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Mom cat fight desi bus

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This is a story collection which contains lots of himulated content

This story is of that day when I and my mom travelling in bus and I was of age 11 years and my mom was a sexy women of age 35 and with a sexy 38 d boobs and 34 ass and has a sexy curves that any man can’t control his urge by her lusty body she usually wears sexy saree as she is a South Indian madrasi and we lived in Delhi

My mother works in an MNC office she is so sexy and she was a dominant kind of woman and loves to dominates all men’s and women’s as she was bisexual and in the office she used to dominate her colleges and juniors for her pleasure and once she fucked the watchman by her 9 inch strapon and took him as slaves

One day me and my mom was going outside in a car suddenly the tire had got puntcher so we have to take bus as we have no option so me and my mom took the bus and we were sat in the bus after some time the lady conductor she was of 27 has a sexy figure of 32 b and curvy ass and she was drinking juice by standing next to my mom and suddenly the driver had put the brake and the juice falls on my mom’s brand new kitty party saree and made my mom sticky from top too bottom my mom got very angry on her and slapped her very hard all the passengers were stunned she said sorry mam but mom said I know the cheap whore like u and started to scold her in bad words that she can’t hold and lady conductor had return slapped mom mom got furious and said how dare you and you need to be punished and I will teach you a lesson bitch and the mom hold her neck and started to slap the lady conductor hard that the print of my mom hand was on her face and every one in bus started to enjoy it suddenly lady conductor hit my mom nose and little. Blood came out and she grabbed my moms hair and punches her belly hard she fall on ground after 1 minute my mom recovered and she puntches on her face and kicking between conductor legs 🦵 conductor falls in ground and my mom sit on her and gave hard punches in her belly she was in hell pain and lady conductor put a leg lock on mom and she start to remove her saree and she threw it to the boys mom got a chance and hold her hair and pulled and the lady conductor left mom but mom threw her to the ground and punch on her face that blood ozzing of her lips and she started to hit her pussy with the heels and took the wooden rod from the seat and started to hit her lady conductor was of no energy left my mom took her hair and tied it to the bus hanger and she took her bag she always used to carry bdsm kit bag with her she take ropes and tied her legs apart lady conductor was begging my mom to leave her but mom said bitch it is just a start you need to be teached a lesson

Mom took a sessior and started to cut her uniform she cut her nipple and pussy region that her nipples pokked out of her uniform mom gently pinched her nipple she made a loud sound and then my mom undress her and made her nude all the gents and ladies looking in lusty eyes and enjoying mom hold her nipples and pinched hard as possible tears ran out of the lady conductor and mom started to use her as punching bad and slapped her tits hard she was crying like hell but mom was not in a mood mom took the wiph from bag and started to whip her whole body till it become red she was crying like hell so mom got frustrated and took her panty and put it in her mouth as a gag mybmom was enjoying her cry then she took the electric stick and started to give electric shocks on her nipples and pussy she was in hell and she started to pee in a running bus and all the people were got an erection she called the boys and boys came and fucked the lady conductor brutally and put cum on her body and then mom called girls some came 2 school girls 4 college girls and 6 milfs

The lady conductor was begging them to leave but all the girls was in a arousal so they wanted to punish her so they took whips and wipped her every body part and the college girls have hard love bites on her boobs ass face everywhere and milfs started to kick between her legs she was in lots of torture at a time so some ladies put their panty on her face to make her suffocate my mom was pulling her nipple clamps and some were making the video and then mom took a plucker and started to pluck her pussy hair one by one lady conductor was screening in hell pain but no one helped her and school girl took a compas and started to penetrate her boobs blood start to roll from her body all the men’s were mastrubation as they are seeing live bdsm session and a milf aunty came and bite the clit of the lady conductor really hard that the lady councuctor start to move her body hard aunty tells don’t hesitate the loser should be punished hard

Mom now put her 9 inch strapon and gave some strapons tonother ladies they also wore strapon and mom put her strapon in her pussy but it was very tight after a hard pushpa mom put all 9 inch down in her pussy she scream like hell and the blood start to flow from her pussy mommy was happy that she took a virgin slut and then another milf took her anal virginity and fuck her hard and that left the bitch and the other girls and milfs start to fuck her at once there were 2 dicks in ass 3 in pussy and 2 in mouth 2 in hands they fucked them rough thatlady conductor became un concious it has become night so every one gone to eat food and came back as it was a long trip from Delhi to Jaipur and the ac closed bus again start to move and one girl pee on her and the lady councuctor got concious and she was begging my mom to leave her mom asked everyone of their votes but everyone wanted to have fun with her so mom said bitch you have to suffer the himulation as you are a loser of cat fight and you have to satisfy all in bus as an orgy slut and there were 12 girls and 3 men’s in bus

