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Both Ways

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My friend, Collette got a new princess dress, her mom made them. So, I got her old one, and we went over to play Princesses at her house. #RolePlay

I was just taking off my clothes, down to my underwear when she pushed me, and practically slammed the closet door.

“Uh! What you do that for?”

“I’m sorry, but.” She waved me over, and leaned down to my ear. ‘my brother’s got a peep-hole, in the closet.’

“Oh,” I picked up the dress, and held it over my training bra, but “What for?” Useless with the door already closed, but she giggled.

‘you know?’ I shook my head. ‘peep shows?’

“Ew, you mean he.”

“Sh!” He might be listening, so I just cupped my hand, and pumped it in front of me. She shrugged, “Sometimes.” Well, he is a teenager. “Put that on, so we can go out.” In the yard, instead of playing Princesses, we just talked in the castle.

It’s not really a castle, more like a tower, but really it’s just a box with a ladder, and wood blocks sticking up like jackolantern teeth to look like a castle. A ladder so you can climb up, and a slide down the other side, so you can make your escape.

“He got a girlfriend!” So, she didn’t have to whisper.

“Oh really? So, you can see them doing it, in his room?”

“No, he just closes the door.”

“Oh,” makes sense. He’s got a closet door too, so if you want privacy. He can close his too.

“They make out on the bed, though. And you ever play dressup with your brother?”

“Not any more.” Just this one time she came over to my house, and we made him pretty, but he’s not normally into all that girl stuff. But come to think of it, that was her idea in the first place. I couldn’t go out to play with her, because I had to babysit.

“So,” he came out, “Who wants to play the evil queen?”

“Oh, I do!” I ran out while he was still grabbing the trashcan lid, but he had his silver sweater dress on. It’s not a dress, it’s chainmail with a hood, but it hangs down to his knees like a dress. So, he can play knight in shining armor, his mom crocheted it out of silver yarn, with sparkly threads in it. So it looks like mithril, I guess.

So, I got to tie her up on the roof, she could yell “Help help, will somebody please help!” While I walked around, shaking my hands curled up, like claws, and practice my evil laugh. I don’t really like playing the badguy, but it’s better than getting tied to a flagpole, so I can walk around, and act it up. For once, I called it first.

“Nyahahaha! No one can help you now, that I have you in my clutches, my pretty!” I brushed her face with my fake nails, but I didn’t scratch her. Honestly, they’re too think to scratch anyone. “You won’t be so pretty when I’m done with you!”

“I’ll save you!” Then, Prince Charming rode his bike out of the side yard, for a horse. He had to dismount, and pull his sword out of his belt. Bend down, and pick up the trash can lid, since he can’t ride the bile on it, and straighten his helmet, because it slipped down over his eyes.

Then, he could climb up the ladder, while I grabbed the board, and swung my legs over the slide. Made my escape, and picked up my staff. Holding it up, I spun it around, and round.

“You fell right into my trap! Forest of Thorns shall be your Tomb, born from the skies in a fog of doom. Now go with a curse, and serve me well. Round Stephan’s Castle, CAST MY SPELL!” Then, for good measure, I banged on the plastic board we had set up like a gong, for the Thunder Sheet.

I know, Maleficent is not a Queen, she’s a Witch (And a dark fairy) but that’s just the best spell I know. There was a little Wicked Witch of Oz in there too, my pretty. I just didn’t have any flying monkeys to send after them.

Somebody’s got to play the badguy.


Okay, I guess you could say we’re LARPing. I didn’t know they had a name for it, but Colette was her middle name. Her first name was Galadriel, because her parents played D&D. That’s why there’s a castle in the back yard, and their eldest has a Mithril Coat.

It’s more fun to go out, and play than sit around the table with Dice, and Character sheets, but that sweater was hot. Long sleeves, with a hood, and hung down to his knees. So after a while he had to go take it off.

The princess dresses were lighter fabrics, so I didn’t have to take it off, and I even got to wear it home now, but Strider (His middle name was Aragorn) was the first boy I kissed. Well, he kissed me, playing Sleeping Beauty, or Snow White. After he fought his sister, when she was the Evil Queen.

Not Disney princesses, yeah we saw the movies too, but they grew up with The Hobbit for bedtime stories, and played all the olde tales enough times that at some point, you start making your own up. Same basic cast of characters, because she had a whole treasure chest full of princess dresses, and wigs. He had a suit of armor, and it was mostly girls that came over to play.

Because honestly, he was too old to be playing kid games. He was starting to play D&D with their folks, and their group but when I came over, somebody had to play Prince Charming. Honestly, my little brother was still too young to come over, and swing sticks at us. He wasn’t coordinated enough, so he could whack your knees or knuckles instead of the staff.

