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Birthday Surprise

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14 year old Lacy gets a big surprise on her birthday

Lacy was nervous but excited when she woke up. It was the morning of her 14th birthday and her stepdad had been hinting he had big plans for her. But it was her mom that actually greeted her first this morning.

“Lacy, wake up honey and put this on,” her mom said, handing her a bag. Lacy open it, surprised to find a frilly negligee. She had never worn anything like this. Her eyes got wide and she looked at her mom, perplexed.

“Uh, what is this, mom?”

“Just do it honey. You’re stepdad is waiting. You know how he gets when he’s upset.”

“What?” She asked, shocked. “I’m not wearing this around him! It’s see through!” She had caught him staring in the past, and more openly, recently, but even though it did cause her to tingle some downstairs, it mostly made her feel gross.

“Just do it! Listen, you’re going to spend the day with him. Just do whatever he wants. Lacy, if you don’t do it, he’s going to leave and we’ll be homeless. I promise he won’t hurt you, and you might even like it.”

Lacy sighed, looking down at the negligee in her hands. She knew her mom was weak and an addict, and she didn’t want to be homeless. They’d been close to homeless before. Shrugging, she reluctantly slipped on the lacy garment, hoping that it would be over quickly. The white silk felt marvelous against her skin. She glanced into the mirror on the back of her tiny trailer bedroom and was stuck at how adult and mature it made her look. Her woman body was just beginning to bloom within her, and in the negligee it really showed.

Stepping out into the hallway, she nervously made her way towards the living room, following her mother. Her stepdad was already there, sipping a beer and looking uncharacteristically calm, and shirtless as he often was. He smirked at her as she approached, and Lacy’s heart rate accelerated.

“Happy Birthday, Lacy,” he said, standing up and grabbing her shoulders. “You look so beautiful.”

Lacy couldn’t help but feel a bit flattered, despite the weird situation. Her stepdad was rarely this kind to her, and she had always wondered what it would be like to have a loving and supportive father figure. This wasn’t that, but it was closer than she often got.

“Thank you.” She shuffled self consciously. She had seem him without a shirt on plenty of times, but her own exposed body made her super aware that he wasn’t wearing much.

Her mom step past Lacy. “I’m going to my sisters overnight, honey, you two have a good time.” She hugged Lacy a bit awkwardly and whisper into Lacy’s ear. “Just do whatever he wants. I made him promise to be gentle. Just relax and enjoy it.”

Lacy felt fear spike in her belly. “Mom??” She half-gasped. But her mom was turning away. Her mom looked at Jimmy, her stepdad. “Remember your promise.”

Jimmy laughed. “Go on honey. Lacy and I are going to have a good time on her birthday, aren’t we, Lacy.”

Her mom closed the door as she left.

“Come on over her young lady, and get your first present of the day.” Lacy started to slowly walk over to the kitchen table where Jimmy sat. She notice several lines of white powder, and nervousness spiked in her again.

“Are those drugs?” she asked, again shocked.

Jimmy leaned over and quickly snorted up a line. “Yep. I know you and your little boyfriends have smoke weed before- smelt it on your cloths and I seen your eyes- but have you ever done anything else? You can be honest with me- we’re gonna get real close today…” he grinned as he said it. He reached out and grabbed her wrist and started pulling her closer.

“No, don’t! Don’t touch me.”

He relaxed his grip and stopped pulling her, but didn’t let her go. “Now Lacy, you heard your mom. You gotta do what I say. But I’m not going to make you do anything you don’t want. I just wanted to see more of your beautiful young body, and to share this with you. Here, come over here, lean in, and snort this tiny line. -Be careful not to blow this around!- this is good stuff. See, watch me.” and with that, he showed her how to do it, carefully exhaling in the other direction, then snorting a second small line. “Now you do it.”

