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My new lifestyle

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Moving to a new farm to my family with a bit of a surprise

So, my name is Luke. I am 14 and live in Oregon now. I used to live in Illinois with my dad, but after my mother passed, we decided to go to my family in Oregon.
Here are people I was going to live with for the next multiple years:
Marry, my aunt. 29 with great phisical features.
John, my uncle. 31 and a great father to his children and a great dude overall.
Anne, my oldest cousin. She is 12. A fun, energizing but most importantly, a sex addict. She is one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen.
Belle, the middle child. She is 11 and just a slightly younger version of her sister Anne.
Marielle, the youngest. She is 9 and surprise surprise-another version of her 2 sisters.
Anyway, here is a story of how my sex life started.

June 7th, we arrived at the family farm. We got greeted by the people I just mentioned, moved out stuff to the house we were gonna be in, and decided to celebrate us coming to love with them. We all got a little tipsy, but nothing much. It was just a lovely time.
Day 2, I started working a little but mostly I was just getting to know what the projects on the farm are going to be.
Day 3. This is where the fun begins. My aunt bringer me into her room and asked me if I knew what nudism was. I said no, even tho I knew excactly what it was, and she explained to me. Then, she asked me if I ever saw a woman naked in real life. I said, no, since I wasn’t of that luck. She just smiled, and to my surprise, took her dress off, revealing her beautiful bare body. She took me to the living room and oh my goodness, her daughters, my cousins were all naked as well! Geez, this is fun! They were all so beautiful with their little preteen bodies. Then, Marry asked me to take my clothes off as well. I did, since it was just obvious to do so, and she saw my huge erection. Mind you, I have a 7incher, so she lightly gasped. Besides that, not a lot happened that day. I knew we were going to be nudist and that was fine with me.
Day 4. I got woken up at 9 with breakfast from my naked aunt, with the girls setting the table up. I felt like I was in heaven. It was just me, my aunt and girls there since my uncle and dad went to do stuff outside, so this was even better when Anne sat next to me and put a hand on my thigh, very near my dick. I have no idea how, but my penis grew even larger then it was before. Then, she put her hand on my dick. OMG. Her little hands were made for this! We ate breakfast, but then Marry gave me a signal to come to a secluded room. I did, as one would, and she asked me if I ever got a bj or had sex. I said no, since I didn’t, so she laid on the bed with her legs spread. She touched her pussy and told me “come in”. I got closer, and she took my dick into her hands and guided it to her pussy. I was about to fuck my aunt. I slowly started pushing and JC man, she was tight as fuck. She gasped louder and louder the further I went, and when I started to move back and forth, she started moaning very loudly. I grabbed her breast, she whined. I started choking her, she rolled her eyes to the back of her head. Fuck me dude, this was the best thing ever. I continued fucking her for about 30 minutes until we both came. I don’t think there is anything better then this. At around 5 pm,we all got into the living room watching TV when Marry told me that If I want to fuck anyone I could, and that in this household silence is consent. The same would happen to me. I agreed because why the actual fuck not, and about 2o minutes later I realize I was rock hard again, so I slapped Belle’s ass. She giggled and I just moved behind her. She was sitting in her stomach so it was really easy to grab her ass, which I did. She started moaning very silently until I took my dick into my hand and started rubbing it against her ass. She giggled with a little fear, but I just started pushing myself in. She was even tighter then her mom! Marielle, watching me fuck her older sister, started touching herself right in front of us, until she moved closer so that Belle can eat her out. Jesus fucking it looked so fucking sexy fucking my cousin while she ate her sister out. Belle came first, then Marielle, then me. I came inside Belle. I then saw their mother was also rubbing Anne’s pussy. Seeing this many naked ladies in a room was just perfection.

That’s part 1, if you want to see part 2 or more in the future just tell me. Also, I do have to say this is all fictional. It is not real or resemble any real situation. Have a nice rest of the day fellas and felons!

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  • Reply Dennis ID:1euafugzk8bk

    Need part two

  • Reply TheNutGuzzler ID:nikqywpqk

    Damn didn’t expect such amazing reviews, I will be doing more stories and add a name, mostly likely something very unusual or gay for shits and giggles. And yes Cappy, I know, it is a bit unrealistic but eh it is what it is. Thanks guys

  • Reply John Butts ID:2px1ogougzz

    Please do

  • Reply Cappy ID:1a4kzeo38i

    Yes, write part two.
    This story is fun, not perfect, of course. In real life dad would have told his son that they were going to live with nudists, and the open sex within the same room would have happened much later, if at all. But there are families like this, so the story isn’t too far fetched. And nudists do not have sex with their children, or permit open sex acts, any more than the rest of the population does. But it does happen. Good story. I enjoyed reading it. I hope that you write many more.
    Put your name on your stories so we can follow you.

  • Reply Leo ID:87vr86ii

    Would love a part 2

    • Cappy ID:1a4kzeo38i

      I agree, Leo. Part 2 please.