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Davey’s Journey Part 13

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Jenny returns home, and Davey doesn’t know how to tell her about him and Sandy. She catches them at the park, and she is not pleased, at first.

My phone started blaring at 5:00 AM, so I hopped right out of bed, and grabbed Sandy’s pajamas. I then laid her pajamas on her bed, and shook her awake.

“How can she sleep through all that noise?” I asked myself as the eleven-year-old finally stirred awake.

“Umm… I is it already time to get up?” She asked with a mumble. My response was to give her a kiss.

“Yes, it is,” I told her with a smile before handing Sandy her shirt. She put it on, then walked into my bathroom. After she was done I handed her pajama pants to her, and went to the bathroom myself.

While mid pee Sandy said to me through the door, “I’m gonna head on home! See you at the pool, Davey!”

“See ya, Sandy!” I told her, flush the toilet and washing my hands afterwards.

I looked out my basement door, and watched Sandy’s retreating form disappear into the forest. I continued to watch for a couple of more minutes, then went back to bed.

I got to the pool around 8:30 AM having gotten some more sleep, some breakfast, and receiving a text from Jenny, telling me she would be getting home sometime around 2:30 PM and 3:00 PM. When I got over there Sandy and her mother were already there, playing in the pool.

After putting my stuff away I hopped into the pool and began swimming some laps. Eventually Sandy came up next to me, and began to race me, so we raced until break time.

We got out of the pool, and went to my table on the upper area. Once we sat down I asked her, “I guess your parents didn’t know you slipped out of your little playhouse to come see me and ‘play’?”

Sandy giggled at what I told her, and replied, “nope. They must have been out like a light last night, because my dad never said anything when they came out and got me up. And my mom never said anything.”

“Do you think they would have asked?” I asked the girl.

Sandy nodded her head, and responded, “yeah. Sometimes they will check on me in the middle of the night if I’m sleeping out there, and sometimes I wander off because I heard a loud noise in the woods. So if one of them was to come check on me, didn’t see me sleeping in my playhouse, I’ll just tell them I heard a loud noise in the woods.”

“Well… that make sense,” I told her, adding in, “if you use the same excuse over and over again, and it sounds reasonable, they won’t question it.”

I snorted at this, which caused Sandy to burst out laughing. When she calmed down about a minute later she asked, “so when is Jenny getting back?”

I took a deep breath and told her, “sometime between 2:30 PM and 3:00 PM.”

“Have you told her about… us?” She asked, sounding almost scared.

I shook and told her, “no. I’ve been trying to think about how I’m going to tell her without getting her to awful mad, and I just can’t think of anything.” I took a deep sigh, and told her, “at this point I might just tell her in private, and see how it goes.”

“Maybe I should go with you and talk with her to?” She asked, not really sounding sure what to do.

I shook my head, and told her, “that might not be the best thing to do. I don’t know how she would react if you were there when I tell.”

I saw fear in the usually enthusiastic girl’s eyes. I could tell she was scared what might happen when Jenny finds out about me and her, so she suggested, “maybe you could… not tell her?”

I thought about what she suggested, then decided that wasn’t the best course of action, “no. If I don’t tell her and she finds out later, she’s gonna be even more mad. It’s… best that I tell her today.”

Sandy sat there in thought, and said, “okay. What’s the worst that can happen?”

“She tells the police about me having sex with her, you, and Kelly,” I thought to myself, but chose not to answer.

The lifeguards blew their whistles again, letting everyone know break time was over. We both headed down to the diving boards, and began having a diving contest before having a swim race, which I again won.”

After the next break I decided to head back home, and wait for Jenny to return.

I ate some lunch, watch some television, played some video games, and just waited around bored, until I finally decided to just go to the park around 1:30 PM, and just hang out there.

Jenny text me around 2:00 PM, telling me she had just gotten home. This surprised me. I thought she would have gotten home around 2:30 PM or 3:00 PM. I asked her about that, and she told me that she and her father didn’t need to make as many stops as she thought they would. I texted back to her that I was at the park, and I would wait for her next to the playground.

In hind sight, it would have been better if I just met her behind my house, because a few minutes after I sent Jenny my final text, I spotted Sandy coming from a trail entrance.

“Hi, Davey!” She said, coming up to my bench, and sitting next to me. She was wearing a khaki skirt, and blue t-shirt.

“What… what you doing here?” I asked Sandy, worried that if Jenny saw us, she might explode.

She shrugged and said, “I got bored at home, so I went for a walk.”

“You can’t… do something with your mother?” I asked her, hoping to encourage her to get out of here without actually outright telling her to leave.

Sandy shook her head, and told me, “Both my parents are at work now, I just text them to let them know where I’m going.”

After a moment I took a deep breath, and told Sandy, “look. Jenny will be over here any minute now, and if she sees me talking to you, she just might…”

“Lose her fucking shit!” I heard a familiar voice say. We both turned around to see Jenny, wearing a tight pink t-shirt, and Jean shorts that showed off much of her legs.

