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A twelve year-old girl fostered with a family, a student photographer with more than photos on his mind….Both have fantasies and plans….

Rikki had fancied her, been struck by her, the minute he had set eyes on her four years ago when she was eight years old. Nothing wrong with that, he reasoned, she was just another foster-kid that Mom and dad had brought into the home. Some kids stayed a few weeks, others, like, Cheri, stayed for years. A year on, as a nine year-old with a sassy attitude , she had drawn the eye of both Rikki, then seventeen, and his dad. Maybe mom too; why not? Maybe they took her in because she was sweet and quiet (then), and maybe because everyone knew she would grow into a beauty. Blond-haired, light blue eyes, pretty snub nose, long tanned legs: she ticked all the boxes. And, like the rest of the family living out there on the Iowa ranch, Cheri seemed to have no inhibitions. From the first summer there, she would wander around in just a pair of shorts, her little tits – already defined by the age of nine – drawing the eye of everyone. More than once Rikki noticed a bulge in the old man’s jeans, noticed a yearning look in mom’s eyes. “She’s gonna be some fuck”, Rikki thought to himself, “And it’s me who’s gonna fuck her one day. My old man can fuck the whores in town (like he’s been doing for years), Mom can keep her bisexual fantasies to herself, but Cheri’s cunt’s gonna feel my cock first.” In response to those thoughts, his cock duly responded. Damn it, he got hard just thinking about the girl; the fucking little girl. That fuckable little girl with blond hair and piercing blue eyes that always seemed to be saying “Go on then, I dare you”.
By the age of twelve Cheri knew she had a growing sexual power over the family, and enjoyed flirting and teasing. Although, maybe because, her breasts were growing fast and taking a beautiful shape, she never wore a bra on the ranch. She would lean forward over the table in her loose white top to give Rikki a clear view of her breasts, her growing areolas, her stand-out little nipples. And Rikki drank it in. He couldn’t get enough of her. Through a slit in the bathroom door he would watch her, a twelve year old girl with the body of a fifteen year old, take a shower while he furiously jerked himself off. Just like his mom had many a time watched him take a shower and rubbed her wet clit till she moaned quietly to herself. Her fantasy was to be fucked by her own teenage son, feel herself being ramrodded by her own son’s big firm cock: her son’s fantasy was to fuck a twelve year old girl. His dad had wanted to fuck Cheri when he first set eyes on her, an eight year old beauty who stirred his failing cock in a way that his wife no longer could. Clearly no rules applied here. Clearly Cheri had, put mildly, stirred things up.
From the age of eleven Cheri had been given a monthly allowance. Twenty dollars wasn’t much to shout about, but it allowed her to buy cigarettes from the guy at the corner store who didn’t care about her age just so long as the cops weren’t around. But more would always be welcome for her, as Rikki well knew. Now just turned twenty, Rikki attended art college where he studied photography (“fucking waste of time and tax-payers’ fucking money,” his father had observed) and dealt weed. The former he managed to complete assignments on time for, the latter provided him a hidden income that his father would have killed for: or more likely, killed him for. Whatever, Rikki had dollar bills. And he knew their potential purchasing power for his “baby fuck-doll”, as he now liked to think of Cheri.
“Hey, Cheri!” he called to her across the yard one hot July morning. Cheri, in pussy-hugging tight blue denim shorts and a yellow shirt that was too big for her but suited her well because she could admire her own tits which invariably turned her on, called back: “Hey, what?”
“Come here!” he called again. “Got sompin to put to you.”
Cheri squinted at him as he leant against a fence-post with the morning sun behind him. He looked pleased with himself, which he was for two reasons. One, he had a plan, and two, the folks were away in town and wouldn’t be home till late. Just him and this little sex kitten. Hence he was feeling pleased with himself.
She walked over. “Yeah? What?”
“I need to do portrait photos for my college portfolio, and I need to practise. I was thinking I’d do a shoot of you, if you’d let me. You’d be my model.”
“Models get paid,” Cheri replied quickly.
“Yeah. So, here’s the deal. A series of you dressed as you are and I’ll give you ten dollars. Wear that little new bikini you were showing off the other day and I’ll double it. Twenty dollars.”
A whole month’s extra allowance! And she could show herself off in that pretty pink and green patterned bikini, just tied at the sides with string. Show off her body. Show it to the boy that for more than a year now she had fantasies about in bed, when her fingers played over her clitoris and slipped into her warm little cunt.
“Fuck yeah, deal!” she replied. “Pay me now though,” she added. Without further ado, Rikki produced two ten dollar bills from a roll of notes in his back pocket and gave them to her.
