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Young religious wife taken by her doctor in the examining room while waiting for her husband

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I’m back and I missed some of you like Jen and Ian and daddy, but I had some issues to deal with but now everything is okay .

Tara was brought up in a strict religious family , and the first time I met her was about seven years ago .
I was her families doctor and before she was married , her mother took her to see me for her pre-marital check up .

Tara is a very attractive young lady , she’s stands about 5’3 with 32 c-cup tits and excellent child bearing hips . While examining her I noticed her very curvy and pouty ass that was making my cock stir-up .

Well I continued my check up on her . I told her mom that she was still a virgin and is ready for her
marriage to her husband .

Two years went by and she continued to see me for either colds or some kind of ailment .

Three days ago Tara called my office and said that when she was out for her morning run that she had
pulled her leg muscle and wanted to know if I could check it out . When she came into my office I took a quick look at it and telling her to ice it down and to make an appointment with an message therapist .
She agreed to follow what I said and left my office feeling a little better .

She called me back the next day complaining that the message therapist would be out of town for at
least the next three weeks and asked me for a good referral . I knew no one else who could help her
right away so I call in a prescription of Percocet and told her that it’s a very strong pain killer and it also can cause an euphoric high , so I told her to take it with great cation .

I told Tara to come back to my office because the pain shouldn’t be this bad and I should do an x-ray .

She said okay and showed up three hours later for the x-ray . As we walked down to the x-ray area
I said good night to my nurse and office staff as they are all leaving for the day . I locked the door so
I wouldn’t get stuck seeing another walk in appointment tonight . As I opened the door for her she walked in front of me and I couldn’t help notice the Victorian beauty of her perfectly shaped ass .

As I helped her onto the x-ray table she brushed herself against me and she seemed a little dizzy .
I asked her if she was okay and she said yes , she thinks it’s the medication . I said you took the Percocet already . I told her that her husband will have to come and pick her up when we are done .

She giggled and said he won’t mind , she was feeling the effects of the drug . I attempted to help her
up onto the table and she stumbled right back against me and fell into my lap . Again she giggled and
laughed as I could feel her bottom shake and my cock began to get hard .

I told her that her husband will be here in about an hour and that she should lie down on the x-ray
table and take a nap until he comes , she giggled again and said okay .As I left the room she asked
what the message would be like so I told her it will be an deep tissue message against the back of
her legs and buttocks , she asked if I could do the message .

I agreed for only a few minutes until she fell asleep , she said okay, so I took a position behind her and
began rubbing her leg through the material of her dress . As I continued to message upward I slowly
worked up to her ass .

I lifted her dress up over her pouty Victorian ass and was presented with the most beautiful ass that I
ever seen . Her ass was encased in a thin layer of pantyhose , each of her ass cheeks are smooth as silk as my cock is getting hard . As she’s falling asleep I got bolder and bent down and smelled her
ass and pussy as my nose is separated by 1/2 inch of air and a thin layer of nylon , all that I can smell is her perfume at her ass and pussy area .

As Tara is in a deep sleep I carefully pulled her nylons down over her ass and then I put each hand on
each of her ass cheeks and spread them apart .

Tara a young , rich , strict , religious lady , who has never been with anyone other than her husband .

When I heard her voice in a sharp loud tone , “WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU DOING TO ME”!!!?

“I’m just working on your muscle honey just relax and go back to sleep okay”!!

“NO”!! She shouted , “THIS IS NOT OKAY”!

Just relax and you will be all right . She finally agreed and calmed down as I moved in behind her .
I slowly unzipped my pants and took my dick out , my god it was 10 inches long .

I sat on the back of her legs and resumed the message focusing only on her ass cheeks and being careful that my dick doesn’t touch her . As my message grew deeper and stronger her ass cheeks would separate , opening up her perfumed smelling ass and exposing her pink cherry ass bud .

Then something happened , I stopped the message for a second to adjust and rub my cock as I noticed Tara’s hips continued a slight rhythmic motion . This excited me to the extent that I coated my
big cock with a thick layer of KY Jelly .

Tara’s hips continued to pump when I restarted the massage as I put my finger down to her pussy .
Oh my god her pussy was soaked with her pussy juice .

I couldn’t hold off anymore , I put another dab of KY Jelly on my cock and crawled up on her , then I
pushed my cockhead into her cherry pink ass bud and it opened up immediately as I began to pump her ass over and over and deeper and deeper popping her ass cherry as she screamed .

Tara was awake at this point swearing at me , “YOU DIRTY FUCKING ASSHOLE , THE LORD GOD IS GOING TO STRIKE YOU DOWN”!!!!

As felt myself ready to blow my load ,I pulled my cock out of her ass and put it up to her face as she
asked what the hell was I doing now to her . I ordered Tara to open her mouth and she screamed out ,


I placed my big slimy dick on her lips and pushed , she began to cry as I ordered her to open her mouth .

She opened her jaw and I pushed my dick in as she instinctively grabbed it with her hand and pumped my dick as I worked it in and out of her mouth and throat .

Then suddenly I was cumming , glob after enormous glob of my sperm gurgled down the pretty wife’s
throat while some of it spilled onto her face and down onto her dress .

As she dried her eyes and tried to get her composure I helped her to clean up and warned her against
the effects of Percocet can have on religious house wives .

Tara left twenty minutes later . As watched her drive away with her husband , I was thinking that just
twenty minutes ago I had fucked her pouty ass with my big dick and fucked her mouth and throat
until I blew my entire load down her throat as she swallowed all my sperm and filled up her tummy .


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  • Reply Jen B ID:1hftpaq0d9j

    Mommy tara we love you at the house and miss you

    • Ian ID:5vyiv7cdqrj

      Hope your both well jen, Tara be on soon i hope ready to get started on a story she desires.

  • Reply Ian ID:5vyiv7cdqrj

    That alright Tara, love you very much too, anytime, and cause of my concern you get to make any story request you want ;).

  • Reply Ian ID:5vyiv7cdqrj

    Ever need to talk or need anything Tara, im here for all of you. After being so welcoming and being hottest woman on here :p

    • TARA ID:1df0k80uvhff

      I missed you too honey , and thank you for your concern for me . I’m okay ! love you very much ian ! Your Tara !

  • Reply Ian ID:5vyiv7cdqrj

    I bloody missed you Tara, how you been, hope your well x

  • Reply sickodude ID:1czvn11l6po9

    ch.2… she comes back with belly pains, and you put a nut i her slut pussy :-9