So, when we got back to her room, Colette held up a finger, and turned the door knob carefully on the closet door. She didn’t say anything, even in a whisper, but she opened it for me, then closed it quietly when I got in.

The peephole was easy to find, by the light shining in from his bedroom. He hung up the sweater on a hanger, and he had sweaty pits. So, he took his shirt off, and I couldn’t help giggling. I’d seen him with his shirt off before, in the back yard, but this was way dirtier.

All I knew about Peep Shows was what I read off of signs, driving by that street to take a shortcut downtown. [Live Nude Girls] and [Peep Show] I guess that old Madonna video for the song “Open Your Heart?” It’s pretty good if you like Madonna, but it was already old by then on VH1, because MTV was slowly turning into the Reality Show Channel. “The Real World,” and all those spinoffs, but I got the idea from that.

I just never thought that they had shows like that for girls, like me. I mean, of course not, you’re not supposed to expose yourself to tweens any more than they’re supposed to peep on us while we’re changing.

The peephole wasn’t like a 1 way mirror, though. Not only could he look in her room, if she left the closet door open. I could kneel down, and watch him undo his pants. His underwear sticking out when he pulled them down, waving back and forth like a magic wand when he backed up to the bed.

He had to kick his shoes off to pull his legs out of his pants, but he knew I was there. Of course, he heard me giggle when he took his shirt off, but I’m not going to bother with describing his body. He’s a teenage boy, fitter than most, because he ran around, chasing us with a trashcan lid, and a sword. Climbing ladders, and riding his bike like a horse, but we’re not talking about a muscle hunk with a hairy chest, and a bull mustache.

(That’s gay, a gay bull. They have mustaches, and dress up like Cops, in Leather, or you know? Half the Village People, the one that leads in the Blue Oyster Bar. Nowadays you’d call him a “Top.” They didn’t have gay bars downtown, along with the burlesque, and the live nude girl’s peep shows.)

So yeah, I watched him beat off, but he didn’t just whip it out, and beat off. He stripped down to his boxers, then leaned back sideways on his bed. His hairy legs spread wide open, pitching a tent. Then, he pulled up his waistband, and stuck his hand in there. I could see his knuckles move around, playing with his balls, but he gave me a show.

He had a girlfriend, and his sister didn’t tell me about that. Well this, for one thing he came out, and asked who wanted to play the Queen. For another, it didn’t spoil the surprise, so I could watch while he teased me. Took his time to enjoy it too, but of course, he played this sort of game with his girlfriend too.

Slowly, he held it up. So, the waistband came down tight over his knuckles, and the head stuck out the top. Then, he stroked down to show my more, and more of it. Then, he started stroking up and down, and then he pulled the elastic all the way down. His balls up to hang over it, and then he picked up the pace. Pulling the skin tight, so his balls bounced, and rolled back down. Patting his hip harder, and faster. His tummy flexing so I could even see the muscles twitch. The line sink in up the middle across his belly button, but not the whole 6 pack.

He didn’t have a 6 pack, yet. He wasn’t really doing situps, and cross-crunches, but later on in life. He got fitter, and better looking. Not to say he was bad looking even as a little boy, he was cute, but watching him grow into a man. My man eventually, once he broke up with his girlfriend, because honestly she never cared for that D&D nerdiness. He just didn’t look like a nerd, but when she found out. She tried to play it, but she just wasn’t into it, and eventually, she moved on.

She liked role-play, though. In the bedroom, she joined the cheer squad as a Junior, but she got the uniform from somewhere before that. She just didn’t like the kids stuff, knights, and princesses. Not the way I did, but of course he shot his wad eventually.

“Huh!” His hand slowed down, and he even slipped his fingers out, to rub the bottom with his fingertips. It shot straight up in the air like a fountain, but a lot of it landed on his tummy. His nice tanned tummy, with the line sinking in, and flattening out when he breathed. Then, he pinched it, and ran his fingers up. So the last wad milked out on his thumb, and fingertip.

“Smwq!” He smacked his lips, and played with the mess on his tummy. Scooping it up to lick and suck off his fingers. Finally, I got up, and came out of the closet. (Yeah, I know that, now.) Wide eyes, and blinking in the daylight from the window.

“So, how was the show?”

“Oh my god, it was amazing!” We jumped up, and down, laughing, and holding onto each other so we didn’t fall down. While he went out to the bathroom, and took a shower. Then, I peeked through the cracked door when he came out in a towel. Watched him from the closet as he took it off. Bent over to pick up some shorts, and sniff them to make sure they’re clean. He didn’t make as much of a show of putting clothes on, but I got to see everything I wanted, and more.

I didn’t realize it at first, but he’s tanned all over. I mean, he doesn’t have tan lines from wearing pants, or shorts. That’s because he tans naked in front of the window, but the only place you can really watch him is from the top of the Tower.

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