“So, go get changed and I’ll see you at the back door,” he said. Private there. Out of the view of anyone coming up the drive.
Five minutes later Cheri appeared through the glass French windows at the back of the house. Rikki was waiting there, camera on tripod. “Gee fuck,” he muttered to himself as he gazed on her almost naked body, save for the little pink and green patterned bra that barely covered her small breasts, with just a thin pink thread connecting the two bra cups, and the bikini bottom that was held in place just by two pieces of pink side-string. Her bare stomach, her bare thighs, her almost exposed breasts: it was a vision almost too exciting for Rikki, and he was glad the camera was on a tripod. That girl, that nearly-naked twelve year-old bombshell, was guaranteed camera-shake otherwise.
“How do you want me?” Cheri asked.
“Stand in the doorway there,” he replied, still fixated on the cups of her breasts. Ok, look sassy, look hot. Bend that leg a little, move your hips just a bit.”
Click. Click click. Zoom the lens in. “Yeah, wow, hold that pose. Push your tits out a bit more.” The lens zoomed in on the bra in response to her movement. “Fuck, that’s hot Cheri!”, he couldn’t help exclaiming. The range of vision lowered, closed in on the bikini bottoms, cut away daringly to just about cover her cunt, designed to be ripped off in an instant. “Now push your pussy forward…yeah, just like that.” Click click click.
Cheri felt good, felt wanted in that moment, felt sexy, felt powerful. Sure, Rikki gave the orders, but she felt in control. Without him asking, she turned to her side profile.
“Fuck yeah,” he purred. “Lift your leg up, rest your foot…yeah, just like that. Fuck Cheri, you’re a goddam natural at this!” Click click click. Sun beating down on her bare skin, the girl getting provocative as now she slipped her fingers under the bikini string and looked directly at the camera with her “naughty girl” face. The camera clicked repeatedly as image after image of her body was recorded. All Rikki could think of was cumming all over her flat stomach, her pert little breasts, on her face, in her hair. Triggered by those thoughts, his cock hardened in his pants to the point where it wanted to burst out. Cheri noticed the bulge, and so pushed her tight ass and pert breasts out as far as she could. Playing with him. Who’s in control now, big boy?
Rikki made his next move. “Say, how ‘bout if we take things…up a gear? Y’ know, real glamour modelling?” Cheri moved from the doorway and approached him.
“You mean you want to see my tits and pussy?” Cheri was good at direct questions.
“Yeah, sure.” Rikki was good at honest answers. “I’ll pay you. How ‘bout an extra twenty dollars?”
“Thirty,” the young business-woman replied. Twenty plus thirty equals a good morning’s work, she thought to herself. “That’s fifty for the whole shoot. Yeah I’ll do that; but not a dollar less.”
“Deal,” said Rikki as he pulled out the wad of dollar bills and handed her thirty. Cheri took the money and disappeared inside to stow it safely. When she returned, Rikki could see that she had already untied the back if her bikini top, with the pink shoulder straps starting to hang loose. She was ready.
“Wow, Cheri, you are one hot girl, fucking hot. Ok, so just slip the straps off” (click click) “and, yeah, just like that, now take the top off and hold it out…yeah, fuck, just like that (rapid clicks).
Rikki had the zoom lens focused up close on Cheri’s naked breasts. Already well-defined, gently pointy-shaped and with soft pink areolas. Nipples he wanted to gently bite and suck on. Breasts he wanted to suck hard on and completely enclose in his hungry mouth. He zoomed out, clicking constantly, to frame her now side-on, naked save for the string-tied bikini bottoms, as she still held the bikini bra in her right hand and now looked at the camera, pouting her lips provocatively.
“Sling it,” he said, and she duly threw it back through the open door onto the floor. “Now just pose as you want. Push your tits out – yeah, fuck, amazing, just like that,” he gasped, as his cock almost hurt in its constraint inside his pants. God, he loved the shape of her breasts, still small, but beautifully angled and shaped. The camera clicked relentlessly as she moved her body around, rubbing one leg gently over the other, running her hands up over her stomach, up and round her breasts, then over them, opening her fingers to expose her hardened nipples through them. Ass pushed back. A smile, a sexy pout. Hands now running through her blond hair. Then back down over her breasts, down to her hips, then resting playfully on the bikini strings on either side. Pink strings, hanging down in bows. Fingers running through the bows, enticing, provoking.
Rikki couldn’t contain his excitement. “Oh baby, you are fucking beautiful. I wanna lick you all over…”
“Hey, you ain’t being very professional, are you?” Cheri taunted back at him. She delighted in how she had turned him on; had him at boiling point.
