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Chapter 6: Rough Fucker

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Anal assault on Jaycee. And I make it hurt

It had been 2 weeks since I made love to Marcy, finally, after 4 years of going steady, I was able to take her ‘cherry’ and it was amazing. She bled more than any other virgin I’d ‘popped’. I loved watching her blood drip from her tight vagina, slowly down the crack of her ass and intermingling with her pussy juice. The pleasure I got when I pulled my meat out after ejaculating, was intense. Her ‘cream’ and my spilling seed, was a brilliant pink color now, because of the blood. That vision I will never forget

There wasn’t a day, that Marcy and I didn’t make love. And on one day, I attempted to sodomize her. She was intrigued by having my thick meat inside her rectum, or as she put it…. Her “poop chute”, but it was a difficult fit and her back injury, made it extremely uncomfortable. No matter what position we tried, it wasn’t working. Hell, at one point, I did manage to get the bulbous head of my cock in and even though she enjoyed that, the pressure was too much for her back.

We both were frustrated, but the love, and sex, never waivered. One day, Marcy caught me looking at her little sister, Jaycee, and staring right at her ass. Jaycee, if you readers remember, is 14 and I popped her ‘cherry’ before Marcy’s, not out of love, but because I was pissed at Marcy. Jaycee was one of the very few who got away without having my meat, being buried deep inside her rectum. I missed out on feeling her sphincter ‘pop’, like when you triple wrap a rubber band, take two fingers and spread it apart. It holds tightly, fighting back against the pressure, gets to a certain point and, still tight, weakens just enough to fluidly expand all at once.

“What the fuck!?” Marcy asked. “You take Jaycee’s cherry before mine and now, now you want her poop chute before me being the first for that? You’re sadly mistaken”. And with that, we were heading to the bedroom. Jaycee just watched as Marcy grabbed my hand, pulled me from the couch where we were making out and pulled me along. As we walked by Jaycee, Marcy made a snide comment at her sister. “Not going to be the first for this, you little tramp!”. I made a ‘thrusting’ gesture with my hips, directed towards Jaycee and pointed at her ass.

Upon entering her room, Marcy undressed immediately, exposing her beautiful thin, lean body. Marcy was lean, skinny if you will, and had, well still does to this day, a nice round ass. Normally, I like girls thick, like a softball or soccer player, type of thick. But when I met Marcy 4 years ago, I fell in love. Butterflies in your stomach type of love. Still do, 44 years later and we’re still together. Anyway, Marcy laid over her bed, face down and spread her legs wide, one on each side of the corner of her bed. “Vaseline. Bathroom. Now!”, was all she said.

I rushed to the bathroom, passing Jaycee without notice, grabbed the Vaseline and returned fast, again passing Jaycee who was standing in the bedroom doorway, staring at her naked sister and her exposed position. I didn’t even close the door. Their parents we’re in Anaheim, if I best recall, and wouldn’t be back for a few hours. Plus, I was hoping Jaycee would stay. Watch. Get turned on and allow me to not only fuck her again, but also intrigue her into anal sex.

I got out of my clothes fast, except for my deck shoes. Marcy too, only had her ‘Chucks’ on. Something hot about fucking with shoes on. Anyway, I spread Marcy’s quivering ass cheeks apart, applied a small amount of the slick stuff to her butthole, put some on my cock and stroked it midway down the shaft. Figured there would be enough between us, to get it to the base of my shaft. Besides, to much lube and you miss out on the beauty of anal sex. To much of the slick stuff and it just glides smoothly, back and forth. I liked the tight dragging, as the anus grabs and sucks the cock inward, even if the girl is trying to push you back out. Just enough lube to get it in and not tear anything. That’s what I like about anal sex.

I rubbed the tip of my cock, rock hard as ever, against her balloon knot, pressed hard against it and BAMM! In went the head. Marcy let out an “OH MY FUCKING GOD”, followed by “PULL IT OUT, PULL IT OUT! BABY, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PULL IT OUT!”. Her pleading, crying and tears went unnoticed. I methodically proceeded to assault her asshole, finally shoving deep inside her and all the way to my balls.

I didn’t fuck Marcy hard in the ass, like all the other girls, including my ‘grab n fucks’, but she was definitely getting a good grinding and pounding. Jaycee remained in the doorway, watching me intently fuck her big sisters asshole, her left hand held fast to the door frame, as her right hand was buried inside her crotch, working that sweet little snatch of her’s. I looked back and forth at each of them, making eye contact with Jaycee when her eyes weren’t closed. I kept Marcy’s head positioned towards the wall, so she wouldn’t see her sister watching us. That would not have had a positive outcome.

Jaycee fell to her knees. Tears ran down her eyes as she played with her snatch. I saw her mouth open and I quickly made the ‘finger over mouth’ gesture, indicating for her to be quiet. The closer I saw Jaycee was getting to an orgasm, the faster and more intense my thrusts got for Marcy’s ass. With the exception of light grunts, Marcy was quiet and her body was limp. She gave up a long time ago with making any attempts, to have me pull out.

25 minutes after I initially started the anal assault on my girls rectum, I shot my load. Hard. Deep. Rough. Just like I did when I raped, or just fucked, other girls. I pulled my meat out in a fast motion, causing Marcy’s body to stiffen and lurch. I spanked both ass cheeks hard and said, “How was that? Did you enjoy my cock in there as much as you thought?”. Marcy raised up a bit, smiled and crawled up onto the bed. “Baby” , she said, “I love you! Fuck, that hurt like hell, but I so want it again”. She then fell asleep, with her legs spread apart and my seed draining from her puckered, pulsating anus.

