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What did I just witness

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By accident, I discovered that my best friend and my dad have been having sex. I caught them at it when they thought I was out, now I’m confused.

It was Saturday morning and as usual I got ready to go to my ice-skating lessons, I lived with my dad and he was tidying up the house when I came downstairs to tell him goodbye.

I walked up to him as he was hoovering the carpet in the front room, he turned off the hoover long enough to hear me, “Bye, dad. I’m going to my lessons now. See you in a bit.” I said to him, and gave him the usual kiss on the cheek.

“See you, love. Be safe.” He replied, turning the hoover back on as I left the room.

I opened the front door and stepped outside, as I was closing the door behind me, I dropped wind and realised I needed the toilet, I was a little early leaving so figured I’d have enough time, I stepped back in to the house and ran upstairs to the bathroom.

I spent maybe ten minutes doing my business on the toilet when I heard a knock on the door downstairs, I heard my dad’s voice when the door opened, “Oh, hi, Sophia.” He said, she was my friend, she’s 11, the same age as me, I heard her ask my dad if I was home, which puzzled me because she knew I had ice-skating lessons on a Saturday, “No, she’s not home love.” I heard him reply.

“Okay.” She replied, and then I heard the door close and I continued to do my business.

5 or 10 minutes later I finally finished, I was about to flush the toilet when I heard giggling and moaning sounds coming from downstairs, and I heard Sophia’s voice telling my dad that she loved him, I wanted to find out what was going on, so I quietly exited the bathroom and slowly made my way down the stairs.

As I got closer to the bottom of the stairs, the moans got louder, it sounded like someone was being tortured or something, I glanced in to the living room but no one was there, then my ears trained on the sounds coming from the kitchen as I walked towards the open kitchen door, I could see inside.

Sophia was sitting on the edge of the kitchen table, and my dad was standing in front of her, very close, her legs were wrapped around the back of his waist, she was leaning slightly backwards with her hands pressed on the table top, and my dad’s trousers where half way down his legs, I could see his hairy naked butt, which was moving backwards and forwards, every time it moved forward, Sophia let out a loud moan.

Looking more closely I saw Sophia’s panties dangling off her left ankle, and that’s when I realised, they were having sex.

I pressed my back against the hallway wall, out of sight, and covered my mouth with my hand to stop them hearing me gasp in horror, all I could hear was them moaning, and the sound of the kitchen table legs scraping across the tile floor.

“Ungh – Oh – Ungh – Ungh – Ung” Sophia moaned and moaned.

“Oh God – Oh Yeah.” Groaned my dad, repeatedly, he sounded like he was very happy.

“Ung – Ungh – Ungh!”

They obviously didn’t know I was here, I guess dad didn’t hear me come back in to the house to go to the toilet, but holy shit I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, my best friend and my dad, fucking, in our kitchen, and she was only 11, same age as me.

I slowly peaked my head around the corner and watched, my dad was really fucking Sophia on the table, “Oah Paul – Ungh” Sophia gasped, that was my dad’s name, why was she allowed to call my dad by his name.

“Oah – Tell me you love me – Call me daddy.” Dad groaned out.

Sophia struggled to talk between her gasps and moans of happiness, “I – Ungh – Love you. Dad-dy – Daddy – Ungh”

“Tell me what you want, baby.” Dad said.

“Cum.” She gasped.

“What? – Tell me what you want. Tell me.” He groaned.

“Ungh – Cum – Ungh – Come for me, daddy – Ungh – I love you daddy – Ungh” moaned Sophia.

I couldn’t understand why she was calling him daddy, he wasn’t her dad, what the hell.

“Here it is…“ dad groaned, “Daddy’s coming! – Oooooaaaah!” he groaned loudly.

They finished fucking, dad pulled up his trousers and helped Sophia down off the table, I heard the sound of their lips clapping together as they kissed, then as she bent down to pull her panties up, I decided I didn’t want to be caught, so I quickly but quietly ran back upstairs and back in to the bathroom, closing the door but leaving it open just a crack so I could hear them talking.

“That was incredible, as always.” Said Dad.

Sophia giggled, “You got cum all down my leg.” She said.

“Yeah, sorry about that.” He replied.

“That’s alright. When are we going to tell Lisa about us?” she said.

“We can’t. Not until you’re older. No one can know about us, you know that.” He replied.

“I know. I just hate keeping secrets from her.” She said.

“I know, and I’m sorry. But you know I love you. Your my best girl.” He said.

“And I love you. I’ll see you tonight.” She said.

“Tonight?” questioned my dad.

“Yeah, Lisa invited me to sleep over. That means I get to fuck you in your bed tonight.” She replied.

“Ooh. Can’t wait.” Dad replied, then I heard them kiss again, and the door opened and she left.

I heard dad whistling in the back garden so used the opportunity to sneak back downstairs and get out of the house before he discovered me here.

I didn’t let on to either of them that I had seen them having sex, but later that night when Sophia left my bedroom thinking I was asleep, I went out in to the landing a few minutes after her, and I peaked in to my dad slightly open bedroom door, and they were 100% fucking each other’s brains out yet again, I’m not going to describe what I saw them doing because it was way too gross.

I know she is screwing my dad, but she doesn’t know that I know that, and I don’t know what to do, do I confront them and tell them I know what they didn’t want me to know, or just keep pretending that I don’t know.

I’m so confused right now.

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  • Reply Cappy ID:2pdvucf0v1

    A wonderful story.
    Only two realistic options.
    Stay quiet and wait for them to tell you as you keep enjoying spying on them together.
    Or, quietly walk in on them, watch until you are discovered. Then smile and say, NICE!
    Calling the cops is unrealistic. Your friend and dad would hate you forever and you would be sent into the world of foster care. Which is often a hateful experience. Your life would not be pleasant.

  • Reply Stevyn ID:i02ogc1fij

    Call the cops bruv

  • Reply Castiel Novak ID:145e852um9b

    Call the cops on him

  • Reply Geb ID:2x0gwlybt0b

    Girl, if i were you i’d join the fun

    • Tman ID:3zxjrenaqrk

      Nice. Tmantheman73 on wickr

  • Reply Danny ID:3057hz2fii

    You’ve got to walk in on them fucking and then join you never know how sweet your friends pussy is or how nice your dads cock will be inside your beautiful pussy

  • Reply Trancoso ID:14s76leq6ia

    Your best friend got molested, by your father, and she’s got lots of experience. I were you sweetheart I do the right thing. That’s to join the fun!

  • Reply hi ID:94uptrd2

    ew thats disgusting

  • Reply Gonzo ID:7ylrenak0b


    1. Tell them that way you get to join in on the fun.
    2. keep your little mouth SHUT!
    3. come to my house.
    Nice story by the way.