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A young girl in rio

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I m 18 now and live in rio as a very kept girl, I was 13 living in a small villagein a remote place in the rain forest I was very sexy even then with small firm tits nice ass and a tight pussy I always wore shorts and a tube top,one day while I was gathering some food stuff in the jungle alone I was druged and taken by a 3 men and when I woke up lateri was laying in a small hut somewhereand I was naked,one of the guys came in and told me I belonged to them now and I was going to do whatever they wanted me to from then on at first I was afraid as I watched him undress I could only lay there soon he faced me and had me get up on my knees and he slowly pushed his 8″ dick in my mouth as hedid my lips formed a seal around his dick and he face fucked me his dick got very hard in my mouth and I noticed his balls were very full soon he pulled out and he had me lay down on my back and spread he got down between my legs and positioned himself and he started to push his dick slowly into my tight pussy soon it hurt as he kept goingi moaned in pain and then it started feeling good and then I felt him deep inside my cervix before he stopped,my pussy was tight around him as he slowly fucked me he whispered for me to relax as he kept going and then I felt his dick swell and he unloaded his hot sperm deep inside of my pussy filling me up, after he pulled out some of it leaked out and soon another guy came in and he fucked my ass it hurt also and he filled my ass up full of his hot sperm,later that evening the last guy fucked me they kept me there for a month fucking me every day.Then they took me to rio and sold me to a man who owned a large villa and he turned me into a slut and whorefor him I lvoe it now and I ll do anything he wants me to sexually and hekeeps me well

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  • Reply Mike ID:1dltkcyjfppy

    13 is good

  • Reply [email protected] ID:eq5ti158k

    Great story would love to her more from you OP. Session or email me please.

  • Reply Gonzo ID:1eeehffdfqo1

    Dream cum true finding a sex slave. When I love in the country I plan on getting a few but if my daughter moves in I will not need a slave as her and her daughter are sexual freaks.