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All Coming Together Part 4

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POV – Alice

I can’t believe my stupid brother ejaculated in me! Just cause I fucked him doesn’t mean I wanted a creampie from him! He should know better, I told him not to, what if I get pregnant from him? I can’t become a mother to my brother’s child. I showered long in Katie’s shower hoping to get all my brother’s cum out of my pussy. By the time I finished the two of them were out of the room, who knows where. My clothes were still in my parents room and they were fucking Anton still so I couldn’t go back inside. Katie was a lot “more developed” than I am so I couldn’t wear her clothes, I guess I’d have to go nude. After all, I didn’t want to just stay here in someone else’s room naked and alone while everyone else is fucking. There’s a whole hotel to explore, I’m sure a cute young girl like me will get picked up by someone sooner or later. I went down the elevator to the pool and found an open chair, when I looked over I saw none other than my brother and Katie across the way fucking like crazy. I was still upset with him but watching him plow that black pussy in front of everyone was surprisingly hot. I watched them go for a little while before a man came up to me.

“What’s a pretty girl like you doing out here by yourself?” the man said.

“Well… I was looking for a strong man to take me back home. You don’t know anyone like that do you?” I said back seductively. The man was tall and jacked, just the person I wanted.

“As a matter of fact, I do. Why don’t you come back with me? I’ve been looking for a cute little slut all night…” he said looking at my tits. It helped that I was still horny but his directness really was sexy. I knew he wanted to fuck me and he wasn’t hiding it at all. I knew he was black, but not like dark black, more of an American, mixed-race type black. A lighter skin tone than usual. His cock bulged through his trousers and I could tell he was a similar size to Anton who is my only experience with black men. I took his hand as he offered it to help me up and we went off back to the elevator to go to his room. I left my brother and his girl behind, they didn’t even notice me there, and followed my new man up. There was a younger looking, yet still older than me, woman in a BYU shirt riding down as we got on. She had a stunned look on her face as a barely clothed black man and a naked little white girl boarded the elevator with her. “I can’t wait to see how daddy treats his little girl…” I said looking up at him. Knowing the woman could hear us. He just slapped my ass then gripped it hard in his hand after.

I looked at the woman and gave her a wink. She looked like a nun in a whore house. But I knew being here she would either come around and get her rains fucked out, or hide in her room the whole time she’s here. Either way it didn’t concern me as the doors opened on my man’s floor. He had a normal sized room in one of the middle floors of the building, but his bed looked just as comfortable. He slapped my ass once more as we walked through the door, making me jump a little. I turned around and looked up at him before he closed the gap between us and kissed me. One kiss led to two, then three and eventually we were making out, sucking on each other’s faces. I jumped into his arms and held my arms tight around him. “Your little lips taste so good, baby.” he said to me. “Just wait till you taste my other lips…” I told him. He carried me over to the bed and dropped me down. I held my legs open for him, exposing my pussy. “My holes are yours daddy! Take me how you want!” I moaned to him. He got down between my legs with his face and started to eat me out. I wondered if he could taste my brother’s cum inside me, or even Anton’s? In a way it felt like cucking to have a man eat my pussy after other men have cum in it, but it didn’t matter to him as he went to town down there.

I was tossing and turning, convulsing and moaning there as his tongue worked me over good. My pussy was hot and wet, ready for his cock. As he licked my folds I begged him to fuck me, over and over asking ever more desperately for his cock, but he just kept eating me instead. Orgasm after writhing orgasm, he was clearly enjoying setting me off like this. Nothing had ever made me feel like this before as the orgasm I felt began to stack up one after the next. By the time he finally lifted his head, I was almost ready to pass out from the overwhelming pleasure he had given me. Finally as I lay on my back he stood up and I saw his monster of a penis. Somehow he was already rock hard and ready to go. With how much I had squirted, the walls of my pussy would glide anything in with ease, even a pole like his. He reached up and grabbed my feet, holding my legs up and parting them just enough to see my face. I looked him in the eyes as his penis slide inside my dripping wet pussy, eye’s opening from the stretch as he went all the way down. Fuck it felt so good, his balls resting against my little asshole as he held him inside for a second. He slowly slide his cock back out and slowly started humping me. Never going all the way in or all the way out, but a slow shallow pump to start off.

