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Christina makes slim56’s fantasy come true like a hole in the wall

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Christina is trapped and bred inside a gloryhole by some older sexual deviant perverts .

My name is Christina and I’m 56 years old but I look 40 so I’m told , I’m petite and 5’2 with perky c cup tits and nice round pouty ass .I’m married to John Slim a wonderful guy . We have a great sex life and we also like to try different sexual adventures , my last one was when I was force fucked in a adult xxx theater by 10 guys while my husband was watching me and jerking off .

I’m wearing a black mini skirt with a pink and black V neck sweater over my white blouse with a small black ribbon tie and white tights and white lace panties with my 5 inch stiletto high heels.

I just got out of work and my husband texts me on my phone and said he would like to take me out when I get home. I was so excited to go out with him tonight, after a long day at work dealing with my boss feeling me up and dry humping me, when I was bent over putting legal documents in the file cabinet.

As I was walking to the bus stop , I was checking out the different stores and businesses .Then I came up to an establishment that had no windows and the business sign read in neon lighting
(Pound And Cum) .I was really curious so I opened the door and went inside , it was a sex store with walls full of porno videos and various sex toys and lubes of all types .There wasn’t many people in there as I walked around, when I heard a gruff voice behind me say, “Is there anything that I can help you with”! I turned around and saw an older guy about 65 years old with a full beard staring at me .

“Oh gosh no”!! “Thank you”!! I said . As he looked at me like a trapped fawn in the lions den.

Then I said , “I was just thinking of getting something for my husband , but I don’t see anything that will interest him .

“Well there is a lot more interesting things out back ,the shop is much bigger than you think”! As he pointed to the black double doors at the end of the store.

I wanted to get away from this sleaze ball as he’s checking out my white nylon wearing legs and mini skirt , so I walked quickly to the double doors as my 5 inch heels are echoing that come and fuck me sound through out the store . As I went through the doors. I saw lots of latex rubber suits and other sexy clothing hanging up .

So I walked down the long darkened corridor , the lighting wasn’t to good , the only light came from these small dimly lit lamps hanging from the ceiling.

I’ve been walking around for awhile, looking at sex toys and hearing some voices in the distance , then I looked at my watch and realized that I have been here for 20 minutes, so I hurried off back the way I came , turning down multiple dark corridors then realizing that I’m lost.

I walked a little bit longer as the sound of my 5 inch heels are echoing down the long dark corridors.
I looked for something that I might remember , but everything looked the same . As I kept walking , I came up to this shiny red door , it must be the back office, I should be able to find a employee to help me I thought to myself .

I knocked on the door but there was no answer, I pulled on the handle but the door wouldn’t open , I noticed an electric lock on the side of the door . As I looked at it there is a keypad so I decided to punch in 2,4,6,8, and the lock clicked open . I pulled on the handle and the door opened , then I walked into the room saying , “Hello can someone help me”!! “I’m lost”!!! but the room was empty so I turned back and the door automatically closed and locked itself .

There was no handle on this side of the door or keypad , I was trapped in this poorly lit room . I started to panic as I banged on the door and yelled out for help . I frantically looked around the room, when I noticed a large hole in the middle of the wall , large enough for me to crawl through .

I looked through the hole but all that I can see is darkness , but there is definitely a room on the other side .

“Hello”!! I called out meekly . Once again there was no reply . I could have sworn that I heard footsteps in that dark room . I looked inside the hole and it is fully padded all the way around with soft leather .

I was thinking that this is my only way out , so I bent over and attempted to crawl through the hole. My waist is almost half way through when the padded wall above me suddenly clamps down around me , there is a clicking sound, then there was silence.

I squirmed and struggled trying to pull my waist and ass through the hole but I can’t move .

I’m locked in place and trapped .I’m trying to remain calm as I look around but there is just a black wall
directly in front of me . I touched the wall and felt a small hole directly in front of my mouth , I put my fingers through the hole and felt around but I found nothing .

