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Discovering My Power 2

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Giving my first hand and blow job in the mall parking garage

As the weekend approached, I had made enough ro afford things on the weekly girls trip to the mall. Showing myself to boys from school was becoming more exciting with each experience. When Saturday arrived, Sam and her mom picked me up. With her mom just in the front seat, I picked up my phone and texted Sam

“I think I’m ready to give a hand job?” I typed and sent

“REALLY?!!!!” Was her reply

“Yes, I even watched some porn videos on how to do it. But how much should I charge?”

“You’re hot and 11, you make sure you get at least $200”

“They will pay that?”

“Hell yes, we are forbidden fruit”

We had been at the mall for an hour, the rest of our group hadn’t shown up yet, so Sam and I took a seat on a bench. I scanned my surroundings, looking for someone who might be checking us out. I had on my new skirt and a tight fitting tshirt and definitely felt sexy. Suddenly Sam gave me an elbow and nodded toward another bench not too close but not too far away.

A man who looked in his 40s was occasionally glancing our way, he tilted his head up like he was looking past us, but his eyes were dropping onto us. Same leaned over and whispered “live one, brush your hair back and smile”. I did as she said and his eyes stayed on us a little longer. He looked away and when he looked our way again, Sam whispered “part your legs a little, let him see panties”. I was enjoying this and did it, his eyes darted to look at the crotch of my white cotton panties.

“Now, go walk past him, slow down as you pass and give him a glance and smile, then keep walking and look back”

“You’re coming with me” I said, Sam laughed and we stood.

I did as Sam said, the look and smile, slowing down, then looking back as we walked away. Sure enough, he stood up and started to follow. Sam suggested we stop and play casual and see what he does. We stopped by a store and started to look in the window, we saw him stop behind us, I turned around.

“I hope this isn’t too forward but you two young ladies look lovely today” he said

“Thank you, I appreciate that, you look nice as well” insaid, which was true, he was in a suit and tie

“Thank you, are you two just hanging out?”

“Well, yeah, would go shopping but money is tight at home, so I can’t get anything and a dance is coming up” I convincingly sounded disappointed

“I hate to see a young lady’s down, maybe I can help out”

“It wouldn’t be right to just take money from a stranger. Maybe we could work something out”

“What do you have in mind?” He asked

“Well, we could always go out to your car and maybe I could make you feel good” I couldn’t believe that inwas saying this

“And what would I give in return?” He asked

“Well, for $200 maybe a hand job”

“That is tempting, I would say yes if you put it in your mouth also”

“That sounds fair”

“And I get to fondle those pretty little breasts”

“$250 and it’s a deal” I said, he nodded “Okay, Sam here will come along and play lookout, when we get to the car yiu have to let her hold your car keys”

“That sounds fair” he said

The three of us turned and walked out of the mall into the parking garage. Soon we reached a black BMW with dark tinted windows. The man pushed the unlock button twice and handed Sam the keys. He opened the back door and I smiled at Sam before sliding in onto a black leather seat. His car was immaculate inside. Laying on the front seat was a lab coat with a hospital ID attached to it. His name followed by MD. I was in luck, I had found a doctor.

I sat on the seat turned to face him as he got in. My heart was racing at what I was about to do. I took the hair tie from my wrist and pulled my hair back into a pony tail. He took his waller put and produced $250, handing it to me.

As we had agreed, I crossed my arms and gripped my tshirt, pulling it off, then unhooking my bra and sliding it off of my arms. The man smiled as he looked at them “so beautiful” he said. I watched as he undid his suit pants and raised up, sliding them and his underwear to mid thigh. His cock was long and thick, I had never seen one in person. I loved looking at it. He reached out and started to caress my breasts as I reached down and took his cock in my small hand. I moved my other hand to it and started to stroke it slowly. He let out a soft moan as my hands moved up and down. I remembered the videos and leaned forward, letting some spit fall to his cock and using my hands to spread it as a lube.

My hands .moved a little faster and I started to get the urges to taste it, his fingers played with my nipples as I leaned down and started to kiss his cock. I instantly loved the taste of his hard flesh. I began to lick around the head, a little precum appeared on the tip, I licjed it and liked the taste. I parted my lips and took it into my mouth, the taste of his cock in my mouth made my pussy start to get wet. My hands were moving up and down and I was sucking on just a little of his cock. I took it a little deeper and started to move my head up and down. He started to moan louder and leaned back on the seat, he only had one hand fondling my breast now. His moans grew louder, and his hips started to move

“Fuck I’m gonna cum little girl” he groaned, I was into sucking him so.much that I didn’t seem to care when he said it. For $250 I could taste his cum.

“Oh shit I’m there I’m there” he groaned and his cock erupted a nice size load that shot to my throat, it took me by surprise, but I enjoyed the hot salty tasting cum. I kept my mouth on his cock for a couple of minutes. Some of the cum had escaped my mouth and dribbled to my chin. I pushed it in with my fingers. The whole experience lasted less than 5 minutes.

“Shit that was so good” he said, breathing heavy as he leaned back on the seat

“It was my first time” I replied

“You’re a natural. If I give you another $100 will you let me take a few pictures of you? Maybe lean back, pull that skirt up and pull your panties down”

“That sounds fair, you are a doctor of course”

He took another $100 from his wallet and handed it to me. I leaned back against the door, pulled my skirt up and panties down, putting one foot on the seat, my panties around one ankle. He took his phone out and took a few pictures. When he finished, I got my clothes back on

“I have another proposal for you. I work a lot of hours and don’t get out to meet anyone. If I gave you a weekly allowance would you be interested in seeing me regularly, maybe at my apartment”

“Well, you don’t seem like a serial killer, I think we could work something out” I said “hand me your phone”

I put my number in, he said he would text me with details. He had to get to the hospital for his 12 hour shift. I slipped out of the car, money tucked in my bra. Sam handed him his keys and we walked away

“How was it? Sam asked

“I swallowed his cum” I smiled

“Oh wow” she replied

“And I let him take pictures of me. He is a doctor and wants to see me regularly”

“You lucky bitch, you found a sugar daddy” Sam almost screamed. Her eyes grew big with surprise when I showed her the money

I knew spending too much would raise suspicion at home, so I bought just a short dress on clearance and a pair of shoes. I could stash the rest of the money. Leaving the mall that day, I felt even more confident. I was 11 and doing things that women do

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