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Revenge is Sweet Part 3

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Edward Kent returned from Boarding School after 10 years, he didn’t realize how soon he could exact revenge on the the woman that sent him there.

Edward Kent’s Mother Lucinda stood in the middle of the sitting room holding the glass of Brandy, Edward had given her, his hand over hers meant he could control her alcohol intake. He kept gently lifting her hand and the glass to her mouth encouraging her to drink until the entire contents of the Brandy snifter was gone. When she finished he guided her to the couch ,poured her another large brandy turned the chair by the side of the fire so he could look at her and sat down.**

” Well Mother or I think from here on in I will call you Lucinda, or maybe if I am drunk, just, cunt ” he said laughing out loud. ” Drink your Brandy and tell me how does it feel to have me own you ” ? ” It’s a shame the law forbids women from owning property or any inheritance from their late husband, I guess you are basically a nothing in this world , along with my two useless sisters, so we need to come to a decision don’t we ” he said smiling at her. She looked at him as she took another large gulp of her brandy . Edward Kent looked at his Mother and said ” well it’s simple , you and my twin sisters can stay here ,you can carry on being Lucinda Kent ,Lady of the Manor, and my sisters can carry on being lazy useless but pretty little selves, until you find them husbands ,or ” he said with a shit eating grin , ” I will buy you a house in the city, I will give you a small pittance each month for food and clothing.and you can earn extra money making dresses or doing other people’s laundry ,or if you have an other suggestions I would love to hear them “.**

Lucinda Kent sat on the couch with her eyes closed, she had emptied her glass and felt a little tipsy, tears ran down her cheeks , ” I want ,I want , to stay here ” she said as she burst out crying , her sobs got louder and louder until Edward stood up and walked over to her. He took the glass from her and placed it on the side table by the couch, taking her hands he pulled her up,and she clung to him like someone clinging onto the side of an upside down lifeboat in a shipwreck . ” I am sorry ” she said between sobs, ” of course you are ” said her son, ” but it is a bit late to be sorry now, so why don’t you stop crying and lets get you another drink ” She tried to laugh between her sobs and said ” no, I am already tipsy, I should not drink any more I should be going to bed “**

” Lucinda” said Edward ” we need to talk, but first of all you don’t look good in black, lets get rid of the mourning clothes shall we. ” She stood there slightly swaying backwards and forwards , ” what do you mean ” she said looking at him. He walked behind her and put his hands on her thin waist, then he started to undo the buttons on the back of her dress. ” Just out of interest ” he said softly ,” exactly whose idea was it to poison my Father, I am sure it was not yours alone ” . Lucinds felt her dress drop to the floor, followed by her crinoline petticoat. Lucinda Kent stood there in her pink corset and long white bloomers, looking at her corset made Edwards cock twitch. He started to untie the bows at the back of her corset. **

” Well” he said, ” who else was involved in my Father’s poisoning “? She put her hands over her ears as if she wanted to block out the question. Edward undid the last tie on her bone corset, he took hold of her arms and held them out straight in front of her, he pushed the corset off her arms ,it dropped to the floor, and Lucinda’s breasts were exposed to his prying hands .**

He began to rub her nipples between his finger and thumb , ” who else was involved in my Father’s poisoning he asked her again ” ? She didn’t say anything, he pulled on her nipplles hard and she let out a scream, ” your sisters, your sisters ” she said trying to get his hands off her breasts, ” your hurting me your hurting me ” she cried out. “Tell me” he said softly rubbing her sore niples gently ,”tell me how it happened. ” ” It was Thomas the gardener ” she said ” ,he told us all not to go into the potting shed because he had a very dangerous poison in there that he was going to use to kill the moles that are ruining the croquet lawn, and when Ava and Emma your sisters told him he was horrible for doing that to the moles, he laughed and told them not to worry even a grown man swallowing just a tiny amount would die in just a few minutes, a mole would be dead in seconds after eating it. ” “We just meant your Father to be sick for a few days, we didn’t mean to kill him, we just wanted him to be home for the New Year and not laying in bed with some night flower at his club”.**

Edward let go of her, ” get your bloomers off now ” he said as he walked around to lean on the mantelpiece . He stood watching her as she undid the lace on her bloomers , slowly she let them slide down her legs exposing the fur around her muff. ” So why poison your Husband ” he asked his Mother. She stood there with her hands by her side looking at the floor and gently swaying backwards and forwards, thanks mainly to her large intake of brandy. ” You Father came home from the city,we had not seen him for two he weeks, the first thing he said was he would not be here for the New Years Eve Ball, he said he was too busy “. ” He was in a terrible mood, he screamed at me and your sisters, said we were spending too much money, then he told Abby the upstairs maid she had been let go.” Edward looked at her quizzically , ” that can not be, I saw here earlier ” said Edward, ” she is still here.” ” I hired her back again when your Father passed ” said Lucinda , ” she never left the house “.**

Looking at his completely naked Mother ,Edward could feel his cock straining against his pants. ” Now why did you do that ” he asked her slowly , his mind was running at double speed after a week of watching women at the club make love to each other on his bed . His Mother didn’t say anything and Edward let out a laugh. ” She is special to you isn’t she Mother , does she spend time pleasing you ” he said laughing,. Embarrassed with her face burning his Mother nodded yes, but remained silent.
” Step out of your clothes ” he said, ” and get on your hands and knees then crawl over here like the bitch dog in heat you are ” he said in a voice that scared her. **