I passed Jaycee in the hallway, as I went to get a wash cloth to put under Marcy’s leaking asshole. After placing it under Marcy, I returned to the bathroom, my cock still hard and in need of a good washing. Jaycee was there, sitting on the tub and looking like I had just fucked the shit out of her. She remained quiet. Just watching as I scrubbed my cock nice and clean. The phone rang and she rushed to answer it. Upon returning, she said “That was our mom. They’re going to be a couple hours late”. I smiled, said “good” and in one fluid motion, pushed Jaycee to her knees.

Jaycee immediately went to work sucking my cock. I stood there, my hands on my hips, watching her little 14 year old mouth work my cock. The slurping noise she made was intense, as well as how her hand rolled my ballsack. I pulled her up by the hair, checked to make sure Marcy was still asleep and then dragged her like a caveman would, down the hall and into her room. As she sucked on my cock some more, I whispered “Jaycee, I’m not only going to fuck your snatch, but I am going fuck your asshole as well. Go get the Vaseline. Now! “. She did as I told her to.

When she returned, I could tell she was scared. Not about getting fucked again by me, but by me fucking her butthole. “Put some on your butthole now, and only on your butthole. You’re snatch is probably already wet from playing with yourself”. She put only a small amount of the slick stuff on her anus, which definitely she should have used more, but I wasn’t going to tell her that. I shoved her briskly onto the bed, threw her legs apart and chowed down on her tight, soaking wet pussy.

Apparently, she had not showered today and between that, the heat of the day and her playing with herself while watching me fuck her sister, made for an awesome, musky aroma. The taste and smell wasn’t offensive and if anything, promoted a primal response from me. My cock started to dribble, as my tongue worked its magic. Her head moved from side to side, her hands clutched the sheets and her pelvis moved up and down. I couldn’t hold back anymore and my cock ejaculated onto her bed and right calf.

Jaycee’s body shook violently, as she had her 2nd orgasm within a 30 minute period. The 1st from her own hand, and the 2nd, now, from my tongue. I straddled her body, jacking off the remainder of my seed onto her neck, then shoving my cock inside her mouth. “Suck, you little bitch. Suck! Get as much as you can out”. Jaycee did as she was told. Without either of us saying a word, I positioned myself between her legs and slammed my meat inside her. She let out a muffled scream, as she clenched her teeth tightly. The pounding she took that day, we still laugh about right to this day. My meat was insistent and unrelenting.

After pumping and pounding her pussy for a good 20 minutes, I aggressively pulled out, flipped her over and rammed my knees into her legs, causing not only pain, but forcing her to kneel. I pushed her body forward, slid my boner between the crack of her ass and jammed the head in. She absolutely, almost came out of her skin. “No! No, no, no, no, no, no.” Those were her last, intelligible words, before I slid and ground, my thick member into her virgin rectum. I proceeded to pound her ass to the rhythm of the music on the radio: a heavy rock station.

For 10 minutes, Jaycee cried, whimpered and moaned. My cock showed no mercy. She endured 10 minutes of rough anal sex and all to the sounds of AC/DC, Black Sabbath and Jethro Tull. Fuck! It was intense. So intense that I lost focus, reaching around and tore the front her blouse open, yanking it off her body, then pulling at her bra so hard, I bent the clasps straight. I threw her bra aside and clutched onto her small, firm breasts. She was crying even more now and again, under her breath, pleaded for me to stop. “Stop, please stop! It hurts. Please, please, please STOP!”. Far from it.

When I shot my load, it was huge. And, not very gentle. I slammed it in inside her with short, forceful and violent thrusts. She had, for the most part, passed out. As with every other bitch I fuck in the ass, I yanked it out. My cock definitely needed to be cleaned even more with her, as she apparently lost some bowel control and, well, pooped on my cock. I then went to check on Marcy, who was fast asleep, still naked and laying on her side now. I heard the shower turn on in the bathroom and thought, “What the fuck. Why not” and joined Jaycee in the shower.

Jaycee smiled as I opened the shower door. Both of us naked. Our bodies needing to be cleaned. I embraced her and began kissing her, passionately. We each cleaned each other’s body, making sure every inch was scrubbed. The back of her legs were already bruising, from me ramming my knees to force her into a kneeling position, some 20 minutes ago now. Her tits and waist area, just above her hips, were also beginning to bruise from my strong grips. I checked her anus out pretty good, fearful I might have injured it from my rough insertion and thrusts. No tearing, no blood.

“Fuck! I bruised you up, real bad”, I said. Jaycee just smiled, kissed me and said “It’s okay. Don’t worry. I’ll just wear pants and longer shirts until they disappear. It’ll be okay. Okay?”. We kissed more, even while drying off. After we both got dressed, Jaycee threw away the torn shirt and I tried to repair her bra clasps with some pliers in the garage. After getting them back to function, Jaycee put them in the laundry. Marcy finally woke up, found me and said “Come on, let’s take a shower. Your leaking out of me still!”, Marcy said as she laughed and ran to the shower, holding the towel I . I shrugged my shoulders and followed.

Marcy didn’t know about this incident with her sister, for many years and found out from me, after coming clean about it. Jaycee and I continued to fuck many times after that. And still do, on occasion, with Marcy’s blessings. I kinda want to move along with my stories, but if the readers want, I will continue with snippets of Marcy and I, or Jaycee and I, stories. Marcy and I have a pretty kinky sex life. Real kinky. And when I’m alone with Jaycee, we are real kinky as well. I do want to focus on my other, extra curricular, activities that I did. Nothing like forced sex.

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