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(Chapter 3) Jacking Off For My 10yr Old Step Daughter

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This chapter tells how Helena learned how to use the tub snicket to herself an orgasm and she allows me to finally start touching her

Three weeks have passed since Helena seen me jacking off in my bedroom.I can say that the last 3 weeks have been the most erotic I’ve experienced in my life.Ive jacked off more times then I can count letting my 10yr old step daughter watch me cum.In the beginning I came so fast and hard , I still do , but the urge to feel Helena and taste her little 10yr old pussy has taken over my mind it’s all I want.When I’m eating out my wife I close my eyes and imagine it’s Helenas pussy I’m sucking on.I have to build the nerve to move forward and ask Helena to let me touch her.

When my wife and I first got together my family was in an uproar about something I had done many years in the past.When I was 15 I groomed my 2 step sisters Missy an Stephanie into allowing me to touch them. Missy was 9 almost 10 and Steph was 11.Well my wife would ask me all the time why we didn’t go around my Mom and Step Dad and I always made up some kind of fake reason.The real reason was my Mom found out I had been having oral sex with my sisters and she stopped allowing me to visit.I was 23 when Mom found out about the girls and I was 28when I married my wife.The girls told their side of what I did but left the part out where they ask me to touch them.All that is a whole story in its own and a juicy one ill someday write.

One evening my wife and I were home alone ,Helena had gone to spend the night with her friend Nicole.Well my wife wanted to get drunk so we bought beer,some hot dam,and Captain Morgan and I had an ounce of some killer bud.So we start drinking and smoking and it lasted way up into the night I was hammered. And she ask again, why don’t we ever go around your family.I was so drunk I just told her fully expecting her to be mad and possibly leave me.Well I was wrong , she ask so many questions , how old they were when it started,who I touched first,did I fuck them,did they cum, did they like it did they touch you and I answered every question honestly.

My wife’s name then was Becky.She wanted details on everything. Did they cum the first time I ate them out,did they get very wet,did they jack me off.It was actually making me horny telling her and she wasn’t mad.We talked about me molesting the girls for about an hour and Becky wanted to go to bed.So off we went.I must say she fucked me harder then she ever had and she got really nasty in how she would talk.She ask me if I would eat her out when she was 8 , I said yes and she moaned so hard.I could tell Becky was into the young kid having an orgasm topic.I was so excited my mind raced , how do I tell her I’m grooming Helena to allow me to eat her out?

After we finished fucking we just sat and talked.I was trying to think of way to let her know me and Helena are some what sexually active then it came to me.I said to Becky oh I forgot to tell you what happened last night.She ask me what happened.I said I came in from sitting outside smoking a bowl and went to use the bathroom.I opened the door and Helena was in the tub legs up in the air legs spread wide apart with the water drizzling down onto her pussy and I think she was cumming.I was shocked and stood there for few seconds Helena looked at me and said nothing she just had this sexual look on her face and she kept in the same position.I said Becky I swear I didn’t do anything it was a total accident. Becs eyes got big which scared the shit out of me deep inside.My cock got hard as I described what I seen from the attic but when I seen her eyes worry filled my body killing my hard on.

Becky looked at me and said we need to have a serious talk.I thought oh no here it goes divorce is coming.I said OK Babe let’s talk.Becky started talking.Becky told me how a little over a month ago she went down to the basement to get clothes out of the dryer.When she was down there she caught Helena and Nicole in a sexual position both girls were completely nude and really going at it.This was not what I was expecting ,and Helena is at Nicole’s now , what am I missing out on.Now I have to get Nicole into our sex life.

Becky said the girls didn’t hear me come into the basement Nicole was between Helenas legs eating Helenas pussy and Helena had 2 of her fingers fucking Nicole.Needless to say I’m picturing
all this glorious 10 Yr old lesbian sex in my mind and getting a massive hard cock from it.So I ask Becky, what did you do.She said I honestly didn’t know what to do they were moaning I could hesr wetness from Helena fingering Nicole then my wife said something I never expected her to say , she said to be honest it made me get wet.

My wife’s nipples were hard as a rock she was horny from telling me about Nicole and Helenas 10yr old girls lesbian sex.Becky continued she said I stood back some so they didn’t see me and I let them finish.I said why didn’t you go and say something soon as you seen them having sex.Becky said she was afraid it cause Helena to close up to her and not be so open about things in life.So of course my next question was how long did they go?Becky said after I got there it was about 5 min and Helena started to cum,then as Helena was cuming Nicole also started to cum.Becky said I’m ashamed to say this but it was hot I actually wanted them to do more but they didn’t.They kissed a couple of times got dressed and ran out the sliding doors went the pond and dove in.My wife then told me how she felt guilty for being excited about what she watched.

