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Father’s arrival. Amazing relationship between stepmother and stepson

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On Wednesday evening Marina Grigorievna invited Maxim to her sitting-room. He entered, seeing that she was smiling, and it made him feel a little uneasy. Perhaps his father had come home earlier than expected?

– ‘Maxim, your father called me,’ Marina began, looking him straight in the eye.

– He said he would be home on Friday afternoon.

Maxim felt his heart beat harder. Father would be coming home… He felt mixed feelings – joy at the impending meeting with his father and a slight anxiety at how he would greet the news of his relationship with Marina. Of course it was wonderful, but at the same time it meant that his and Marina’s secret would have to remain hidden.

– It’s wonderful news,” he replied, trying to remain calm.

– I’ve missed him. I hope he had a successful business trip,” Marina smiled and nodded.

– ‘Yeah, he said it went great. So on Friday we’re having a family dinner with the whole family.

– And as you know, we’ll sleep separately these days. I have to get ready to meet my husband.

This decision of Marina Grigorievna somewhat overshadowed Maksim’s condition, because he had already got used to the fact that they had been sleeping together for several days and not only, but also making passionate love in the evening and in the morning. Smiling, the stepmother said:

– Abstinence is a great grace; sometimes you need a respite in everything. For then you will treat me with even more love.

– Well at least a kiss goodnight, – Max begged, hugging and pressing Marina to him.

Slipping her lips lightly over his, kissing him quickly she smilingly swept out of his embrace.

– Good night! And don’t forget tomorrow we have a general cleaning, try to come early from school.

Today Maxim lay alone in his bed, without his favourite stepmother around. In his dreams he relived again and again the moments of passion and tenderness they shared together, and it brought him great joy and satisfaction. He realised that even though Marina was not around, their relationship was just as strong and dear to him. Perhaps they were just dreams, but they brought him great joy and confidence that he and Marina could overcome all the difficulties that stood in their way.

When Maxim came home in the afternoon, he saw that his stepmother was tidying up the kitchen.

– Are you going to eat,” she asked.

– Yes, of course.

– Then wash your hands and sit down. And you need to clean your room.

Eating he watched Marina Grigorievna. She was dressed in a top, which not so much covered as emphasised the beautiful female breasts, as well as tights, and when she bent over, her magnificent ass beckoned the young lover. His “fighter” reacted instantly and Maxim wanted to press himself against this splendour.

Taking the plate to the sink he pressed himself from behind and his cock was nestled between the sweet buns. Marina felt it immediately, at the same time, when his lips touched behind her ear and kissed her neck, her pussy treacherously began to moisten and swell. Max caught on to this state of his stepmother and boldly, yet affectionately began to squeeze her breasts. As if waking up after a moment Marina whispered:

– No Maxim! No…. we agreed. Don’t drive me crazy. – You still need to clean your room, haven’t you forgotten?

– I haven’t forgotten, – he muttered. And so he went to his room with his hard cock in order. This activity did not take him long, as he always kept his room clean.

After a while Marina Grigorievna came into his room to check if everything was tidy. Her gaze slid down and saw through his shorts the still aroused cock of her stepson. In my head flashed, but he still wants me, and what am I torturing the boy.

– Well done, you’ve done a good job and well worth the reward. Come to me, sit down here, – and she sat down on the sofa. Maxim sank down next to his stepmother.

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– Why are you so gloomy, don’t pout,” she said with a smile, looking straight into his eyes.

– I’m not going to give her a pussy, let her wait for her father’s cock, but I’ll help her. Take off your shorts.

Seeing my indecision, she sat down and began to unbutton and remove my shorts, and then my underwear came off. I was on alert. My cock was sticking out as the hand of the clock on the wall showed exactly 10. Marina sighed pleasantly as she held my bolt in her hand. Throwing her fiery, passion-filled gaze at me for a moment, she ran her tongue along my fighter from the base to the head, and then gently took my cock in her mouth, slowly sucked it halfway in, gently slid the head in, turning it slightly and not loosening the hickey. It was so glorious that I thought now I might come early to the finale, but no. The woman began to play with it for a long time, skilfully as if regulating my pleasure. Already a little recovered and calmed down Maxim began to caress her breasts sliding her top down. But it seems that overexcitement still made itself known, he cum unexpectedly, dirty the first powerful jet of semen her flushed face and blonde hair, but the rest of the cum she took in her mouth, in time to grab the cock with her lips and Max began to pour violently into her stepmother’s mouth. Marina took it all, swallowed it all, and said with a smile:

– Well, thank you, having fed me now I don’t need to have dinner!

Again Maxim lay alone in his bed, closing his eyes and sinking into the world of his thoughts, his dreams were filled with images of their amazing relationship. In his dreams he saw them together, cuddling on the seashore, walking through the streets of the old town, laughing and enjoying each other. Every moment was filled with warmth and happiness, and Maksim felt his heart fill with joy and contentment.