Now I’m trapped in there on my tummy with my white nylon tights covered ass suspended in the air as I kick my lower legs with my spiked heels up and down . About three minutes go by when I hear the door that I went through behind me opened up with a click then shut again .

I called out pleading for help, but there was no reply . Then with out any warning I felt two strong hands grab my black mini skirt and pulled it up to my waist exposing my white lace panties and white nylon tights covered ass .

In a terrified voice I yelled , “OH GOD WHAT ARE YOU DOING”!! “PUT MY SKIRT BACK DOWN”!!

Then he pulls my white lace panties all the way down to my white nylon covered ankles , my eyes are wide open in shock and fear not knowing what this guy wants to do to me, as I can not turn around and see who’s behind me and he puts his fingers on my white nylon covered pussy and starts finger banging my now very wet unprotected pussy through the nylon fabric of my tights while I’m trying to hold in my moan .

I’m so worried what’s happening to my ass, that I didn’t notice a big thick rock hard veiny cock shoot through that small hole in front of my mouth , until I felt it resting on my lips .

My eyes are wide open in fear as I’m staring at this big, reddish, purple, throbbing cockhead in front of me while large amounts of dripping precum is seeping through my lips . There is no fucking way that I’m sucking some strange guy’s cock !!

“Oh my god’! But I’m helpless, all that I can do is watch as he pulls his cock back readying for another cock thrusting attempt, my teeth are clenched tight ,ready to block his cock intrusion into my mouth .

Then just as that big scary looking cock thrusted towards me for a third time , I suddenly felt those two hands behind me, ripped my tights open causing my ass cheeks to burst out through my white nylon fabric of my torn tights and go into my wet pussy as I let out a loud shriek , “OOHHHH”!!! “OHH MY GOD NO”!!!

Then as if it was planned, that thick, veiny, reddish, purple, monster cock successfully penetrated my mouth and slid smoothly into my now gaping mouth as I let out a muffled moaning sound ,

“MMmmmmmphh”!!! “MMmmmmphh”!!! “Gluuuccckk”!!!! “Mmmmmmphh”!! “Gluuuuucckkk”!!!!!

As he begins to fuck my throat and my eyes are bulging out with tears running down my face .

My moaning sounds that I’m making are now muffled by his big thick cock lodged deep into my mouth
as I’m trying to yell and scream. while my tongue is swirling around so I can try to talk, but the movement of my very wet tongue and salivating mouth seems to really excite him more as his thrusting cock is getting faster, as I feel his cock expanding bigger .

I’m completely helpless and trapped, while his cock is going back and fourth picking up speed as he’s fucking my mouth .All the while the person behind me is fingerbanging me, while his tongue is licking and sucking out my sweet pussy juices from my torn nylon fabric of my tights and pussy.

At this point I was sucking on his cock with my warm mouth without even realizing it, licking the cockhead with my tongue as I’m taking it deep down my throat .With no warning I felt his cock pulsate so l tried to move away, but it was to late and with a grunt a very thick load of cum exploded into my tiny mouth . I let out another muffled moan , “MMMmmmmphh”!! “Gluucckk”!! “MMmmmmmph”!!!!

As the fingers in my pussy continue to twist and turn, then go back and fourth fingerbanging me as I cum and moaned out like I have never done before , “MMMMmmmmmmmphh”!!! “MMmmmmmphh”!!!

The huge cock has pulled out of my mouth and vanishes back through the black hole that it came from .

The left over sperm that’s in my mouth drips out of my mouth and down my chin as I let out a couple of deep breaths as those two thick fingers are pulled out from inside my pussy .I can feel my pussy juices run down my white nylon covered thighs .

As I tried looking behind me. I’m trying to locate some way to free myself from the wall , some type of lever or switch .