Lacy stared at the drugs in disbelief. She had never really done drugs before- I mean, everyone smoked weed- but she knew this was different. She had seen her mom and stepdad use meth before, but she had never been asked to participate in something like this. Her heart was pounding in her chest as Jimmy continued to hold onto her wrist.

“I… I don’t think I want to do this, Jimmy,” she said, her voice quivering. “I don’t feel comfortable doing drugs with you.”

Jimmy sighed, letting go of her wrist. “Alright, Lacy, if that’s what you want. But you’re missing out on something really special. You’ll love it, trust me.”

Lacy couldn’t help but feel a wave of guilt wash over her. She also feared her mom was right – if she didn’t do what Jimmy wanted, they might be homeless.

“Well, maybe just a little.” She said.

“Sure, if you don’t like it, I won’t ask you to do anymore, okay?” Jimmy said, and he knew he mostly wasn’t lying anyway. He knew firsthand how good almost everyone’s first time was with meth, and he knew he was going to have this young lady tweaking hard very soon.

Lacy carefully bent over the table and snorted the tiny line, doing her best to avoid blowing it around. As the first rush of the drug hit her system, she couldn’t help but feel a sense of euphoria and excitement. The world around her seemed to take on a surreal quality, and she felt a sudden burst of energy coursing through her veins.

For the first time in her life, Lacy felt an incredible sense of true freedom and power. It was as if all her inhibitions had been lifted, and she was able to let go of all the fears and anxieties that had previously held her back. Jimmy watched her, a satisfied grin spreading across his face as he saw the effect of the drug taking hold of his stepdaughter.

“You see, Lacy?” he said, patting her on the back. “That’s what I’ve been talking about. You’re going to love this, I promise.” He let his hand linger on her back, and she didn’t realize she was no longer flinching at his touch. “Here, have another small line.”

As she bent over to do the next line- with no hesitation, this time- he kept his hand on her, slowly rubbing up and down her back.

“Okay, Jimmy,” Lacy said, her voice shaking slightly but with a newfound confidence. “Another one, then.”

Jimmy watched her carefully, a smirk growing on his face as he saw her become more and more comfortable with the drug and his touch. He knew this was just the beginning of their journey together.

As Lacy snorted the small line, she felt the euphoria intensify, becoming an all-consuming wave of pleasure and excitement. She didn’t know where this was leading, but she knew she couldn’t turn back now.

“Can we, uh, maybe do something else after this?” she asked, her voice barely above a whisper. “I mean, I’ve never really done this before, and I’m still a little nervous.”

Jimmy’s grin grew wider. “Of course, sweetie. We can do anything you want. We’re gonna have a lot of fun today. But first, did you like the nightgown I picked out for you? I have been waiting a long time to give it to you.”

Lacy knew she should feel fearful, anxious. But she was surprised to realize instead she suddenly felt very sexy and excited. “It’s so pretty!” she said, raising her lithe young arms about her head and suddenly twirling. Jimmy’s hungry eyes took in her whole body, and Lacy caught him licking his lips as he looked her up and down.

“Yeah, it really makes you sexy. Hey- let’s go sit on the couch.”

“Okay. Uh, can I have a little bit more of that stuff first?” she asked him.

“Absolutely honey. Come here.” Jimmy caught her around the waist and pulled her in front of him, grabbing both her hips as he leaned around her. “Here, have this line right here.” He directed her to a larger line. ‘She’s going to blast off’, he thought to himself. As she snorted the line, Jimmy let his body rock into hers, gently grinding his crouch against hers.

Lacy felt a flash of fear, and then relaxed as the line burned down her nose. Her eyes watered a bit, but the magic happening in her brain overwhelmed everything. As she felt Jimmy’s hard crouch rub against hers, her breath caught and she was surprised at the wetness growing between her legs. “So, the couch?” she said, trying to keep a normal voice.

Jimmy held her gently in place, pulling her against him, and slowly ran his hands up her body, from her hips, up her waist and torso, finger brushing the sides of her young, plump breasts. “Yeah, let’s go sit down, but first, how does that feel? How does everything feel?”