“Ok,” said Rikki, attempting to calm himself down, at least for a few seconds, “C’mon, let’s go for it. Take it off.”
Cheri’s right hand gripped the loose end of the bikini string, and very slowly pulled. Rikki just watched as the bow slowly dissolved and the side of her bikini came undone. She let go, but the pink and green material just dropped slightly to one side. Her cunt remained covered – just. Now he looked through the lens again, focused in on the strip show in front of him and pressed the shutter repeatedly as now Cheri’s left hand repeated the action of the right. As the left bow dissolved, the bikini bottom then fell away, exposing her cunt fully. She kicked the item away, and stood there, completely naked. She rested her hands on her thighs and looked at him.
“Like it, huh? Like my pussy?”
“Oh fuck yeah. Fucking perfect.” He could barely speak.
Through the lens Rikki closed in on the outline of soft hair that surrounded her gently protruding pink cunt lips. It was darker than her blond hair, darker, enticing. “Fuck,” he repeated quietly. He had never seen anything more beautiful, never felt so aroused. The lens pulled out to show the full profile of a fully naked twelve year-old girl. He took dozens and then more dozens of pictures of Cheri in full naked profile. And as he did so, she relaxed into what she was doing. Felt excited, aroused: aroused in a way she had not felt before.
“Ok babe,” said Rikki, “I want you lying on the floor on your ass, legs spread wide. Yeah, like that.”
As she lay there, Rikki dropped to his knees and then lay flat on his stomach between her legs. Close up, he could now really focus on photographing her cunt. Zoom in on those pink lips. Click click click.
“Ok,” he added with a slight tremor to his voice, “Now get your fingers to work, pull those lips wide for me. Yeah, rub that little clit, yeah, like that. Wow, baby we’re goin’ hardcore!” And like a professional glamour model who had been doing it for years, Cheri obliged. Fingers pulling her lips open, exposing her pink little clitoris; her sensitive, ready to detonate clitoris. A finger gently rubbing over and round it, silvering her cunt with moisture. The lens zoomed in, picking out every sticky detail, every dark hair not just developing on her mound, but whisping around her reddening cunt lips. The relentless click of the shutter: over a hundred frames now. The pressure of Rikki’s cock in his pants: the bulge that Cheri couldn’t take her eyes off. The excitement they both felt.
Rikki eased back and put the camera aside. Its work was done.
“Go get the cushions off the sunlounger and put them close to the French window,” he ordered. “I think it’s time for us to…play.”
“Play?” Cheri replied. “D’ya mean fuck? Ya wanna fuck me?” She stood up, and then added, “Cos I want you to fuck me.” She stood provocatively in front of him, hands on hips, hips thrust forward. Given that she was a regular watcher of porn, had been since she was nine, had learnt to masturbate to porn using her hairbrush first, then a courgette that stretched and thrilled her (and then amused her at dinner as she watched it being cut up, cooked and eaten); she knew what was coming. She wanted to feel him thrust his big hard cock inside her: thrill her even more. She moved her hands from her hips to her small breasts, rubbing them slowly, provocatively, then pulling and squeezing her nipples. “Yeah, take me and fill me right up.”
She turned, walked over to the sunlounger, bent over with her legs slightly apart so that Rikki could admire her ass and cunt from a new angle, held the pose for his benefit, then picked up the long cushion that covered it. “Fuck!” breathed Rikki in admiration. “You are one fucking sexy young bitch of a girl!” he exclaimed to her as she walked back. “Yeah, course I wanna fuck you, you delicious little bitch! You’re old enough now,” he added, knowing full well that she wasn’t. But that added so much more to the excitement.
As Cheri positioned the cushion on the floor, Rikki kicked off his shoes and then rapidly tore off his t-shirt, pants and underpants, leaving him as naked as she was. His cock sprang rigidly to attention.
“Can you take that in your hot wet pussy?” he said, cupping his balls in his hand so that his cock stood out even further.
She gazed both appreciatively and apprehensively at it. “Yeah. Stretch me wide, big boy!” she replied. How many times had she fantasised this moment? Many. Was he too big for her though? Only one way to find out.
“On your knees. Now stretch forward and put your hands against the glass and lift your ass up,” he ordered. Cheri, the good porn model, duly obliged. Without being asked, she opened her legs wide for him. She could feel the sticky, glistening wetness from her cunt that Rikki could see. She was ready for him; every year of her twelve years was ready for him.