Becky then switched back to what I watched Helena doing in the bathroom. She told me she had to confess something to me.I said OK baby what ever it is I’ll understand.Im loving how this talk is going , if Becky only knew that I had been jacking off in front of our 10 year old daughter for the last 3 weeks she would be amazed I would hope.Becky said I’m the reason Helena knows how to masturbate with the tub spicket.I said OK how is that? Becky said I do it too. Helena walked in on her doing it and she had to explain what she was doing.My wife was home alone.I was at my buddies on a Saturday and Helena had gone to Nicole’s to play.Well Helena returned to get something she had forgot.The bathroom door was open and my wife described how she was just starting to cum and in walked Helena saying what are you doing Mommy?

So I of course ask , Did you cum?She said yes I was just starting to cum when Helena walked in and I just let it happen.Becky said it was the best orgasm she ever had.This was beautiful , my wife has had an orgasm in front of our 10yr old daughter also I’m hard as fuck now and so excited.Nicole and Helena have lesbian sex at 10 yrs old my wife likes cuming in front of our daughter it couldn’t be any better but I’m still not telling her not yet that I jackoff several times a day while Helena watchs me , not yet.I want to make sure my wife is as kinky as me before I mess that up.

The next morning we are up early my wife is going with her sister for a day of shopping at the mall.Im excited she’s leaving because I’ll have Helena here all day to my self.Its been at least 15 hours since the last time Helena watched me jack off and I’m so ready for it again.

Helena gets home about 11:45 her Mom is already gone so I’m in my chair completely naked already stroking my cock.Helena walks in and screams Daddy what are you doing? I was shocked I didn’t know what to do she seemed truly upset.Then i hear Helena say Nicole go back down stairs.I look over the back of my chair and there is 10yr old Nicole staring at me cock in hand , cock hard as rock.Helena had told Nicole you go threw the basement grab us a pop and meet me in my room.I had no clue Nicole was coming home with Helena.My fear of being in trouble was now huge and I was terrified the little girl would run out go straight home and tell her parents what I was just doing.

Soon as Nicole went down stairs Helena said what do I do?I said we have to keep her here so she don’t tell on me.I said go down and talk to her see what she says I’ll go put shorts on and come out to the back yard.Helena said OK but Daddy I really don’t think she will tell which gave me little relief , she’s 10,I’m worried my ass could go to jail.

Shorts on and here goes the nervous walk again.I go out to the back yard and both girls are there already sitting in our lawn chairs.I explained to Nicole a lie,I didn’t know Helena was coming home I’m sorry I was thinking you 2 went with my wife shopping I’m so sorry you seen me naked.Nicole to my great relief said its OK I’ve seen my Daddy naked he was upset also and she laughed it off .Truly Nicole didn’t seem to mind.So off the girls went to Helenas room and played till Nicole got called home around 1pm.

My wife called and said they will be home around 7 or 8 they are going to catch a movie at the mall so I said great have a good time.Helena spent most of the afternoon in her room.Around 4 she came out wearing a very lose large tank top and only her white panties on which she always walked around in panties but usually with a not so revealing shirt.Every time Helena leaned over I could see both her perfect little tits ,nipples so hard.I felt she was making the move of me seeing her naked.I kept staring wanting her to say something about me looking at her chest so much but she wouldn’t take the bait.I was being over obvious I was trying to see her little 10yr old breast.She just wouldn’t catch on.

After about 20min of the show I decided another approach, I pulled my shorts over to the side and start slowly stroking my cock.Helena looks over and smiles not looking away she just has cute little seductive smile and look of want in her eyes.I spread my legs giving her full view of my balls as I stroke.Then I said Helena can I please see your tits please?She smiled so big kinda giggled and like that took the tank top off.There they are ,10yr old developing breast so perky and pink.And she watching her Daddy stroke his cock.I thought well why not ask so I say Helena can I come over and touch them?

Helena got up came and sat by me , so I just started to gently feel each breast.They were so soft and smooth.Her nipples felt like they had a little hard stone inside them and she kinda flenched when I gave her nipple a little pinch.As I was touching her 10yr old titties I decided to be brave, I took Helenas hand and guided it towards my throbbing hard cock.She didn’t fight back, Helena had a very sexual and sensual look on her face, I could smell her pussy she had to be soaking wet.I slowly wrap her finger around my cock and say will you help make Daddy cum?

Helena stroked my cock slowly her fingers felt amazing wrapped around cock I knew soon very soon she would have cum on those fingers.I stare at her breast till finally I just take a leap of faith lean up and slowly take her left nipple into my mouth.I gently caress her nipple tickling the little hard tip with my tongue.And I feel it , I’m going to cum.I have to feel her pussy now.I open Helenas legs her panties are so lose easy to slide under.Her legs open up more.I grab Helenas hand and say stop for minute.I didn’t want to cum alone.I keep working my fingers under the leg of her panties.I can feel the heat of her little preteen pussy,her pussy juices are running down to her little asshole.Her legs open wide and I finally feel her little wet hot pussy lips covered in her precum juices.I begin to slowly slide my finger up and down her clit ,I’m about to cum from what I’m doing.