Lacy felt a wave of pleasure wash over her as Jimmy’s hands caressed her body. She had never felt so alive, so vibrant and alive. Her heart pounded wildly in her chest, her pulse quickened, and her breaths became shallow. She could feel the rush of the meth still coursing through her veins, but it was melding with something new, something that made her feel alive and invincible.

As they sat on the couch, Jimmy took her hand and gently placed it on his crotch. Lacy felt a sudden rush of heat and desire. She could feel his erection through his clothes, hard and demanding. She squeezed it gently, and he let out a low groan, but she had no idea what to do next.

“Do you want me, Lacy? Do you want me to make love to you?” he whispered in her ear, his breath hot and heavy. She hesitated, but her eyes were drunken with desire. “I don’t know. You’re supposed to be my dad. And you’re married to my mom.”

“Your mom gave you to me for today, baby.” He knelt in front of her on the floor, hand rubbing her creamy young thighs from her knees to her hips. He grinned and he heard her breath growing deeper. “Today, we can do whatever we want. And we don’t have to make love, but I want to do one thing for you.”

Lacy gasped as Jimmy surprised her by grabbing either side of her panties and pulling them down. Then he grabbed her knees and spread them, positioning her hips on the edge of the couch. Jimmy leaned in and planted his nose deep in her crouch, and inhaled deeply. “Oh my god, you smell so good, honey. I have been waiting for this.” Jimmy ran his tongue slowly from her butthole to her clitoris. Her glistening pink vagina was swollen and moist with desire. Lacy was unable to hold her moan in.

“You ever had any of your young boyfriends do this, baby?” he asked her, his voice muffled with her pussy. He smiled to himself as her hips started twitching involuntarily, and thrusting into his mouth. He couldn’t believe how sweet she tasted.

Lacy’s moans grew louder, her hips bucking in Jimmy’s lap as he continued to lick and suck on her sensitive areas. She knew she should be feeling ashamed, but the overwhelming pleasure and desire coursing through her were too powerful to resist.

Jimmy continued his ministrations, running his tongue from her wet pink slit to her clitoris, savoring her youthful taste and feel. He wanted to make her feel as good as possible, to give her the pleasure that she had never felt before. Lacy’s body was shaking and trembling, her hips moving uncontrollably, and her breaths coming out heavy and ragged.

“Are you going to cum, Lacy?” he asked, his voice husky with desire. “Are you going to let me make you cum with my mouth, my lovely stepdaughter?” Lacy’s eyes widened, the words unbelievable but electric. She had never felt this way before. Her moans grew urgent and her hands couldn’t help but grab at the couch, clutching and releasing. She bucked once, twice, urgently, and exploded all over his face.

Jimmy held her hips firmly, and sucked her pulsing, illegal clit. He felt her trying to pull away, but he kept her there as he felt her building to another orgasm. He gently but insistent tongued her, again and again, and grinned around her pussy as her moans slowly grew into a scream. He gently sucked and held her clitoris, flicking with his tongue. She swelled again and bucked.Lacy was writhing with pleasure, the spasms of her orgasm shaking her body.

“Please, stop, just for a minute…” she gasped.

Jimmy could feel her basking in the afterglow, but he wasn’t finished yet. He took a break, backing off for a moment to catch his breath and get a handle on his own desire.

Lacy came back down from her peak, her eyes fluttering open to find Jimmy’s face between her thighs, a satisfied smile on his lips. “I’ve never felt anything like that,” she panted, her heart still pounding. “What was that?”

Jimmy chuckled softly, his eyes glowing with lust. “That was you, baby. Your sweet, beautiful body giving into pleasure like I’ve never seen before.” He kissed her inner thigh, and then stood up. “Now it’s my turn, honey. I want to show you how good you can really feel. Your momma told me you let your boyfriend fuck you earlier this year, but I want to show you how a man fucks. You heard your momma scream before, right? Your room being right next door? I know you heard us.”