As the walls of my cunt gripped his shaft tighter and tighter he slide in deeper and deeper. The stretch I felt from him was amazing, and the grip I had on his cock after all these orgasms was sending me over the top. “Oh fuck baby! Make me a whore like my mommy! Turn me into a fucking slut!” I shouted as he went from humping me to railing me. He let go of my feet and lowered his body down over me causing my legs to press back towards my head. His right hand caressed the side of my head, running his fingers through my hair and holding the back of my neck tightly as he fucked me intensely on his bed. With his left hand he played with my tits, although not fully developed, what I had still bounced back and forth to the rhythm of his thrusting. With his cock deep inside he managed to fuck me into yet another orgasm. While he held strong refusing to bust inside me, I completely lost my mind with him inside me. His body held my seizure of an orgasm down against the bed. With one swift motion he flipped us over so I was now on top. With my body over top his I slammed my cunt back hard against his cock over and over. Both of his hands on my ass, pulling it apart as he demolished my pussy.

“Oh Fuck that feels so good! You like my tight little pussy around that cock, baby?” I moaned out riding him hard.

“Fuck yea, girl. I need that tight white cunt around my cock. Ride it like a slut!” he said back.

I could feel my little bubble butt of an ass gripping tightly as I slammed down onto his erect penis. Every inch of his shaft hitting deep inside me as my pussy was grinding on his hips. Fuck it felt so good. No wonder my mom wanted to come back and fuck a black guy. This was the most liberating night of my life, I had no phone, clothes, parents, friends or anything else to worry about. No one could contact me and no one could stop me. I was free to fuck and get fucked by this massive black cock all night long. At this point I was willing to let him spray his cum inside my womb like a broken fire hydrant, I’d rather have this man’s baby than my brother’s. Who better to carry a beautiful black baby into the world than a pure white teen’s pussy? My mother had me before 18 and now here I was ready to have a black baby at the same age. I looked down on him and said, “I have no protection. I want you to cum deep inside this little pussy and give me a black baby! Make this little slut pregnant!”

“Holy fuck! Are you sure baby? You’re parents won’t be mad?” he asked.

“My slut mother had me when she was 16, my father was younger than that. They’re upstairs fucking a black man right now. No one will care if I bring home a black baby from family vacation. Now I want you to fuck a baby deep into my little womb!” I replied back as I rode his cock.

“Whatever you say baby girl, I’ll make sure you’re knocked up when you leave here.” he said as he pulled out and moved me into a doggy style position. With my head buried in his sheets he grabbed my ass and railed me out harder than ever before. Thrust after thrust slamming into my cunt. I couldn’t believe how good it felt to be fucked so hard. I felt my ass ripple as his thighs slammed against them when he bottomed out inside my pussy. After a short time, he shouted to me that he was about to cum. I arched my back as best I could for him and he fucked me into the bed with all his might and power. “OH FUCK BABY CUM FOR ME! CUM IN MY TIGHT LITTLE WHITE PUSSY! GIVE MY WHITE PUSSY YOUR BLACK BABY!” I shouted as we orgasmed together. I felt the orgasm shoot throughout my body as the cum splashed against my cervix. Millions of sperm flooding my pussy, it felt like pouring a gallon of milk into my hole he filled me up so much. I fell flat onto the bed and rubbed the cum into my pussy as I lay on my arm. I understood in this moment why my mother is such a sex addicted cum-slut. Taking black cock, or any cock, like this is the best feeling in the world. I’d almost pay men to fuck me like that.

The man fell on his back beside me and I cuddled up to him. Laying my tiny tits on his chest we talked and got to know each other properly while our naked bodies pressed against each other. He told me about himself as his cum swam up my tubes to my waiting egg. Every moment was one step closer to pregnancy. I didn’t care if I never saw him again, I would bring back his baby with me and that’s all I cared about. The rest of the night was spent making out and having soft passionate sex in the most intimate ways possible in the dark of his room. Who knows what my family was up to, or if they even cared where I was. Imagine my mother fucking a black man in front of her husband while her daughter sneaks off to get impregnated by another man down below. My mother really passed on her interracial love gene onto her children because both my brother and I are fucking black cock and pussy. I wonder if my dad is truly ok with this or if he’s just going along with it? It’s too late to stop it now though, both his women have taken monster black cock, and his son is probably still balls deep in a black pussy. He can either find a new girl to fuck, join in with mom, or sit and watch her fuck.

