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Pedoring playtime

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Inspired by the stories of “Gracie” to share my own experiences.

Where I’m from there’s these things commonly known as “pedo rings” which is basically a group of middle aged men (sometimes younger) who groom underage girls to be raped and/or sold as sex slaves. The story I’m about to tell started when I was about 10/11 years old.
I was hanging around in a park with some friends when it started to rain and all my friends ran home, I myself was sat under a tree to keep dry because I lived further away. I was approached not too long later by a middle eastern man maybe in his 30’s/40’s. he had an umberella and he knelt down beside me to check I was ok. He offered to walk me home and I said I lived too far. He said he didn’t live far if I wanted to go with him and wait out the rain until I could go home later. (There was more to the conversation that I don’t remember) I walked with him to his house, it was dark inside and it wasn’t very well looked after. (Me going to a private school that didn’t teach sex Ed I had no idea what grooming was) I went inside and there was around half a dozen more men in there about the same age. The man I was with offered me a drink which I accepted, I drank it fairly quickly then started to feel light headed, I passed out just after I started to feel hands touching my legs and thighs.
I wasn’t out for long, but when I awoke I realised I’d been stripped naked, my eyes were covered and still I could tell it was a dark room, I could hear noises in the background which I now know to be porn (probably of me). My legs were sore, my pussy was sore and I could feel sticky stuff all over my body.
A man approached me and took off my blindfold, I began to cry and begged to go home. He told me I belonged with them and that I was their thing to play with. He immediately started touching me again, I tried to resist but he was too strong, he had his penis in his hand and it was hard, it looked huge in my opinion but it was probably 5/6″ long. He spread my legs open and rubbed his penis on me, before pushing inside all the way. I began to cry and realised what they had done while I was passed out.

(Sorry it’s not that exciting to begin with, I was too horny typing this up. If you’d like me to continue then leave some comments and maybe some feedback on things to include? I have other stories to share if anyone has a preference?) my discord is: DirtyGirl#6196 if anyone would like a private chat or anything.

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  • Reply John ID:5v8rtbdqk

    These people if you can tell them people they change my life.Howewer i go to phycologists and i give them the opinion that i was ok thanks to my rapers i become a very dark person,what i mean i start masturbate with the images of my rape in my mind,i had thoughts of my dad fucking me like that or me rape my young brother,i had see him many times nude and he has a ass dream for rape.
    I stay in masturbate and thoughts all this time hiding my dark self until i go to university,where with one other guy,we rape many hairless boys.

    • [email protected] ID:p9ae2uoii

      @John damn i bet your ass was a tight dream to rape full of cum! email me lets chat!

  • Reply John ID:5v8rtbdqk

    Years before when i was 8yearsold boy i fell victim of a similar group,,yes there are men that love rape little hairless boys in my countruy we had stories of founding dead boys in my age or younger the shock was that they were very wild rape.
    I remembere only to kidnap me while return to my house after school and when open my eyes founding myself in a half dark room but i nude with my belly in a bed and hands with handcufs and legs with rope tied in each side of bed my mounth free.Next thing was me scream loud and a man above me realy fucking my brains out with four other men around us nude stroke their cocks waiting their time and cameras filming the action,i cannot forget the noise of their balls hit in my ass,their laughs and tell me that i scream and cry as little girl.
    This finish with me open again my eyes and discovere myself in hospitar,doctors run to me and my family hug me strongly,They tell me that found me a homeless man in a narrow road nude and almost dead,i was intubated two months the doctors havent hopes for me to live,so my family and siblings were awaiting my death so it was a miracle.

  • Reply Psiberzerker ID:1fr6k6ud4

    Maybe “Pedoring Plaything” for part II?

  • Reply Rapeacat ID:61jw16s8l

    Ya share more story’s. I’d love to read them

  • Reply Matt ID:6d0f703qrk

    Pls, share all ur stories

  • Reply J ID:44zsnlywxia

    Great story, i sent you a friend request on discord 🙂