As expected Nikolai Petrovich arrived on Friday afternoon and Maksim came in after uni and training and found his father and stepmother talking happily in the kitchen.

They decided to celebrate his father’s return with their family over a festive dinner. Marina cooked his favourite dish, and Maxim tried to create a cosy atmosphere in the living room by placing candles and a beautiful tablecloth on the table.

After dinner everyone moved to the living room, sitting on the sofa in front of the plasma screen Marina in the middle and her men on the sides. They decided to look at photos from Nikolai Petrovich’s last business trip, to hear about his impressions of the trip, about the beauties of Polish Gdansk.

When the father went to the TV to insert the flash drive, the stepmother suddenly gently stroked the stepson’s thigh closer to the groin, smiling and sent him a kiss. From this Maxim understood that everything in them father is excellent, he did not suspect anything and they before his arrival perfectly fucked, because the eyes of a satisfied woman spoke for themselves.

After the viewing was over, the father announced:

– Tomorrow should be a marvellous day in us. We are going as a family to visit. There is a surprise waiting for us there.

– And now everyone to sleep, – and taking Marina by the hand led her to the bedroom.

Already falling asleep in bed Maxim dreamed very colourful dreams. In these dreams were moments of tenderness and passion, when he and Marina merged in an embrace, like two poles attracted to each other. These sweet dreams filled his heart with warmth and happiness, and he woke up in the morning with a smile on his face, full of hope and expectation of new meetings with his favourite woman.

At that moment Maxim realised that although the situation was complicated and confusing, together with Marina they had managed to create such a cosy and warm moment that would remain in his memory for a long time.

In the morning when he got out of bed and went to the bathroom, he found that the flat was very quiet, no one seemed to be home, which surprised Maxim a little. Having taken water procedures and going by his parents’ bedroom, he saw that the door was ajar, and Marina was bending over in the wardrobe. The sight of her beautiful ass, almost unconcealed by her nightgown excited him, and he opened the door. Hearing this, the stepmother turned round and asked with a smile:

– Ah, it’s you Maxim, already awake? How did you sleep? I’m looking for something to wear, because we’re going to visit today. You haven’t forgotten?

– No, of course not. Where’s dad?

– He’s gone to get the car, we’re going to the country. As soon as he arrives he’ll call us, we have to be ready and we’ll go downstairs.

Listening to Marina, her stepson was admiring this woman and his cock was tenting the towel. And she too noticed that his ‘mate’ was pleased to see her too. And then happened what they dreamed of together, stepmother lay down on her back and beckoned him with a finger, spread her gorgeous legs apart.

– Well, what are you waiting for, we don’t have much time! – She exhaled languidly and threw her head back.

I quickly approached, took the situation into my own hands, and a little fiddling with my fingers in her already hinted bosom, put my cock and slightly pressing, and spreading the petals of the lips entered her hot vagina. I was bursting with pleasure that now I started to fuck the most favourite woman I had dreamed about all night and my dream was now lying under me and enjoying it. Marina began to moan slightly. I was getting faster and faster and I was just ramming her juicy cunt, from which our juices of excitement and lust were flowing. Every time I came all the way in, my balls slapped against her arse. It added to the excitement. The sounds of our bodies slapping against each other and the smell of sex filled the bedroom. She lost control at one point and clawed at my back with her fingernails, wiggling her cunt towards me. I was at my limit, and so was she. But my stepmother was the first to give in. In just a few minutes, she was on my cock in a twisting motion.

– Yes! Ohhh, that’s good! Good girl, good girl! All right, come on, deeper, my good man! That’s it, Ahhh, Ouch. – she was cumming all over me.

– I’m going to come too,” I said, barely containing myself.

She was squeezing my cock so tightly with her vagina that I was ready to come.

– Come on, come on! Cum in me! Fill me with your cum,” she moaned languidly.

– You can get pregnant, can’t you?

– Yes, I want to get pregnant! Your father and I have already decided to make me a baby, come on, honey, come on! – she exhaled.

I started pouring my semen into her, filling her with my seed, this beautiful and beloved woman. At this thought my orgasm was even more vivid and prolonged.

– Ohhhh…that’s it, my sweetie, that’s it! – My partner did not stop from pleasure.

After cumming, I pulled my cock out of her. Immediately my semen flowed out of her spread vagina in a copious clot. It was beautiful and unforgettable.

– I’ll go to the bathroom and you get dressed quickly. My father should be here soon,” Marina said as she ran away.

About 10 minutes later my stepmother and I were already dressed, drinking coffee, my father called, saying that he was at the entrance and waiting for us. We had an interesting road ahead of us and an exciting journey ahead of us

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