Lacy couldn’t help let a hand drop down to her pussy and start rubbing her swollen, engorged clit. “Yeah, I heard you guys. I…I touch myself sometimes when I hear you you.” She couldn’t help but stare when his cock came into view. It was larger than her boyfriend’s, and it jumped and was twitching a little.

Jimmy grinned as he shucked his pants off. This was going to be fun.

“Well, honey, I been wanting to do this since I met your momma, back when you were 12, but she made me wait. And, I meant to let you suck my dick first, but I can’t wait, honey.”

Jimmy knelt down again, pulled the girl’s hips to the edge of the couch. He grabbed her hands and put them to her knees and spread her wide. “Here, hold yourself open, baby”. He lined his pulsing cock up with her wet, swollen tunnel. He could feel the heat radiating out of her and marveled at her glistening pink.

Lacy bit her lip nervously as she felt Jimmy’s cockhead nudge against her entrance. The thought that this was her stepfather was both exhilarating and terrifying. But the rush of the meth and the pleasure she had just experienced left her craving more.

“Just let yourself feel, Lacy,” Jimmy whispered, nuzzling her neck. “Trust me, I’m going to make you feel things you’ve never felt before.”

Lacy took a deep breath and nodded, her hands trembling slightly as she gripped her knees. Jimmy slowly began to push into her, his cock sliding deep into her wet, tight cunt. Lacy moaned loudly, her eyes rolling back as the sensation washed over her.

“Fuck, you feel so tight,” Jimmy groaned, his hips pushing in slowly at first, then picking up speed. Lacy moaned loudly. Jimmy had intended to take his time and make sure she could adjust, but he was unable to keep himself from just driving in. He had been worried she wouldn’t be able to to take all of him, so he was stunned and amazed when he sank his full 6 inches into her. ‘Deep and tight, just like her momma.’ He grinned down at her. He grabbed her hips and pulled her tight against his pubic bone, grinding against her clit. And then just held her there. He flexed his ass, making his dick throb, and watched as her eyes rolled back in her head and she moaned, insensate with pleasure. Her hips bucked, involuntarily.

“How’s that feel, baby girl?” he moaned himself as he felt her wet, velvet cunt clamp down on his dick. He throb against her again, grinding her hips up and down against his pubis. He could feel her building to another orgasm.

He couldn’t wait any longer- he’d already waited two years. He pulled and, and slowly pushed back in. He could feel his own orgasm already roiling in his groin.

Jimmy’s thrusts grew faster and harder, his cock sliding in and out of Lacy’s tight wet pussy. He could feel her clenching and releasing around him, her inner walls milking him like a glove. Her moans grew louder, more desperate, and he knew she was getting close.

“Just let go, Lacy,” Jimmy whispered, his voice hoarse with desire. “Let me give you the best orgasm of your life.”

Lacy’s climax hit her like a freight train, her body convulsing and her pussy clamping down on Jimmy’s cock so hard it felt like it was trying to milk every last drop of cum from him. She screamed his name, her voice echoing through the empty trailer.

Jimmy felt the familiar surge of jizz flooding from his cock, filling Lacy’s womb with his seed. He groaned loudly,his hips bucking wildly as his orgasm peaked. He collapsed on top of her, spent and breathless, their sweaty bodies intertwined in a tangle of limbs.

Lacy lay beneath him, her heart pounding in her chest, her body still trembling from the force of her own climax. She looked up at him, her eyes filled with a mixture of pleasure and awe. “That was incredible,” she whispered, tracing her fingers over his muscular chest. “Is it always like this?”

Jimmy smiled down at her, his gaze never leaving hers. “I’m glad you’re enjoying it as much as I am.” He leaned down to capture her lips in a passionate kiss, their tongues dancing together as they savored the aftermath of their fuck.

Finally, they broke the kiss and lay there, basking in the warm glow of their shared pleasure.

