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A gymnast relaxes her mind and body

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18yr Gymnast is stressed before a competition

Francesca’s body and conditioning were in excellent shape for the gymnastics competition, she even looked amazing in a stunning long sleeved black and pink striped leotard, with its jewel encrusted design, but the eighteen-year-olds mind was in dire straits.

This was her last shot at making it into the national team, she was good enough, all the 5’4, lithe, blonde teenager had to do was prove it to the judges and scouts, so she went to the bathroom to drown out the noise inside the arena, lose sight of the task in front of her, and refocus her mind on her routine.

One of the methods Francesca used to refocus was masturbation. An orgasm reset everything, blowing away any negative thoughts and emotions the teenager had… but right before she was due to start warming up for the competition?

Francesca looked at herself in the mirror, her blonde hair was in a French twist, keeping it out of her pretty face and supple neck, and a combination of black eye liner and water-resistant mascara emphasised her bright blue eyes.

The teenager stared at her pressed B cup breasts and bulging mound inside the leotard, wanting to intimately touch her sweet spots. It wasn’t the time or place to be thinking about pleasuring herself, but she needed to destress her mind and body if she was going to perform in the arena.

Francesca thought about the men in the stands, whose eyes had intently followed her around in the leotard. The men who lusted after her fit, conditioned, teenaged body. A dirty thought entered her young mind as she locked herself inside a cubicle and peeled the leotard down her slender body.

A thought of her with those men, touching her, undressing her, groping her firm breasts and tight, virgin pussy as they also undressed and revealed their throbbing erections. It was a reoccurring fantasy for the gymnast.

Naked inside the cubicle, leotard hanging up on the back of the door, Francesca touched her sensitive nipples and sighed, rubbing them simultaneously, stirring her arousal and turning herself on. The teenagers body began to tingle all over, her nipples growing until they ached to be suckled.

She closed her eyes and let her mind wander to those men in the crowd, dads most of them, there to cheer on their own daughters. But in her fantasy, they were just men who were there to stroke her naked body, cup and knead her small breasts, rub and explore her wet pussy with their experienced fingers.

As Francesca imagined the men, she sensually caressed her breasts and circled her nipples with one hand, while she brushed fingertips up and down her abs with the other hand, heightening her arousal before she moved down to her swollen vulva, waxed bald the night before, ready for the competition.

The gymnast took a few moments to massage her breasts and feel the smoothness of her mons pubis, softly running her fingertips across it as she spread her toned legs further apart. She was beginning to relax.

Then, emitting soft gasps, Francesca touched her outer labia, opening and closing the tight lips. They squelched when she parted them, enticed by the warm aching between her legs, she slipped a finger down through the slit, gasping as sensations of pleasure rushed up her body like gentle waves.

Pushing her finger inside, feeling the pressure of her clenching muscles, she used her warm, buttery like lubrication to keep sliding her finger in. It felt so good, the gymnast leaned back against the cubicle, kicking off her flip-flops and placing a foot on the toilet, opening herself up as she tweaked her burning nipples.

Panting quietly, Francesca pushed onwards until her finger was buried to the hilt, feeling around inside, all the soft bumps and warm juice, nothing compared to that feeling, making her wonder what a hard penis entering her vagina felt like. All through her teens, she was told to stay away from boys and concentrate on gymnastics.

Losing her mind to her body, she sucked on a finger, coating it in saliva and then putting her hand behind her, pressing the wet finger against her puckered anus.

Suddenly, two other gymnasts entered the toilets, talking excitedly about the competition, but now she’d started, Francesca found it impossible to stop. Their presence excited her more.

She bit her lower lip and held the bite as she gently greased the tiny hole before pushing her finger into her ass. The teenager’s face was screwed up in agonising bliss, pushing one finger deep into her rectum and another deep inside her pussy, while two fellow gymnasts used the toilet.

Determined, she began to thrust in and out of her tight holes with nipples throbbing and her mind dreaming about the men laying her down on the gym floor, getting ready to take it in turns to penetrate her virginity with their hard, eager cocks.

Having opened up her pussy, Francesca added a second finger, thrusting faster and harder while only using the one finger in her ass. The two girls flushed the toilets, still talking without realising one of their competitors was masturbating in one of the cubicles.

Keeping all three fingers rigid and stretched, the teenager felt her internal walls tighten around them as she plunged in and out of her soaking wet pussy and tight ass hole, bringing waves of intense pleasure. She wanted to breathe in sync with those waves, but the other two girls were still inside the room, washing their hands, almost done.

Francesca held it in as she continued to finger both holes. But as soon as the girls left, and she heard the door close behind them with a loud thud, she let it all out.

“Oh! Fuck me! Oh! Fuck my ass and pussy!” she told the men in her fantasy.

Eventually, her clit demanded attention. Francesca slowly pulled out of her ass and started rubbing her clit, leaving her anus twitching before it closed tightly again.

“Come on! Fuck me! Yes! Fuck my pussy!” she panted, rubbing her clit and fingering herself.

Francesca could see it so clearly, the first man lying on top of her, pushing his cock in to her virgin sex while the others stood around watching and waiting for their turn.

I have to do it for real soon, she told herself. I can’t wait any longer to experience it.

The pressure kept building and building until it soon began to strain. “Oh yes! Fuck me!” she cried out inside the cubicle, slamming her hand against her pubic bone, wishing her fingers were a hard cock.

After a few moments of loud groaning and masturbating, the dam burst and Francesca climaxed, bouncing her body off the cubicle wall as wave after wave of pleasure washed through her, bathing her fingers in warm juice as it gushed out her and ran down her legs.

“Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh!” she moaned, until her orgasm lost its intensity.

She eventually stopped rubbing and thrusting and grabbed her small breasts, squeezing them until her orgasm subsided. Becoming dizzy the gymnast slumped to the floor, gasping for air.

She ripped tissue paper from the toilet roll on the wall and wiped her sticky, glistening fingers clean, then took another moment to rest before she got up to put her leotard on.

Suddenly, the toilet door opened again. “Francesca! Are you in here?” her coach shouted, searching for her gymnast.

“I’m nearly finished, Donna!” she replied, adjusting the crotch area of her leotard. Her mound was still swollen. A tight camel-toe protruded through the fabric along with her stiff nipples.

“Ok, but please hurry up, the warm-up is literally about to start!”

Francesca’s coach left and the gymnast finally came out of the cubicle. She washed her hands and smelt her fingers, the scent of her vagina was still strong on them, but she had to start warming up for the competition.

With a clear, focussed mind, the teenager took to the floor with a smile, ready to perform for the judges, scouts and crowd, forgetting about the men in the stands, until the next time she needed an orgasm.

Francesca did very well in the competition, but she unfortunately didn’t make the grade, she retired from gymnastics soon after and went to college, where her body developed fuller feminine curves and she discovered the joys of intercourse.

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  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

    This story of yours brought back my memory, when I took ballet back when I was 15, my male ballet instructor had me up on the leg bar stretching, when he made his move on me by moving the bottom of my leotard to the side and ripped a hole in my white tights and shoved his hard cock into my pussy and banged me with one leg in the standing position and the other leg is up onto the leg bar as he held my hips and he gave me my very first squirting orgasm ! after that he fucked me every week when all the other girls left ! Britney

  • Reply Bob in Tulsa ID:5eh47v068w

    What a great fantasy and one that would be so easy to fulfill.