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Boy Bitch For Dog

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A young boy discovers what a male dog likes

I think growing up on a farm provides temptations to do sexual things with animals.
The animals provide a real life experience in learning about breeding and when one starts maturing, it is tempting to do some experimenting with the animals especially the dogs as they are always with you and eager to be social. I think I was a pre-teen when I decided to take a good look at one of our male dog’s penis, (we usually kept three or four male dogs, no females as dad said he was not interesting in raising dogs).

One day, I sort of pulled the sheath back on one dog and felt of the penis which seemed like a hard bone covered with some soft flesh. It started swelling up and the dog started dry humping. I let go and walked away. This increased my curiosity as I soon was holding the bone of a dog while the dog humped and his penis became engorged and a knot appeared, he was shootings spurts of clear fluid as he humped and moved to my leg. I held onto his penis until he stopped humping and started dripping cloudy cum. Wow I thought, he loves this. I let go and he stood there with a hard cock dripping puppy seed. I realized I was hard as a rock however I had never jacked before. We were behind the barn so I pulled out and finally was able to ejaculate a couple of drops of baby seed. Oh my, I thought, I can make babies now.

Sometime later after I was older and had been giving the dogs pleasure by hand jacking them off, I overheard some of the older boys at school talking about anal sex one day and one said he let his dog do him and how he enjoyed it. I thought, wow, maybe I would like that as I was older now and was horny most of the time.

One week end my parents were out of town and I was home alone,,,I decided to try one of the male dogs, I put some cooking oil on my rear end and called one of the male dogs into my room, stripped naked, leaned on the bed, rubbed the dogs sheath a few times and he was humping and on me in a flash, searching for my man hole which he soon found, and was pumping fast and furious. My penis became hard. The dog’s knot was now large and was locking us together. He soon dismounted and we were butt to butt as he emptied his full balls of puppy seed into my man pussy. My cock was now dripping a lot of pre-cum.

After several minutes my doggy lover’s knot went down and he turned and licked my man hole then laid down and licked his cock until it was back into the sheath. I laid on the floor and put my hand on my hard cock and jacked off, shooting my baby seed all over my stomach. I was now a real man bitch for a stud dog. Over the next few years I had all the male dogs many times. I realized that male dogs love human holes and will breed a human anytime they are given the chance.

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    excellent thanks for sharing. Similar to how I started

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    Great story bro. Would love to try that!