But what happened next she wasn’t expecting. Instead of feeling his hard cock probing her wet cunt lips, she first felt his hands pulling her ass cheeks apart as far as they would go, then felt his finger run through her cunt lips and back to her asshole, and then felt his tongue, followed by his face pressed against her ass. Rikki pressed his face deep into the valley of her ass cheeks; licking the delicious sticky wet pre-cum from her cunt, then slowly running his tongue back so that it settled on the puckered pink button of her asshole. Now lick lick replaced click click as he savoured the new flavour. Fuck, this girl tasted so good, even (as he stretched two fingers inside her buttonhole, opening it a little), even (as his tongue probed the edge of the darkness of the opening) her asshole. Hmmm. His tongue probed around the rim of her anus, then probed inwards: delicious in a dirty, filthy way. He now ran his hands round to the front of her stretched body, up over her ribs to her small, deliciously hanging breasts; which he squeezed and gently pulled to stretch them. Cheri moaned quietly as his fingers ran over her hard nipples. It felt better him doing it than her.
And then he mounted her from behind. He pushed gently so that her obliging cunt lips stretched a little to accept him, and as he watched the glans of cock disappear inside her, he pushed harder. Cheri whispered “Fuck yeah, harder…”as she felt his cock stretch her cunt wider than it had ever been before. This was it, what she had wanted for years now, since she had first been aroused by porn. The thrust, the thrust of a cock deep inside her now, pushing her towards the glass of the door. She watched her reflection, her small breasts fondled and squeezed by the reflected image of Rikki looming over her. God, she felt good, as Rikki’s rhythmic, accelerating action moved her to and fro, close to the glass of the French window.
With sweat glistening all over his body, Rikki then eased back and withdrew from her. “Stand up now,” he ordered. “Turn around. Now suck all your pussy juice off my cock. Make it noisy, you sexy fucking slut bitch.”
She took that as a compliment, sank to her knees on the cushion and enclosed her lips over the glistening wet cock before her. Her own pre-cum juice tasted so good, so sweet. Taking him deeper, she slurped and sucked noisily.
“Fuck yeah, that’s good. Keep it going,” he gasped. Her lips and mouth engulfed his cock, and now he pressed her harder with his hands on the back of her head. “Faster,” he ordered. He was moving her now in and out almost faster than she could bear. Pulling away, she gasped for air. Rikki stood with his legs wide apart, his pulsing cock rigid at an angle. A long thread of pre-cum mingled with Cheri’s saliva and hung glistening in the sunlight. “Lick that off. Eat it,” he said. “I’m gonna blow my load down your throat any second, so take that as a starter.”
Cheri’s tongue curled around the long glistening thread, and as she moved back slightly the thread stretched with her. She was fascinated. Finally it broke into a long, hanging thread. She slurped it all into her mouth and then licked the remaining clear goo from the tip of his cock. She looked up at him expectantly, her tongue running seductively over her teeth. Rikki watched in delight as she then slowly ran a finger over her wet cunt. She was taking him to exploding point.
“Ok baby, open your mouth again. I’m cummin in. Take me deep and wank me with your mouth. Go hard, you sexy little bitch.”
Knowing what to do now, Cheri obliged. A fast learner. Suddenly she felt his cock swell slightly, felt Rikki arch his back, heart him grunt, then felt spurt after spurt of cum filling her mouth: creamy, salty, warm thick cum. She pulled away as she could barely breathe, in time for one final spurt to splatter across her nose and cheek. She ran the spunk around her mouth, and then like the good novice porn-star that she had become, swallowed it with a gulp. Then for good measure she collected the last spurt of cum from across her face on her fingers, and noisily sucked them clean.
“You are one fucking hot bitch,” said Rikki admiringly. “If you’re like this now, how you gonna be in two years’ time? Gee, I’m gonna fuck you a hundred times by the time you’re fourteen, Cheri.”
Cheri wiped her fingers over her shining breasts. “Suits me. But it’ll cost you!” she replied. With her young cunt still feeling the stretch of Rikki’s cock, and with the taste of his cum still in her mouth, she wandered back into the house, picked up her bikini and headed – still beautifully naked – to her room to count out her fifty dollars. She felt good, really good. And out on the patio Rikki put his clothes back on, picked up his camera and started flicking through the images. Whole profiles of Cheri in bikini, then topless, then naked. Close-ups of her breasts, of her cunt, of her cunt and ass: all so beautiful. It had been a good morning for both of them: both had had fantasies fulfilled, Cheri had fifty dollars, and Rikki a hundred precious photographs. “Result!” she thought as she flicked through the dollar bills. “Result!” he thought as he flicked through his photographs. Two winners, no losers.

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