“Can…can we do that again?” She shocked herself by asking. Her brain was still swimming in pleasure. She was shocked again by how wet her crouch was as she reached down and started stroking herself again.

“All day and all night, babygirl. And as much as you want. I just need a few minutes to recover. But… you could suck my dick now. You ever suck your boyfriend’s dick?” He reached out and guided her hand onto his very wet, still hard cock.

“Uh, no. He wanted me to but he stank. But I can try…..” she got on her knees on the couch, her face in his crouch.

Lacy hesitated for a moment, her eyes widening at the thought of sucking her stepdad’s dick. She had never done anything like that before, but the thought of pleasing Jimmy in the same way he had just pleasured her was exciting. She slowly leaned down and licked the head of his cock, savoring the taste of her own essence mixed with his salty cum.

Jimmy groaned softly, his hips bucking slightly as Lacy’s tongue teased him. “That’s it, baby. Use that pretty mouth of yours.” He gently grabbed her hair and guided her head down, impaling her throat with his cock.

Lacy gagged slightly as her throat stretched around his impressive girth, but she didn’t pull away. She wrapped her lips around his dick, savoring the sensation of him sliding in and out of her mouth. As she sucked, Jimmy began to thrust, his hips rocking harder and faster. The sensation of her throat around his cock was unlike anything he had ever experienced before. He grunted and groaned, his cock throbbing in her mouth. He could feel his balls tightening again already, his orgasm building.

“You’re going to drink my cum, baby,” he growled, his voice hoarse with desire. “I’m gonna fill your mouth with my jizz, just like you wanted. I knew you were a natural cocksucker when I saw you at 12, baby girl. Take it!”

Lacy moaned around his cock, her desire to please him growing stronger with every thrust. She felt dirty and she loved it. She gripped his ass, pulling him deeper into her throat, eager to taste his cum. She felt him tense, felt his cock throb in her mouth, and knew that his climax was near. Jimmy thrust harder, his hips bucking wildly as he surged towards his orgasm. Then, with a grunt that ripped into a moan, he thrust deep into her face, holding her tight. She tried to pull back, choking, but he held her there as he nutted, again and again. Finally, with a pant, he collapsed.

Lacy couldn’t believe the sensation of his cock throbbing in her throat as Jimmy released wave after wave of his hot, salty cum. She tried to swallow around his cock, but not before some of his cum dribbled from the corner of her mouth. She looked up at him, her eyes still filled with a mixture of awe and lust. “I’ve never tasted anything so good before,” she whispered, a sly smile spreading across her face.

“Well, baby girl, you’re a natural at this,” Jimmy chuckled, his voice still hoarse from the intensity of the orgasm. “And you’re going to have to get used to it, because I intend to fill that pretty mouth of yours every chance I get.”

Lacy laughed, her heart still pounding with the aftermath of their wild encounter. “I don’t mind at all,” she said, her voice breathy. “I…am I as good as momma?”

Jimmy grinned, a wicked smirk spreading across his face. “Better,” he whispered, pulling out of her mouth. He could see the uncertainty in her eyes, but he knew she was trying to be brave. He took her face in his hands, his fingers gently caressing her cheek. “You’re incredible, Lacy. You did so well. And yes, you’re better than your momma.”

She blushed, her eyes wide with surprise. “Really? You think so?”

He nodded, his eyes never leaving hers. “I’ve never seen anything so hot in my life. You’re a natural born sucker, Lacy. And I can’t to teach you a little bit more how to do it. Heh, might have to run that boyfriend of yours off and keep you for myself.”

Lacy felt a surge of excitement in her chest, her pussy growing wetter by the second. She had never felt so alive, so wild. And Jimmy was the one who made her feel this way.

“Now, honey, why don’t you go get us some more lines. Just use that razor to slide some onto that saucer, and bring the straw.” He watched her amazing young ass as she walked away. He decided then and there he was going to fuck that hole next. When he woke up this morning, he told himself he wouldn’t- he’d be gentle this first time, but she had taken so naturally to everything else. It was clear she was just a little slut- just like he’d seen when he first laid eyes on her two years before. A young dirty slut, just like he’d seen in her eyes.

