a mighty big dick for a young lad , I said I’m about to cum Angela she got the towel handed it too me saying show me I was about to shoot she says no wait held the towel so I could shoot on it wait she then said what about yiu two ? Both said yeah any second I shot in to it she rushed over to them both stood up and emptied at same time jeez wow boys I enjoyed that , so much cum jeez she then totally lost it , sat over from us lifted her skirt stocking tops on display her knickers where drenched I could see easily she rubbed herself then said can you get hard again ? No problem and other two sat besides me we all started jacking she rubbed like mad and moaned oh boys oh boys harder shoot another load for me I went towards her then what I was waiting for she held my cock pulled my skin back pumping it and rubbing her self Alan put his hand on hers and fingered her john stood wanking right close to her face I said your making me cum good over my face ok ? Tell me how sexy I am and how hit your cum is for me she pulled my arse in closer and all 3 of us exploded all in her mouth her face everywhere she shuddered oh god came obviously after that day every Friday she was ours she jerked us fondly and we had the time of our lives she enjoyed sperm watching it fly out and loved making us cum , after a few more weeks we did end up fucking her taking turns all afternoon before her husband arrived home from his shifts after 6 , I seen her out with her husband a few times saying hello she never ever said anything we fucked her for months and months she enjoyed letting us do what we wanted she got off in it then after a year or two I moved out too university never seen her for years

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  • Reply Ginger bread man ID:1eeow0c76qc9

    Was just typed out very fast title was because it refers too my friends dads girlfriend or common law wife , Thus making her his unofficial step mom ,
    Yes indeed should have used paragraphs , early morning falling asleep when I wrote it no excuses ,don’t think there’s an edit button anywhere I can’t remember

  • Reply Ginger bread man ID:1eeow0c76qc9

    I must apologise i am awful at typing quickly and that post was a result of trying to type fast without actually looking what I wrote , the basic story line was true I added a few bits to slice it up but we did go round to friends house wanking over porn mags his dads girlfriend did see us a good few times and eventually told us she didn’t mind and did just walk in unconcerned she would stand in the door frame arms folded and watch we did it for her pleasure as well as ours she did admit she enjoyed watching us but was] terrified of anyone finding out , she did get our attention purposely and did tease by dressing provocative but wouldn’t admit it , eventually I did fuck her she took me to bed I was just 16 during the wanking sessions she didn’t speak hardly but did watch and definitely stayed watching us cum soon as we shot our loads she vanished so we knew she got off on it all especially the noises we deliberately made when emptying our loads when I slept with her she admitted it all saying she was wet after watching us cum and that she was very close to joining in

    • Steven ID:4bn00en3fia

      lmao nah man its alr. story was good. just next time try and use paragraphs. i gave it 4 star

    • Steven ID:4bn00en3fia

      also title confused me idk if its cause im retarted or just phrased wrongly