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Addicted to Cum

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I’m 17 and I’m addicted to eating cum. I just love the texture and feel of it. I don’t care who’s dick it comes off. I just need it all the time.

Hi I’m Nancy, and I’m 17 yr old. I live with my single mom. She works 2 jobs so she is rarely home. We still just make ends meet. I was virgin up until beginning of this year. Yeah, I know, Shocker. It’s not that I’m ugly or something, but I was afraid of the everybody.

It all changed when one of my mom’s date(51yrs), seduced me and fucked my brains out. It was the morning after he fucked my mom. Not sure whether he was too afraid that my mom will come to know about it or he might stuck up this family. He just never showed up. A true one night stand for mom and one morning stand for me.

Anyways, he did fuck me more than once during our sexual escapade. And he made me do stuff. Like lick his ball, gag on his old white dick, give him a rim job, and yeah, made me swallow his cum. He said these are some standard things every woman does. I had true orgasms for the first time so I believed him. I got the taste of cum. I liked it. By the time he was leaving I just went down on my knees and sucked his dick one last time near the door. Just so that I can get the taste of it again. I loved it.

Since then I wanted more and more cum. I waited for my mom to leave and I would go out to get some dick and cum for myself. I found it easy to seduce and suck older men. They just needed to vent out their blue balls. And I was at their service. I went to breakfast diners looking for my targets. I didn’t hesitate to suck them off behind the dumpster or in their car. They used to think I was a hooker, because of the ease with which I said yes to sucking them off. Some even paid me. I do keep the money. 😉

Sometimes there where men who used to turn me around and fuck me. Even if I didn’t wanted to get fucked, but they thought of me as a slut, so didn’t wait for my permission. I was too weak for the cum to stop them. I just requested them to cum inside my mouth.

Sometime I would suck off more than one person at the same time. But I tried to avoid this as they would most definitely fuck me. Bend me over and fuck my pussy and my mouth, without even asking me.

Some were rude and used to leave their cum inside my pussy. In those cases I used to scoop the cum out of my pussy using my finger or spoon and eat it. It did taste a little different but I don’t mind.

I usually wear short skirts and tank tops for such adventures. I just lift my skirt in the direction of my target and let them look at my cotton panties. I used to do that in such a way as if I was unaware they were looking at my crotch. Then I wait for them to come to me, make a move. I just say yes and like that, we end up in the ally behind the bar or diner.

But things are getting so bad that I’m not even able to wait for them to approach me or seduce me. I just want cum. In such cases I go to the restrooms near Truck stops. They are horny as fuck. Yes they are a little dangerous as they sometimes, beat me up while I’m giving them a blowjob. I guess that’s what make them cum fast. And most of the time they would end up fucking my ass. It does hurt a lot as they do not even spit on it before shoving their bare dicks inside it. The only good thing is the cum tastes even better once the dick has been up my ass.

Even till here I didn’t think I had an addiction. But when I started to collect strangers cum in jars and store it, I think that will be considered as addiction. I know that nothing can beat the taste of fresh warm cum, but I can say it still taste good to spread the jarred cum on my toast. Yes, I have to be extra careful to make sure mom doesn’t find it but I guess that’s worth it.

Let me know if this is truly an addiction? Should I stop drinking cum? And if it’s not an addiction, what can I do to get more warm fresh cum easily?

I have added a pic, it would be great if you guys can cum for me.

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  • Reply Mummyboy ID:5u0x7ka5qj

    I got a full tank of cum for you baby what’s your snap

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    Snap allenjm2772. Let’s see where you’re at.

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  • Reply AJ ID:xbkytbs8

    Where are you located , bloody keyboard lol

  • Reply AJ ID:xbkytbs8

    Nancy you up based

  • Reply Sammy ID:fx7ith8ra

    When I was growing up in my house I had 5 older sisters my brother in law was always at the house especially when my mom was at work he would he would tell my sister that it was ok if I was in the living room while they had sex one night when I was done watching tv and came into my bedroom he was licking my sisters pussy and when I turned around to go back into the living room he said he was just about to leave and he got his car keys and told my sister good night and when he left my sister told me it was ok if I wanted to look at her pussy when I first looked at her she was naked and her legs open wide she asked me if I wanted to touch her wet pussy I was actually just thinking about how sexy her lips were and when she told me to lick her pussy I started to lick her hairy clit and she told me to lick it nice and slow

  • Reply DarkAction ID:1bqrd2a849i

    I’m a little bit older at 78 but have loved blow jobs since forever. Would most certainly love to add my cum to your collection. The first lot in your mouth and the second lot in a jar for you to enjoy later.

    • NancyP ID:pwu4hgyzrj

      mmmm Yummy…. 😉

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    I hit early at 10 and by 11 was fucking my mom and several women and girls in the neighborhood. I learned early that women have strong sexual needs that should never be denied. I have watched girls as young a 4 masturbate and some of the best oral sex was with a 9 yo, Right now I am enjoying three sisters aged 14, 12 and 8. The 8 yo has a similar desire to taste my cum. Not only do I ejaculate in her mouth but I have taught her to clean up her sisters after I am done with them. Have to fight her a bit as I also like that cream pie. Sadly they are moving in a week and there will be that void in my life until I find a replacement.

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      Made me cum reading that

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    • NancyP ID:pwu4hgyzrj

      Where do you live?

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      mmm… That sounds great.. would love that…

    • Sabrina ID:1zfwhz4xia

      I’d like that

  • Reply Cotton ID:2a74nbagm0

    I am like so totally with you. Love cum. Like reading about those that do too.

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