Also what she had was a smile that was anything but friendly, and her arms were crossed under her breasts in a manner that said, “you have some explaining to do.”

“Davey, why are talking to her?” Jenny asked me, obviously indicating Sandy.

“Because we’re friends now,” Sandy spoke up, this time smiling before adding in, “and he wants us to be friends too!”

Jenny blinked a couple of times, not believing what Sandy had just told her. There was nothing else she could do, but burst out laughing. “You… want… me… to… be… her… friend???”

I nodded my head, now a little annoyed at the way Jenny was acting, and told her, “yeah, she told me she doesn’t have any.”

Sandy nodded to confirm this before Jenny stopped laughing, and once she calmed down enough, she asked, “are you serious? Don’t you have ‘any’ friends?”

Sandy shook her head with some sadness, and Jenny’s voice became a little bit calmer before asking, “not even anyone in your gymnastics class?”

Sandy shook her head again, and said, “no. Our teacher wouldn’t let us talk to each our, and I’ve practicing at home or in the park since the school closed nearly a year ago.”

The last part made me wonder, “could she have gone to that one school where the head teacher… God, I hope not.”

Jenny re-crossed her arms, and told Sandy, “well, I still don’t want to be your friend. You’re really annoying and way to annoying.”

Sandy almost looked like she was about to cry, and I wrapped my arm around her shoulder to give her some comfort. Jenny on the other hand was starting to get angry at the site, beginning to turn the same color as her hair.

I removed my arm from Sandy after a few seconds, and told both girls, “let’s go to woods and talk about this.”

Jenny made an annoyed sigh, and agreed, “fine. But where?”

I took a deep breath, and told her, “there’s this little opening in the woods. It’s off the trail, and not to many people know about it. We should have some privacy there.”

“Fine,” Jenny said, still annoyed, “leed the way.”

We walked for a few minutes in the forest, with me watching Jenny and Sandy closely to make sure they didn’t fight. Well, more Jenny than anything.

The two eleven-year-old girls didn’t say anything during our little hike. Jenny out of annoyance and anger, and Sandy out of fear.

We finally got there, and Jenny sat down on a log, the same one I first encountered Kelly on. She calmed down a little bit, but still looked pissed.

“Jenny, I know you don’t like her,” I began, thinking about what I was going to say, “but she isn’t a bad person. She just doesn’t know how to make friends.”

Sandy looked at the redhead, pleading with her to be her friend.

“She can learn,” Jenny said, some of the annoyance leaving her voice.

“Well, I am learning,” Sandy replied, “it’s just that no one wants to talk to me. They just… tell me to go away.”

“Well maybe you should stop spying on people,” Jenny suggested, with a little bit of vile in her voice.

“I just… I’ve always thought if you learn something about someone, and then talk to them with that information they would be more willing to talk to you,” Sandy told her, sound a little confused before adding in, “that’s what my big brother and my parents told me.”

I shook my head in amazement, and Jenny just dropped her jaw. Sandy has been able to make friends because she was never properly taught how to.

Jenny stood up, and did something that honestly amazed me. She walked over to Sandy, and instead of hitting or yelling at her, she gave her a hug.

Sandy was shocked and confused at this, and then some realization came over her, and she started crying. She had finally made a friend. Maybe it was out of pity, but she finally did it! She made a friend, and one that felt bad for her too!

I took a deep breath, and asked them, “do you two want to go back to my house and talk about this some more?”

Jenny broke her hug with Sandy and said, “yeah”. Sandy on the other hand just nodded her head while wiping away some tears.

I smiled at the two, and told them, “it’s going to take me about twenty to twenty-five minutes to go to my house, get my SUV, and get back here, okay?”

“Okay,” they both said in unison, which caused them both to giggle a little.

“Well, I’m pretty sure Jenny won’t try to kill Sandy now,” I thought to myself as I went home to get my vehicle.

I got back around twenty minutes later, and instead of hearing the sounds of screaming, I heard the sounds of giggling.

“It’s good hear Jenny isn’t trying to kill her,” I thought to myself as I approached the opening.

When I got there instead of seeing the two talking and playing I saw Jenny’s shirt was pulled up over her breasts, and Sandy was currently sucking on them, moving from one to the other every few seconds. Sandy’s shirt was.also up over her breasts.

I figured they were getting along while I was gone, I just never figured they were getting along this well. I also spotted a pair of panties on the sitting log, and since Jenny didn’t have her shorts down I concluded they must be Sandy’s.

“It’s nice to see you two getting along while I was gone,” I commented, which startled both of them.

“Umm… yeah,” Sandy said, wiping her mouth with the back of her arm.

“We kept talking after you left,” Jenny began, “and she mentioned that you two had sex a couple of times while I was gone. This sorta made me mad, but then she said she hope we could have a threesome, and that I have really nice boobs and a nice body.”