Lacy brought the saucer over.

“Now, you just get a little bitty line this. I got another surprise for you.” He knew the booty bump would help her ass adjust to his cock. She snorted up the line, much easier this time than the first two. Jimmy snorted his, then got up from the couch.

“I’ll be right back” He said.

He went into his bedroom and came back out with a small package and a tube of lotion. “You’re going to love this, baby girl. Go ahead and rev yourself up some more.” He leaned down and kissed her on the couch, guiding her own hand back down to her crouch. “Daddy wants to see you pleasuring yourself as he gets this ready.”

She grinned at him, wickedly, trying her best to be his sexy lover instead of just a 14 year old girl. He could easily see both.

He went to the kitchen and pulled out the needle-less syringe. He cut a big line of meth, and mixed it in a glass with water. Then he slowly drew it up into the syringe.

“Okay, baby girl, up on all 4s on the couch. Show me your ass.” She quickly complied. He smiled as her soaking cunt juices made her entire crouch glisten. “Okay, relax- this may take a bit to get in, but you’re going to love it.”

She yipped with surprise as he smeared a dollop of lube right on her puckered, hairless asshole. He slowly started pushing the syringe into her tight hole.

Lacy gritted her teeth, her eyes wide with fear and anticipation. She could feel the cold syringe piercing her tight ring of muscle, invading her trembling body.

“Just relax, baby girl,” Jimmy whispered soothingly, his voice calm and reassuring. “Just relax and breath. I’ve done this to younger girls, and you’ll love it. Plus, I want your asshole to be good and relaxed when I get inside you later.”

Lacy took a deep breath and let it out slowly, trying to relax her muscles. She could feel the plastic pushing deeper, and then suddenly, a rush of warmth spread through her ass. She gasped as the meth hit her system, the euphoria setting in immediately. She felt warmth blossom in her belly.

“There you go, baby,” Jimmy said, withdrawing the syringe and rubbing more lube on her tight ring. “That wasn’t so bad.”

He grinned as she moaned, collapsing forward onto the couch. He put a finger against her ass with even more lube and started pushing in. With his other hand he start lubing up his rock hard cock.

Lacy’s eyes widened in surprise as she felt Jimmy’s finger slide into her already lubed asshole. The sensation was intense, and she couldn’t help but let out a moan. Jimmy watched her closely, his eyes never leaving her face. He could see that she was still scared, but the fear was being replaced by a growing excitement. He knew that she was ready for more.

He began to finger her ass gently, stretching her tight hole and preparing her for what was to come. He could feel her muscles relax as she got used to the sensation, and he knew that soon she would be able to take his cock deep inside her.

As he continued to finger her, Lacy’s moans became more desperate, her body arching back into his touch. She was fully aroused now, her entire body trembling with desire. She wanted him inside her, and she wanted it now.

But Jimmy wasn’t ready. He wanted this girl to become a true ass whore. He reached down and picked up the Hitachi wand he had brought with him. Turning it on its lowest setting, he handed it to her. “Put this on your clit and hold it there.”

She moaned as she got it positioned, her hips gently gyrating, uncontrollably. He slide a second finger in, and started working her asshole left and right, in and out.

Lacy’s eyes fluttered closed as the sensation of the wand and Jimmy’s fingers overwhelmed her. She could feel her orgasm building, the pressure mounting with every passing moment. Her mind raced with wild desires, her body begging for more.

Jimmy watched her intently, his eyes locked on her flushed face and heaving chest. He could see the waves of pleasure washing over her, and he knew that she was about to reach her breaking point.

The orgasm rolled over her, flushing her skin, her body trembling and convulsing in Jimmy’s skilled hands. Lacy cried out, her voice high and desperate, her entire body writhing in pleasure.