POV – Max

When I woke up the next morning, Katie was laying on top of me. Her soft, round, black breasts were pressed against my chest as she slept softly. We had been fucking like crazy yesterday, and after hardly knowing each other too. I wondered if she would really want to stay with me or if it was her idea of sexy talk, but until I knew for sure I’d continue to hold her here. I wondered how my sister was doing, I hadn’t seen her since she got up to shower yesterday, who knows where she went, and my parents as well, they’re probably still going at it. While I lay there thinking, Katie slowly woke up and said, “Good morning.” We had a brief chat laying there before she went in for a kiss. One kiss became a make out session which lead to even more sex. Not the kind we had yesterday, where I’m throwing her around, dominating her, but a more soft and loving type of sex. I felt the moist slit of her pussy against my leg moving up my thigh as she crawled on top of me. Her soft tits hanging down over me while she mounted my cock. “I love the feel of your black pussy, I want to feel it gripping me every morning.” I told her as she inserted it up inside her.

The feel of her black pussy wrapped around my white cock is something that I can’t imagine getting anywhere else. Her skin is so soft and her pussy is even softer. Every inch I give her she grips onto like she’s never getting it back, I can barely keep from cumming when I’m all the way deep inside. Her whole body was laying on top of me as she went back and forth on my cock. I held her down against me by the waist as her tits kept her separated up above. Even better than her tight pussy was her amazing boobs. The softest, roundest, firmest, chest pillows you’ve ever seen. You might think that a 15 year old boy like me getting fucked by an older woman like her would make me the “victim”, but if anything her pussy is the victim after what I’ve done to it in such a short time. The grip on her pussy went from tight to suffocating as she tried to rip my cock of with it. Waking up and having this black beauty lay on top of me riding my cock as her tits press against me is the perfect morning. All my thoughts left my brain as I was back in “fuck the beautiful woman” mode.

We flipped over and I continued to lay siege to her pussy. Her legs opened up to me wide as she had no reservations about fucking me. She wanted me as deep inside as I could reach. Thrust after thrust my hips slapped against hers. After so much of the time we spent together has been fucking, by this point she wasn’t even moaning in pleasure anymore. She was weeping in pure ecstasy as I thrust into her over and over again. Through tears she begged, “Please keep fucking me like that! Fuck, it feels so good baby! Cum in my pussy please!” Imagine the ego boost I got from a girl having a weeping orgasm like this, early in the morning. Every thrust into her velvet pussy was a test of will not to explode inside her early. But I couldn’t hold on for much longer. “Fuck baby, I’m gonna fucking cum! I’m gonna cum inside your pussy!” I let out as the cum flowed through my shaft. “Do it baby, YES! Fucking cum in my black pussy!” was all I heard as the dam burst and rope after thick, sticky rope shot up deep inside. I couldn’t imagine a warmer, softer, tighter pussy for me to unload myself into. It’s like her pussy was crafted for my cock specifically. I sat inside her for a few moments longer, ensuring my load made it all the way in.

“Fuck I love your pussy!” I told her looking down in her eyes after cumming.

“I love you, your cock and everything else!” she replied still in her orgasm.

I don’t know what I’d say, but I had to let my parents take Katie back with us. There’s just no way I’d let pussy like this leave me. I want to fuck her full of babies like this every morning till I have no cum left in me.