“And she said I also have nice boobs and a nice body,” Sandy told me, “and then we started kissing, and then the next thing I knew she started sucking my boobs, and eventually went… down on me.”

I chuckled, pointed to panties on the log, and told her, “I figured that’s what happened.”

Sandy let out an ‘eep’, and quickly put her panties back on. I let out another chuckle, and went over to Jenny to give both of her tits a suck, before asking her, “did Sandy go down on you too, or did she just suck your tits?”

Jenny giggled and answered, “she just sucked my tits.”

“I was going to… eat her out,” Sandy also responded, sheepishly, “but I sorta got hung up on her boobs.”

Jenny waved her off, and admitted, “don’t worry about it. I like having my boobs sucked on.”

I gave Jenny’s tits another couple of more sucks, and then I went over to Sandy, and gave her tits a couple of sucks. I then told both girls, “okay, let’s get on out of here, but first please cover yourselves up.”

The two girls looked at each other, then down at their chests, and quickly covered themselves up. They then followed me out of the forest and to my waiting vehicle.

We got back into my home about two or three minutes later, and the two girls quickly get out of my SUV. They headed out of my garage, and downstairs to my bedroom.

I followed the two eleven-year-olds, although going a little more slowly than what they were going.

Once I got down to my bedroom I was greeted by the site of both girls, nude. Sandy was laying on my bed, her feet out at the edge, and Jenny was bent over, her face in her new friend’s crouch.

I watched as Jenny ate Sandy out for several minutes, causing her to have a loud orgasm. While this was happening I took off my clothes, and positioned myself behind Jenny.

Once Jenny was done eating out Sandy, I placed my hands on her sides, and slid my rock hard erection into her.

Jenny moaned as I began fucking her slowly at first, increasing my speed as I went along. A couple of minutes after I began fucking the young redhead, Sandy sat up, and watched as I fucked Jenny, doggy style.

It took a few minutes of me pumping Jenny for her to come, moaning loudly and shaking some. I myself however did not come, and considered continuing to fuck her, but instead pulled out of her, and she feel onto the floor, her head laying on my bed.

I picked her up, and laid her on my bed, placing her in the middle, where me an Sandy began sucking on her tits.

We sucked and licked Jenny’s breasts at the same time for a couple of minutes before Sandy began kissing down her ‘friend’s’ body, licking and kissing her navel for a few seconds before turning Jenny over, turned her around on the bed, having her lay from one side to the other, rather than from the head to foot of the.

Sandy then had Jenny get on her hands and knees while she got off the bed, and planted her face into the redhead’s backside.

Jenny moaned as Sandy began licking her pussy. My cock, still hard, needed to be put into a hole, so I got up on my knees, and got infront of her, my hard dick near her face.

I wasn’t sure if Jenny would do it, but she leaned forward without me even asking her to do so, and licked around the head of my cock several times before taking the head into her mouth, and slowly moves her lips up my shaft.

While Jenny is giving me a blowjob, Sandy continues to eat her, making her moan, and bringing her to another orgasm within minutes. Her moans radiated over my cock, causing me to release into her mouth.

I removed my cock from her mouth, and Jenny was breathing hard while trying to swallow the load I released into her mouth.

She wasn’t able to swallow all of my cum, and some of it, along with her saliva, fell onto my sheets. “Good thing it’s just the cover sheet,” I thought to myself as I watched Sandy crawl back on my bed a minute later, helped Jenny sit up on her knees, and began tongue kiss her.

I laid on the bed watching the two girls French kiss and swap my jizz from mouth to mouth. It was exciting to watch them, and it caused my cock to get hard again. I wanted to fuck one of them, but when they broke their kiss, Jenny turned to me and said, “I need to get back home.”

“Well, looks like that just leaves…” I thought to myself, but then Sandy spoke up after looking at my alarm clock, tell us, “yeah. I need to go home too.”

“Well, shit,” I thought as I got up and got the girls some wet paper towels, and a couple of cups of water so they could clean off, and rinse out my cum.

When I came back into my bedroom they were already in their underwear. I gave them the cups of water and and paper towels, and they washed down and cleaned off my cum. Once they were done doing this I kissed them both, and then lifted their bras to give their breasts a suck. First Sandy, and then Jenny.

Once I was done sucking the two girls tits I let the two finish getting dressed, with myself getting dressed as well.

“Ready girls?” I asked to two, with both of them responding, “ready.”

They both giggled at this, and Sandy asked Jenny, “by the way, Jenny, am I still your friend?”

Jenny gave her friend a deep kiss, and told her, “you’re not just my friend! You’re my girlfriend!”

Sandy smiled at this, and gave Jenny a hug before I escorted the two out my basement door, first making sure no neighbors were out to catch us.

Once we were down in the forest I kissed the two girls, and quickly lifted both of their shirts and bras, and gave their tits a couple of good sucks before kissing and licking their navels, covering them back up, and sending them home.

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