Suddenly I hear something that really scares me and causes me to freeze still , the sound of a zipper lowering behind me . I begin to twist and turn in panic, as I’m kicking my lower white nylon covered legs and heels up and down as I’m yelling out , “LET ME GO”!! “GET ME THE FUCK OUT OF HERE”!!


My pleas went unanswered as 2 very strong hands grip onto my white nylon covered waist and my ass is pulled up and held in place as I’m still squirming and struggling and screaming out ,”


Oh my god. I can feel the tip of his big raw cockhead pushing against my wet swollen pussy lips, as his cock opens it up and expands my 56 year old pussy beyond its limits, as my eyes are wide open and my eyelids are fluttering very fast, as I can feel his huge, thick cock, stretching my pussy apart and completely filling me up . I gasped loudly as his hunk of meat makes its way into my soaking wet pussy , he keeps pushing it deeper and deeper into my pussy as I feel myself go limp . As I yelp ,


Then he takes his hand and grabs my waist and pulls me upright.

Then I hear a familiar soft voice whisper , “Happy to help”!! My eyes widened ,realizing whose big nasty cock is in my pussy , and now my pussy is wrapped around and constricting it very tight .

Before I even have time to respond to this nasty perverted sicko , he rams me hard with his big, thick cock into my soaking wet pussy and begins fucking and pounding me , with every hard thrust he’s picking up speed slamming me harder and harder each time .

I’m breathing and panting very hard . I can hear his big low hanging balls slapping and banging really loud against my white nylon encased ass, causing red welt marks underneath my tights ,as the sound of his balls slapping me are echoing through out the room behind me, and the hole that I’m trapped in as I’m squealing and yelping out , “OH MY GOD NO”! “OH MY GOD NO”! “OH GOD”! “OH GOD NO”!!



I’m moaning and squealing uncontrollably sounding like a little girl as I’m being raped and pounded . I hate to admit it but I’m in ecstasy and I didn’t notice a new cock slide through the hole in front of me .

This time I didn’t resist, I took that cock straight into my mouth and began sucking and licking it like it was my cherry red lollypop .


I hear the guy behind the front wall yell and moan out as I completely deepthroat his cock for his first time .The room was filled with loud wet noises as two strange men used me from both ends .

They developed the perfect rhythm as one pulls his cock out of my mouth the other guy rams his cock all the way deep into my pussy , my knees are getting weak while I’m moaning on the second guys cock as I’m orgasming on the cock that’s in my pussy.

A few seconds later the guy behind me thrusted his cock really hard and deep into me that I felt him shoot his huge hot sperm load deep into my womb .

I let out a muffled moan , “MMMmmmmmphh”!!!!!!!! “MMMmmmmphh”!!!!!!!

I felt him spurting out more and more sperm up inside me, while I worked my oral magic on the large cock that is currently buried in my throat and covered in my saliva .

I can hear his heavy breathing from behind the wall in front of me and without warning he drove his cock down my throat as my eyes bulged out with tears running down my face as the other guys cock is still twitching and pumping sperm into my pussy .

I happily swallowed all his cum as it flowed thickly down my gullet as once again that cock disappeared behind the wall again and the cock that’s in my pussy is also pulled out of me as I can hear the guys zipper going up .

I can hear the doors open and close again and now there’s silence .

I’m now standing up with my upper body still stuck by that clamping device inside the padded hole and if it wasn’t for me stuck in the hole in the wall I would have collapsed , I can feel sperm dripping out of my married pussy and leaking into and on top of my white tights , some of the sperm has dripped onto my black stiletto high heels .

I really feel like a whore now and look like one , then I heard the sound of footsteps from behind me and with no warning some guy rammed his cock all the way into my pussy again as I shrieked out making little girlish yelping sounds , “OHH”! “OHH”! “OHH”! “OHH”! “OHH”! “OHH”! “OHH”! “OHH”!!