As the wave of ecstasy washed over her, Jimmy knew that she was ready for him. He removed his fingers from her ass. He reached down and trigger the Wand to a higher setting, immediate triggering some helpless keening from the girl. Then he got behind her on the couch and position her hips. He slid his cock between her eager cheeks, pressing the head against her tight ring of muscle.

Lacy’s moan turned into a bit of a scream of pain as he drove the first couple of inches in, but he held himself there, ruthless. He couldn’t believe how tight she was. It felt like a tourniquet on his dick. He held himself still, letting her slowly adjust.

As Lacy adjusted to the initial discomfort of his invasion, Jimmy slowly started to thrust, his hips moving gently back and forth. Lacy felt an intense pleasure surge through her as her asshole stretched to accommodate his engorged cock. Her moans filled the room, mixing with the sounds of their flesh slapping together.

Jimmy watched her face as he fucked her raw, her eyes flickering between pleasure and pain. He could see the wild desire in her eyes, the hunger for more. He knew that he was tearing her apart, but he couldn’t help himself. He wanted to claim this young, tight ass for himself.

He picked up the pace, his thrusts becoming faster and harder. Lacy’s moans turned into screams of pleasure, her body trembling beneath him. She reached back, grabbing onto the couch for support, her nails digging into the fabric.

Jimmy’s cock throbbed as he looked down at this tight, young body, hurling herself back on his dick. He had pictured this from the first time he laid eyes on Lacy. He knew then her mom was a druggie. He knew he was wrong for what he felt towards the woman’s daughter. He knew he was going stay broke, providing mommy’s drugs. But he had plotted this moment from that one. He had known he was going to fuck this illegal, young ass since that day. A bargain was struck, but he had to wait two years. And finally, here he was. He had hoped he wouldn’t hurt her too much but knew it didn’t fundamentally matter if she was in pain; her ass was still going to get fucked. But he had never hoped, except in his deepest darkest places, that she would be fucking him back this completely and with abandon.

He pulled her hair gently, guiding her head up to look into his eyes. Lacy’s eyes were glazed with passion and the high from the meth, her gaze intense and unwavering. She was lost in the moment, in this scene he had orchestrated so meticulously.

“I’m going to fuck you so hard, baby girl,” he whispered huskily, his voice filled with lust and domination. “Tell me you want me to fuck you! Beg for daddy!”

Lacy moaned, her voice breathy and needy. She could feel his cock sliding in and out of her, stretching her ass like never before. It hurt, but the pain was mixed with pleasure, a cocktail she was coming to crave more and more. And the Wand on her clit was keeping her captive and helpless.

He slammed into her harder, his hips pistoning wildly. Lacy’s screams filled the room, mingling with the slap of their flesh. Her nails dug into the couch.

“Oh, fuck me daddy! Fuck my ass! Fuck me!”

With that cry, Jimmy couldn’t hold out any longer. He thrust once more, his cock hitting the deepest depths of her ass, and he let out a primal roar as he unleashed his seed, filling her tight canal with his hot, thick cum.

Lacy shivered with pleasure, her orgasm washing over her like a tidal wave. She could feel Jimmy’s cock throbbing inside her, pumping her full of cum. She moaned and screamed, her body writhing beneath him.

He collapse. They both lay there, bodies twitching with slowly receeding orgasm. They panted in time, and then slowly relaxed. Their sweat mingled. Jimmy’s dick finally went fully limp, for the first time since he had waked that morning.

“Oh my god, baby girl. I have to pee so bad.”

As he slowly pulled out of her, his cock leaving a trail of warm cum on her ass, Lacy looked up at him adoringly. Her eyes glazed over with lust and devotion. She knew she would do anything to please him, to feel him inside her again.

Jimmy leaned down, kissing her hard on the lips. Her tongue passionately met his, tasting the mix of their sweat and passion. He could feel her body trembling with aftershocks. The day was just beginning.

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