Mom opens the bread pack and the lady conductor was hungry so she begged for food but mom said you have to take food from everyone’s ass by
All the ladies and gents put little piece of bread in their ass hole and the lady councuctor started to take the bread from there ass which was mixed with their sweat she has no option and then she asked for water my mom opened her mouth and started to pee in her mouth

The man came and has a hard fuck with her and poured the cum all over her and aunty hold the lady councuctor eyes open and made a man to come in her eyes and she had a blind of vision for few minutes and the man piss on her so all the cum washed of her the men were tired and slept

But ladies were active and they took her started to circle around her and they farted on her face that lady conductor was suffocate my mom was making video of all this stuff and my mom took some candles and poured the hot wax in her body she yelled in pain and crying suddenly 3 girls slapped the ahit out of her and others were enjoying the show my mom took a paddle and hit her bare ass till red

Some ladies took a battery and clamps and put it on her pussy lips and nipples and tongue and shocked her with more intensity that her yelling sounds were hear all around the bus but no one cares as all ladies got their pain slut

All was going well suddenly bus tyre had puncher so driver gone out to seek help in the time it was dark at night all girls took the lady councuctor out and mom saw some shemale was comming so mom told the lady conductor to fuck those but she denied mom slapped her and put a electric but vibrator and gave shock in ass so she was forced to fuck shemale the lady conductor gone to them and bend on her knees and they fucked her and dragged her brutally on the road that some sharp stone Pearce her body

And the driver arrived and all went in the bus mom was looking for something she got some bear bottles and eggs in the bus mom asked the girls for bear and all took one and the also made lady conductor to drink it from their pussy after drinking bear mom got fully erotic and took nipple ring and started to Pearce it in the lady councuctor nipples and clit she was running but other ladies hold her tightly she was screening but mom don’t care and pearcing her.aftervsome time all dragging her by holding her pearcing that Blood came out of her body mom was laughing on her

And 4 milfs took the eggs and put it in her pussy and the college girls start to punch kick and whip till the eggs not got burst in her pussy and ass lady conductor was exhausted

So the girls took some viagra and put it in lady conductor mouth to give her a sexual arousal and a college student take a injection and injected in her breasts after an hour milk start to leak from her brest all girls squeezed the milk out of her by lactation machine and giving her fingering for sexual arousal she has came minimum 14 times mom tied her up to bus telling and put enema on her and closed her ass and pussy with plugs and made all girls to kick her stomach the lady councuctor wan in the hell pain and screening

Mom made her to eat her shit and lick her ass hole all other milfs and girls also did the same to her and they all fucked her with strapons lady conductor was telling you bitches leave me mom and everyone has laughing on her lady councuctor

there were 2 hour left for all passengers destination so mom and other 12 girls hold her one part of hair and pulled it all pulling her hair at a time in every direction she was screening like hell and then mom pee on hear and took her shaving kit and shaved lady councuctor hair to bald and mom wanted to give her physical marks so she took a sharp object from the milfs hand and wrote all girls name with the sharp object on her body she was screening and blood flowing like water from her body and girls start to spar their saliva on her body eyes and nose mouth and mom and 4 milfs aunty wore high heels 👠 and started to trample on her and mom put her heels in lady conductor ass hole deeper and milf put in pussy and another girls put her heels in lady councuctor nipples and another girl in her belly she was aching in pain and she was continuously screeming but no one cares

Then mom made her to sit on a bear bottle 🍾 forcefully and milf put another bottle in her pussy and mom kicked the bottle till it goes deeper in the lady conductor ass and after some time some girls burst the bottles in her ass and pussy and it made cuts and internal damage now the blood start to over flow mom put her panty in lady councuctor ass to stop it and finally they all have deep bite marks on her brest , pussy and ass now all reached the destination at bus stand after a long bdsm session of 24 hours door opens mom dragged the bitch conductor and kicked her made made a footrest of her near door all the public was seeing her she was in shame and all were going on her and their heels were scratching her back and pain was like hell mom stood on her and scratcher the nude lady conductor back that she was screening in public and mom put a chain on her and dragged her all women’s made a group and mom was head they took the lady conductor as their slave all girls made her to lick their heels and mom made her to lick the dust of the bus stand by her tongue all the public were seeing her himulation she was in shame and mom made her to lick the street dogs penis and get fucked by them she was in high himulated by my mom and all girls and my mom left the bus stand when ever my mom group needs her they call her and enjoy her

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    And all over a spilt drink! That was some cat fight!! Pretty enjoyable too!

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    If this was a true story….

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    do you know tamil?