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petticoat hunter

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this story about a boy aged 16, who loves to see aunties in their sexy bathsuit. he is a school dropout.
his main ambition is to become a greatest fucker of all time.
with this aim he fantasize woman of all age.
the boy has a name called koota.
mr koota lives along with his sexy sister and blond mom.
his father died of heartattack when he was fucking his mother for a prolonged time,his mother is a super hot woman with african like body structure.so it is very hard to get her satisfied with weak asian penis.
mr koota after his father death he was working in massage centre.which is located downtown part of the city, where all types of woman with varying body structure come for getting massaged.on one fine day there was woman entered into the massage centre to massaged.by the time she came there were no woman massagist there they all gone for the break, so koota told sexy woman to wait for a while,but the woman was in a hurry to get the massage done.after 30 minutes has past still one came, at last woman lost her patience she told mr koota to do the massage.mr koota told her that he can’t do massage but she was in no mood to listen to his words.
mr koota fantsy came to true on this day,that he got a chance touch womans lips,boobs,ass,asshole,vagina etc.
mr koota told the woman to get inside the room.but she was very tied she told him to help her to get inside the room,then koota grabbed her waist to help her getup,but the she was wearing a sexy transperant saree by she this mr koota noticed her valley,by seeing this mr koota’s attena started rising, mr koota seeing attena rising he realized that he was wearing loose underwear that belong to his mom,suddenly he started dreaming about his mom’s vagina,it is very pinkish,super tight from the appearance.he has seen this on one night he was hearing some strange sound from his fathers room.he slowly started moving towards his fathers room,the door was partially open he slowly sneaked into the room,there he saw a very shocking scene,where his mom was lying partially nude with her bra wide on one side and the other being hardly pressed by my grandfather and my mom was not wearing anything below her waist it was completly left open and her petticoat was worn by my grandfather and her vagina was being pierced by my grandfather,by seeing this i didn’t entered the room for some time and it was nice opportunity to see a nice incest porn of my mom and grandfather.by seeing this my attena got erected strongly without any effort of mine.mr koota was wearing a old lungi without any underwear inside.then after an hour has passed,so after some hesitation mr koota desided to get inside the room ,by seeing me my mom similed ,but my grandfather was in no mood in see me and he countinuosly made my mom to moarn louder and louder.mr koota being a very young boy he couldn’t able to resist his aurging of fucking a woman,mr koota then again heared a another strange noise he suddenly turned towards the back he noticed his father licking my grandmothers vagina,with his long hard toung and because of this she was shouting like anything.i was very proud of father being a mother fucker.
then my mom got tierd of being fucked,so she requested a brake for some time,my grandfather left the room wearing my moms wet petticoat drained of the sweat pre cum from my sexy mom’s vagina,my grandfather left the room to take another dosage of tablet called superfucker extra.

by the mean time my super sexy called me to come near.then i got near to her.it was like being in a heaven for me ,seeing my mom lying naked with only wearing her one side of bra. she was like a proffesional porn star,though she was 35 years old,she looked like 18 year old hot diva in her bathsuit.
i have seen her comepletly naked many a time in bath masturbating on her own,i sceretly viewed her through a hole in bathroom door.
when got near to her,she wishper in my ears that my antenna is still in horizontal position,it means you need to fuck any girl immediately so that you can become calm.

mr koota told her that,i don’t have a girlfriend.she laughed out loud ,i felt shy. then mr koota told her that i have always dreamed of fucking a woman.she asked who you want to fuck,he started describing the woman,that he fantasized .he stated with sexy lips ,beautiful curved hip,valley with deep gorge,and a beautiful vagina.suddenly she got jelous and aroused by his comment.she made his son sit on the bed,she decided to seduce his son
so that he won’t think about the woman he is dreaming.she also sat near to him with no underwear and oneside of the boob open.by seeing this mr koota got aroused his lungi got wet,she smiled by seeing this ,then she started the seduction process by slowly hugging his son,with boob making contact on mr koota’s bare back,she then started moving her hand towards his penis,mr koota to copentiate this he moved his hand towards his mom’s vagina
she told not to start from there , he smiled and he started grabing her open boobs and started squsing it she moarned because of it,by this time my grand father came into the room again,he was schocked to see me squsing my moms boob.he told me move ,so that he can start fucking mom again.by hearing i got disappointed and my mom was also worred that she left her son in the middle of the seduction process without reaching climax.

then my grandfather pushed me out of the bed,then started spanking my mom and she started started moarning.then i started asking my grandfather to allow him to fuck his mom first.he said what the fuck you are saying,you are a small a kid with little penis with this can’t even fuck your sister,then how come you can fuck your mom,he asked,then mom said you should first get the permission of father to fuck me ,you can get the permission to fuck
like your grandfather she said. mr koota then got near his father who was still fucking his mother on the other end of the room.he still not able to reach climax,i got near to him and said i need your permission to fuck my mom like granpa does.he then stopped fingering his mom and got near to me and pulled my lungi with his wet hand and grabbed my penis to check the diameter and length after checking he got very happy and said you got the key
to your moms locker, the key size same as my friends size.mr koota got happy and rushed towards his mom in bathsuit without lungi.

