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Precious Gem – P1

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The story of my first sexual adventure with my precious Gem. We went from being like father and daughter to sex crazed lovers, and I was a married man

The following is the first story about me and my precious Gem and our sexual adventures together.

I’m Dave and I’m 43 years old, married for 18 years to my wife Karen and we don’t have any children together.

Gemma, or “Gem”, as I like to call her, is the 14 year old daughter of a mutual friend of ours, she’s a bubbly little squirt, maybe 4 and half feet tall, healthy build, her hair is quite long, so long that I sometimes tease her by calling her Rapunzel, its dark brown and she also has light brown eyes, she was born with only one hand, her right arm and hand were fine but her left arm ended at her wrist and she had to wear a prosthetic hand.

I’ve told you that because I want you to know her and maybe build a picture of her in your mind, I love her to pieces, and she feels like my adopted daughter at times.

My wife and I looked after her all the time, perfectly innocently, nothing dodgy going on, that was until one day her mum brought her around, it must have been about 7PM, Karen had been speaking to her on the phone and apparently going through some difficult stuff with her boyfriend, so my wife told her to bring Gemma around and I’d take care of her while they went for a night on the town to cheer up.

I’d just got out of the shower when they arrived, Gemma rushed by me as I was coming out of the bathroom tying the strap of my bath robe around my waist, she ran straight in to the living room and turned on the TV, it was then my wife informed me that I’d be taking care of her, she gave me a kiss then buggered off with Gemma’s mum for a night out, nice of her to ask me wasn’t it.

So Gemma and I spent the evening watching TV and I microwaved her a frozen pizza, then at around 9-ish, she got up to get a shower before bed, again perfectly innocent, I was in the kitchen making myself a hot drink when I heard a bang and then a scream, I rushed to the bathroom and as I opened the door part way she pushed it closed, “Don’t come in, I’m not dressed.” She yelled.

“Are you alright in there? What’s happened?” I asked.

The door opened, she was soaking wet and had her pink towel wrapped around her and her left leg lifted off the floor, “I slipped in the shower and hurt my knee.” She said, there was a small cut on her knee, “Come in here.” I said, keeping her steady and helping her across the hall and in to my bedroom, it was the closest room, I sat her down on the bottom of the bed and went to the kitchen to get a plaster out of the first aid kit.

I returned to the bedroom and kneeled in front of her, then I lifted her left leg and rested her foot on my leg before putting the plaster on her cut, what I didn’t realize was when I lifted her leg it also raised her towel and as I lifted my head to look at her face, I caught a very brief glimpse right between her legs, at that point I experienced a very strange sensation and bad thought entered my mind, only for a quick second, I immediately put her foot back on the floor and stood myself up, “There we go. All better now.” I said, and I cleared my throat feeling a bit nervous.

Gem stood up, raised her arms and put them around me giving me a hug, “Thanks, Uncle Dave.” She said, “You’re welcome.” I replied, tapping her on her back, it felt like she was hugging me forever, and the image of her pussy was still going around in my mind and causing a biological reaction, by that I mean I was getting an erection, I gently pushed her off of me, “Are you okay now?” I asked, she nodded and smiled, “Yep, thanks.” She replied and she sat back down on the bed.

I didn’t know what to say to her after that, I just kept looking at her and looking around the room feeling a bit awkward, “Uncle Dave…” she said, in a low tone, “Yeah?” I asked, she bit her upper lip and started to blush, then she pointed at my crotch, “…Your – things poking out.” She said.

I looked down and there it was, the head of my cock was sticking out through the flaps of my bath robe, I quickly covered it up, “Shit! – Uhm. I’m sorry. Sorry, Gem.” I said, totally embarrassed.

Gem started giggling, I wanted to the Earth to open up and swallow me alive, “Is that for me?” she asked.

“What do you mean, for you?” I asked, struggling to understand why should would ask me such a question, at her age, to me of all people.

“Did it get bigger because of me…” She said, then she smiled wider, “…Does it like me, Uncle Dave?” she asked.

I was panicking inside, if her mum or my wife found out that I flashed her, even accidentally, I’d be done for, “Gem, darling. I’m so sorry. You weren’t mean to see that, I’m so embarrassed. Please can we just forget about it and keep it between us.” I said.

“I won’t tell.” She replied.

I was so relieved, “Thank you. Thank you.” I said.

“If you let me see it again.” She said.

“What?” I asked.

“I won’t tell. But only if you let me see it again. I want to see it. Show me.” She said.

Absolutely not, there was no way I was going to show her my cock, I was a little angry she even asked, before I could respond she reached out grabbing the side of my bath robe and pulled me towards her, then in the blink of an eye she had my robe open and my cock in her hand, “Jesus, Gemma. What are you thinking!” I snapped.

“It’s really hard, Uncle Dave.” She said, her tiny fingers wrapped around my shaft and rubbing it up and down, “Don’t move, Uncle Dave.” She said, then she slid herself off the edge of the bed and on to the floor, landing on her knees.

I knew it was wrong but I was enjoying her tugging on my cock, I looked down at saw her licking her lips then she slipped my cock in to her mouth, “Ge-m-ma. Oooh.” I groaned, feeling her soft lips around my cock and her hot moist silky tongue stimulating the nerves on the head of my cock filled me with bliss, my legs shook uncontrollably and I just gave up fighting her, I put my hands on her head and stroked her hair while she joyfully sucked me off.

“Where did you learn to do this?” I asked, stuttering my words out through my rapid breathing.
She popped my cock out of her mouth and looked up at me, “Saw it on TV.” She replied, the popped my cock back in her mouth and continued, she jerked me with her hand while rubbing my balls with the stump of her other arm.

“Stop. Stop. Gemma.” I said, feeling myself about to explode, “Gem. I’m about too…I’m going too..”, then my come exploded from my cock like a geyser, “..Oooooooh..” I groaned, I fired large shots in to her mouth, she made a sound of surprise but wasn’t deterred, she stopped sucking but kept my cock in her mouth until I’d finished squirting.

I just experienced the greatest blowjob of my life and when I looked down at her, her big brown puppy dog eyes rolled up to look at me, she smiled, with my cock still in her mouth, and when she smiled, a river of white come trickled from the sides of her mouth and ran down her chin, she slurped her mouth off of my cock and puffed out her cheeks, she tilted her head all the way back and look at me, then I heard a loud gulp as she knocked back my come and swallowed it.

“Aaaah…” she sounded, like she’d just drank a cold refreshing drink, she licked her lips and smiled, “I’ve always wanted to do that, Uncle Dave.” She said.

“With me?” I asked.

She shrugged her shoulders, “With anyone. But I’m happy it was with you. You’ve got a nice cock, Uncle Dave. It’s big just like the men on TV.” She said.

“Gem, darling. What we’ve just done. Please, you can’t tell anyone.” I said, I was genuinely bricking it.

She lifted herself back up and sat back on the bed, “I won’t tell, Uncle Dave. Can we try other stuff, Uncle Dave?” She said

“We’ll uhm – we’ll see.” I replied, damn what a night.

That was my first sexual experience with my precious Gem. I’ll tell you about the next one some other day.

Hope you enjoy the story.

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