” Edward ” she began to say , but he interrupted her, ” just fucking do it ” he said taking a step towards her. She bent over and held onto the couch as she stepped out of her clothes, ” here “she said in a scared voice . pointing at the floor, ” you want me to get on the floor here “? “Yes” he said softly, ” then and crawl over here very, very slowly, do you understand ” ? She didn’t answer him, she didn’t really hear him, she was busy getting down onto her hands and knees without falling over, the brandy had gone to her head.**

Edward rested his hand on his cock hard cock ,he watched as his Mother slowly crawled towards him, her big tits swung backwards and forwards as she moved. She stopped when she got to where he was sitting. ” Lick my shoes bitch ” he said, grabbing his cock really hard. He watched as his Mother’s head went from one shoe to the other, back to the first shoe and he smiled as her tongue went back to his other shoe . He leant forward and took her hair in his hand, ” up” he said and he gently pulled her hair until she knelt up looking at him.**

One look at her showed him he had broken her already, he tapped his cock and her hands went to his flys and she started to undo the buttons of his pants. A big sob left from deep down in her chest, he smiled at her and started to slide the leather belt out of the loops of the waistband of his pants. He folded it in half and with a smile on his face he said ,” do you know what this is for ” ? She looked down and whispered “no” . ” Well dear Mother” he said laughing , ” it is what I will use on your sweat bottom to take a layer or two of skin of it if you decide not to do as I tell you, and with that he slapped the leather belt down the length of her back ,the end of the belt wrapped around her buttocks and hit her cunny. She let out scream and her back dipped ,she tried to roll over on to her side, but he put his feet along her body to stop her . Edward pulled the unbuttoned fle’s of his pants open wide, his hands went to the buttons of his underwear and he pulled his huge rock hard cock out and waved it proudly in front of his Mother’s face.**

” Did my Father have a cock this big” he asked his Mother, she shook her head from side to side ,” well did he” he asked , and she said “no”. “Is this the biggest, longest ,thickest, hardest cock you have ever seen ” he said gently hitting her on her nose with the bulbous purple head of his cock ? . “Yes” she said softly. ” Yes what ” he said hitting her on the mouth with it several times. ” Yes it is the biggest cock I have ever seen, and yes it is much bigger than your Fathers, ” but she didn’t say anything else ,Edward was forcing his cock into her mouth, “suck it bitch” he said “suck till I fill your throat with my seed”, and he lifted his butt off the chair to push his cock further down her throat making her gag . **

Lucinda Kent worked hard sucking her sons cock, she wanted to make him finish so she would not have to listen to the filthy words and insults he was saying to her . ” Come on whore ,suck my dick till I shoot my blow down your throat, fill your belly with it, and let me tell you cunt,if you don’t swallow every last drop I will beat you till you can’t stand up ” he shouted as he lifted his ass off the chair and shot his load into her mouth. Lucinda’s stomach turned over and she started to cough and gag there was so much of her sons milky cream being pumped into her mouth she could not swallow it quick enough ,she tried to pull her mouth off his cock, but he held her hair tightly as she tried to desperately not to be sick.**

Eventually Edward let go of his Mothers hair and she pulled her mouth off of his cock. Her face was bright red, tears were in her eyes and his sperm ran out of her mouth down onto her breast. Edward stood up and as he wiped his cock on his Mother’s hair he laughed. His pants and underwear fell to his ankles and he kicked his way out of them, before telling his Mother to stand up. He led her to the mirror over the fireplace and stood her in front of it . He stood behind her and said “look at that strumpet , what the fuck does she look like “?. His Mother closed her eyes and looked at the floor. “Look” he said slapping her bottom, ” I told you to look in the mirror, now look in the mirror, look at my own very special night flower. ” He ran his finger over the corners of her mouth collecting his blow she had not swallowed, ” open your mouth ” he said laughing ,” and lick my finger clean”. The cold stuff from his cock made her heave, he slapped her butt again, and said ,”next time bitch you swallow it all,do you understand ” ? “Yes” she said softly as tears rolled down her cheeks.**

At dinner the next night Ava and Emma sat waiting for their Mother to arrive , she was normally the first one there ,she enjoyed greeting her daughters or guests to the table for meals . For some unknown reason they both had some sort of uncomfortable feeling in their tummies. They had not seen their Mother since breakfast where she looked very pale, hardly ate anything and had not said very much all through the meal.**

Ava asked Edward if he knew whether their Mother felt ill, he just smiled and said “she will be here very soon, and by the way I expect both of you to remain silent until your spoken to, both of you seem to be in as much trouble as our Mother ” . Ava and Emma sat in silence, even when the door opened and Abby the Upstairs maid slowly entered the room, followed by a naked Lucinda Kent wearing nothing but a leather dog collar. Abby held one end of a leather leash, the other end was attached to his Lucinda’s collar. “Oh your here” said Edward somewhat sarcastically, ” sit,sit lets enjoy our meal and then we can retire to the parlor and play some games.” **

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