I look into Helenas eyes and say take your panties off baby Daddy wants to see your pussy.She stood up beside my chair and slowly slid her panties to the floor exposing her pussy in all its little preteen beauty.I could not believe I was haveing sex with my 10yr old step daughter.Would my wife enjoy this as much as she did watching Helena and Nicole having preteen lesbian sex?

I say baby open your legs and let Daddy feel you.Helena spreads her legs , the aroma of her little preteen pussy is like a drug I want more.I cup my hand between her legs and slowly move my hand hand back and forth.Helenas pussy juices are linning my fingers like honey dripping from a jar.Her eyes are closed her head is slightly tilted back and she’s now just ever so slightly bent in the knees trying to grind her little pussy into my fingers.I take Helenas hand and wrap her little girl fingers back around her Daddy’s cock and say let’s cum together baby girl.Right on cue she starts stroking me slow but it feels so amazing.As I rub her pussy I use one finger find her opening to her cunt and start slowly slipping a finger inside her pussy.The heat and wetness is the most erotic feeling I’ve had so far in our sexual life.As my finger slips in I can feel how tight her pussy is , and then I feel her hymen,its not broke.I didn’t want to cause Helena any pain so I just slowly went in and out from her hymen and it was working,she was slowly starting to thrust forward and back and little moans she is gonna cum.

I couldn’t hold back anymore knowing my 10yr old daughter was jacking me off and I’m finger fucking her pussy pushed me off the edge.I said Helena Daddy is gonna cum she instantly said im gonna cum too Daddy.I exploded cum shot straight up in the air landing on my knee,load after load I was shaking out of control but I kept fingering Helena.Helena said Oh Daddy ODadddy oh Daddy I’m cuming and she shook all over her body was convulsing and her cum was pouring out of her.She leaned over resting her hands on the arm of the chair standing on tip toes thrusting her pussy into my fingers.She let go of my cock when she started to cum but I need no more stroking i came cum 4 or 5 more huge spurts of cum then my quivers started.Helena slowly went back down on her feet,her chest thrusting in and out taking in all the air she can get.Her little titties were so blush and pink , her nipples were so hard and tiny,she really came so very hard.As her orgasm left I pull her onto my lap she lands on my cum covered legs and I hug her so tight.

Helena didn’t say anything she just rested her head on my shoulder breathing so hard.After a few min she stood up looked at me smiled so huge and said that was fun I want to do that from now on.Music to my ears.I just finger fucked my 10 Yr old step daughter and she loved it.Before she went to her room I put the finger i had in her preteen pussy in my mouth and sucked all cum off.She said Ewwww Daddy that was in me and you put it in your mouth.I said I wanna see how you taste .She smiled ,I know she’s had her pussy ate by Nicole so I know she was being silly.Before Helena went to shower I ask her , tomorrow can I lick your pussy?She looked st me with this dull look said you wanna lick me I said Helena I know you let Nicole lick you Mommy seen you fingering Nicole and Nicole was licking your pussy in the basement last month.Helena looked shocked but then she smiled and said OK you can.

My stories are long but details matter.If I don’t tell the whole tale you won’t have the same erotic feeling I did as this happened.Enjoy.Next chapter Nicole is entered into our litte preteen sex life .

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      Emma I just finished a almost 5000 word story it should be published in the next 8 hours or so.
      Bridgett And Katie Are Sound Sleepers.
      This one is true it happened.Let me know how you like it.I had to jackoff 2 times writing it I was so turned on.Chapter 6 of Me jacking off in front of my step daughter will out by Tuesday.What I did with Bridgett and Katie was just a month or so after I had jacked off in front of Helena.So I had a pretty erotic month and it only got better.Yes Becky joins in and watchs me and Helena masturbating together .Chapter 6 covers that and then chapter 7 Bridgett and Katie come spend 2 days at our house a lot of fucking preteen girls and jacking off and preteen girls using double headed dildo.Im excited I’ll keep them coming.
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      Next chapter is being wrote now I post in it in a few hours.Little teaser of what’s to come.Helena has let me finger fuck her now .It’s time to break her hymen .Helenas Mom caught masturbating in Helenas bedroom sniffing Helenas dirty milky little girl panties.

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      Once I started eating Helena out out she was obsessed with having orgasms.With her mom working 6 nights a week not getting home till 3 in the morning , me and Helena had from the time she got off the school bus until what ever time she was finally wore out and fail a sleep.I still sneeked into the attic to watch herbtake her bath that was super erotic.And I still would sneak in her room and jackoff on her but near as much as I had been before she agreed to our sexual life.

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