my mom and grandfather started the proces freshly,it means she got her petticoat from back from my grandpa and she got completly dressed like a office goer.i told my grandpa that your son gave the permission to fuck and suck his wife with no mercy.

my grandpa got shocked to hear this,he said i ate the tablet so that he can’t wait.i said go and fuck your wife, your son is struggling to satisfy her.he then decided to fuck my grandma.

i started my fucking process.my mom wearing a sexy velvet saree ,she looked like a horny woman with super structure with good shape.i moved my hand near her pallu slowing removing it,she got shy, then without any hesitation
i pull her saree from her body she got more sexier with every pull.then after pulling all her saree,she was left only with her petticoat and blouse.she was like a heroine of b-grade movie.then i started pressing her boobs,she got aroused more and more.

mr koota then removed her blouse with his shakey hand,after noticing this hand his mom grabbed his hand and she leaned on him then made his hand into her bra.mr moota got the arousal by touching his mom’s boobs and pressing and squsing it with his full might,she started jumping and shouting like anything.

so i decided to reach next level and grabbed her huge booty with my hand my started squising it along with her boobs with one hand.

it was a feeling of unexplainable nature,she also enjoyed the process and here comes the next level were i decided to go for doggy style with my mom and she was very cooperative.

we both got on top of the bed to make doggy a success and i tried vagina instead of anal,but to my shock ,when inserted my key into my mom’s lock i found it to be mismaching.mr koota asked his mom why it is big and deep than it should be and she laughed and said it is because of your grandpa and his friends effort.and mr koota left his mom in the middle and ate the table of his grandpa.

he returned into the room like a bull and he saw his mom like a cow.because of the tablet he made his penis bigger,harder,longer.mom saw the tranformation.then started to move inside the room mr koota grabbed her violently and teared down her bra like anything her started bouching like a soft rubber ball.
she can’t able control his son, then again she started to run inside the room like a calf.her son mr koota with his mighty penis ,grabbing her ass with his hand tried
to continue his doggy process,because of the tablet he unable control his urge he inserted his penis into her moms vagina from her booty side.the force so high that he managed to pierce the petticoat in one stoke and mom started shouting with pleasure that she never ever imagined in her life.mr koota’s penis started moving like a piston moving into the cylinder like reciprocating engine.

the tablet is disgned in such a way that it will allow the sperms to be pumped into vagina after some hard fucking.so mr koota with his full might he enjoyed the process and made her mom to attain several climax within in short duration and he still haven’t touched her hotspot not once.but still made to climax her mother told that never ever managed to attain such pleasure in her sexual life

even your father,grandfather and his friends fucked me several times but none made me happy like you did.

mr koota after this completing the doggy style.he rlaxed for sometime.by the time of relaxing he and his naked mom wearing only a wet petticoat with hole at the back were watching his father fucking grandmother still unable to satisfy her african like body.mr koota having ate the tablet unable to control the his penis he pleaded with his son to fuck his mother.my grandma said she won’t let the
task unfinished so mr koota’s grandfather decided to insert his penis in anyhole thats available he even tried to fuck my sister and my father told his dad to use his mothers anal.grandpa inserted his mighty penis inside my granny’s anus,she was enjoying the threesome with extreme pleasure.me and my mom were stuned by this scene.my got jelous she wispered in my ears that we should try this tomorrow with your dad.

my father still unable to satisfy my granny,he was stuggling.suddenly he got heartattack he started bouncing up and down by seeing this my granny to it as sign of fucking she moved her body up and down.by this time my father complety felt unconsious.

my family suddenly realizing this we all ran towards the hospital with me carrying my father.in urgent we all were running nude,my is the only person with little clothe called petticoat covering her vagina,she was toppless as my granny.her boobs were round and tight bouncing in heaven.

we all reached the hospital in 5 minutes there the doctor confirmed that my father dead already.hearing this whole family got sad.my mom started crying seeing this doctor consoled my mother by pressing and squsing her tightly.

after somedays we all became normal my grandpa and grandma were planning a nudist tour to northern germany.they left the town following month.

me , my sister and mom were left alone the house ,so i decided to work in a massage parlour.

in the massage parlour i was readying for work,i asked the woman were i have to start the massage told me to start at the butt,i said i am boy so i can’t do there,for that she said you are in son’s age so i won’t mind anything.so don’t feel shy start massage she said.to reach the butt i said her to strip her clothes.she said she is very tired so you can strip my clothes with your own hand.
mr koota started stripping her clothes one by one first the sexy saree,her booty was woubling like water filled in ballon.she was now wearing only petticoat and blouse.

after looking her petticoat i got aroused like a horse.i asked were exactly she feel the pain,she guided my hand inside her beautiful petticoat i started shevering.
she took my hand near her cunt and asshole.i was shocked and aroused by this.i started thinking in my mind.
she was exactly like my mother in structure and beauty,my mouth was watering to lick,to suck her boobs,vagina.etc
so for this i devised a plan.

petticoat hunting will continue……!!!!

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