Oh my god ! his cock was longer than the other guys , and it felt like it was curved upwards as he pounded and banged the hell out of me with it, while I was moaning and squealing , then my pussy constricted around his cock and started cumming all over it as I orgasmed and squirted all over it .


As I came and squirted all over his cock , he blew his entire load deep into my womb and didn’t stop doggy fucking me until he completely emptied his balls into me . He gave me one more thrust and slapped my white nylon encased ass very hard as he pulled out and I yelped , “OHHH MY”!!!!!

Then he said after he pulled his cock out of me , “OH FUCK YEAH”!!!! “YOUR THE BEST PIECE OF ASS I’VE EVER HAD”!!!!

Then I heard him open the door and leave the room , then within about 7 seconds there was a click and the clamping wall that trapped and held me in place rose up freeing my now stiff and limp 56 year old body. I collapsed backwards onto the hard black filthy floor , while a big thick load of sperm from about 4 or 5 guys dribbled and leaked out of my married pussy and onto the cold black floor .

As a dim light flicked on. I can now see the door where I came from , I pulled up my cum soaked white lace panties from around my ankles up tight against my pussy hoping to slow down the leaking sperm that’s coming out from my pussy.

I wiped the sperm off my face with the sleeves of my white blouse , my hair is a mess and full of sperm to , and as I look down, my beautiful, luxurious, Waldron, white tights are ripped and full of thick white sperm ,and my stiletto heels have sperm drippings all over them .

No wonder I look like this I thought to myself , I have been raped and gangbanged and used as a cumdump .

I opened the door and began making my way out of this store of rape , I was still lost, only this time I’m limping from the rough and brutal, raping gangbanging that I got, while trapped and bent over in that hole in the wall .

I finally found my way back to those twin doors I came in from , I looked around the store and it’s empty except for that large 65 year old sleazy pervert guy, with the full beard who greeted me when I first came in . I didn’t look at him as I walked as quickly that I could, while limping and my sexy heel tips are making that click clacking come and fuck me sound and as I left, he has a big smile on his face and called out to me , “I HOPE YOU FOUND EVERYTHING YOU NEEDED AND GOT”!!!!!!!

I turned as my cheeks are flushed scarlet and said to him , “I know it was you that trapped me in that contraption device inside the wall so you could rape me”!!! “JUST YOU WAIT MISTER WHEN I TELL MY HUSBAND WHAT YOU DID TO ME”!!!!!!!!

As I stormed out of there, I gave him the middle finger and took a taxi home and thank god my husband John Slim wasn’t there yet, so I could strip off my cum drenched clothes and take a long hot shower and douche my pussy to remove all of the filth that’s inside my very swollen pussy , then I will have to get an E.P.T. kit in a few days to see if I’m impregnated , I hope Slim still loves me after I enjoyed that unpredicted gangbang rape I got inside a gloryhole !!! “I really love you my sweetheart Slim56 from your sexy loving wife Christina”!!


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  • Reply Lilly hawkins ID:2jp1o7boi9

    Damn so jealous! Amazing

    • horny guy ID:5azzgw209

      whats your email?

  • Reply DarkAction ID:2nhjk8549k

    Oh to be Slim56, you lucky guy. Britney you are a great writer and a great fuck I would venture. If I lived on the same continent I would be tracking you down to get your love juices flowing. Keep the stories coming xx

  • Reply Slim56 ID:1e32x0bcb75j

    Another great story for me Britney, I want to thank you for writing these stories and allowing me to fullfill my fantasies through your words. The way you tell the stories it is as if you have experience with how they play out. I do have other ideas for my wife’s adventures but I know you have other stories of your own you want to write. I will continue to read and love your stories and let you know whe Christina wants to go on another adventure. Slim56

  • Reply Emma.H ID:jtp3mrdfqb4

    Beautiful once again, you have a talent with putting words together and getting me wet again, I usually read your stories twice as I love them and pleasing myself at the same time, love you 🥰💖🌹🌹take care Emma from Australia