POV – Greta

I had been fucked more thoroughly this past day than I have in the last year at least. My husband Karl and my lover Anton fucking me over and over in every hole I had like a total whore. I still don’t know where my kids are but I don’t really care, they’re old enough to make it on their own. The three of us woke up in bed this morning, and I told my husband to go get us all some breakfast while I stay here. I said he can get some pussy if he wants downstairs but I wanted some one on one with my black lover this morning. As soon as he left the room my mouth was around Anton’s cock. Slurping it up like a slut, tonguing his balls as I swallowed his shaft. Fuck I loved his cock. I got his cock good, hard, and wet ready for my pussy. I felt like such a whore as I got on top with my bare tits hanging down, flopping as I bounced on his cock. As I rode his cock like a horse, I looked over and saw my phone ringing. It was my mom, Cindy. She was probably calling to see how we were doing, but I was in the middle of fucking my lover. My mother and I fucked this man together years ago, so I didn’t feel weird answering her call. While riding Anton’s black pole, I answered her call. The camera on my phone turned on and my face and naked torso appeared on the screen.

“Hi mom, I’m in the middle of something right now. Do you mind if I cal you back?” I said clearly bouncing on cock.

“Of course dear, you and your husband have fun. Call me whenever you want.” she said back.

“Well actually, Karl is downstairs right now. You’ll never guess who we found when we arrived here.” I said turning the camera around. “It’s the man we fucked together years ago. He’s the one who took my virginity with, you remember?” I asked.

“Oh yes of course I do! How could I forget the man who fucked me better than my husband? Say, if you’re up for it, you could set the phone down and let me watch…” my mom said somewhat seductively.

“Sure thing, let me get my phone stand.” I said as I took a pause from the sex to set my phone up right. In just a few minutes I had the phone on my night stand filming as I got into a doggy position with Anton coming up behind me.

“I can’t believe my baby girl grew up to be such a sexy woman! Those tits are amazing!” my mother said watching through the phone. I saw her lift her dress up to begin playing with herself as Anton rammed his monster pole up my defenseless pussy. My tits bouncing and swinging as he fucked me in front of my mom once again. “Stick it in my ass, make my mom watch you fuck my asshole!” I said to him. Anton did just what I wanted, pulling out of my pussy and inserting into my ass in one swift motion. The sounds of my ass slapping against his hips filled the air of the room. “I forgot how good a pale white girl looks with a big black cock inside her, but you two are so sexy right now.” my mom said.

“You like watching your little girl be a whore for other men? Does mommy get off on her daughter getting fucked by black guys?” I moaned to her as my asshole was being opened up by black cock.

“Oh I do, baby. I love my little slut daughter. How does his black cock feel inside your asshole, dear?” my mom asked.

“His cock feels so fucking good up my asshole. I can’t wait till Karl gets back and they can double stuff me. Oh mother it’s been wonderful! My two favorite men fucking my body at the same time. Both my holes stretched at once!” I moaned back.

Just as I said that my pussy orgasmed from the pressure of Anton’s cock hitting it through my asshole. I collapsed on the bed face down as he kept ramming my ass. My mother rubbing her pussy on the phone as she watched her daughter’s little asshole getting railed. Just then Karl walked back in and saw my mother on the phone watching us. He didn’t say anything, just set the food he brought back up with him down on the table and walked over to us. My mother watched as Anton got on his back, with me on mine on top of him with his cock up my asshole, all while my husband mounted my pussy on top of both of us. He moved the phone to behind us so my mom could see her little girl’s holes being stuffed with cock. “Oh baby, this is sexier than any porn I’ve seen. You take those big cocks so easily inside you! You’re such a perfect slut.” my mom said watching the action.

We continued fucking for as long as the men could last, in many different positions, all while the camera was passed around to give my mom the best view. My mom moaned as she orgasmed several times throughout. Finally, the men announced they had to cum. My husband held the camera as Anton unloaded his morning load inside my pussy, getting up close to film it leaking out after he pulled out. The camera passed to Anton as my husband inserted and fucked his load into my pussy as well. I was in total bliss as the cum from both men swam inside my cunt. My beautiful mother enjoying herself as she sat in her comfy bedside chair, now totally naked, fingering herself to the sight. I said goodbye to my mother and hung up the call. The three of us took a break from sex to eat our breakfast and then went out to find our kids. With the entire day yesterday to themselves, I can only imagine the trouble they’ve gotten themselves into.

I hope you all enjoy part 4, more to come soon. I have something special planned for my next story first though, my first real story from last weekend…

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