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I know something about my 28 year old uncle that no else knows

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I found little girl panties in his bottom dresser draw.

I guess I should start by telling you about me. My name is Crystal and I am 12 years old. I have brown hair a little past my shoulders and I have brown eyes. I’ve been told that I have full lips and that men like that. I am slender and want a little curve from my waist to my hips. I have a nice round butt yet not huage. and my breasts are growing, I am out of an AA cup and now wearing an A cup bra. My friends in the neighborhood are both older and younger than me. A lot of the girls like to come over to my house because of my uncle. He is in his 20’s and all the girls are in love with him. He is always dressed nicely and smells good. He has some nice muscles but they’re not huage.

This all started a few years ago. I know my friends all love him, but I started to notice he was really cute and uncle or not I would enjoy any time I could spend with him. I would always sit on the sofa next to him or try to rub up next to him or try to sit in his lap. I would always keep my door cracked open, hoping that I might get a peek of him when he gets out of the shower. I would also change so he could see me as he walks by the door. I am always hoping to see him try and take a peek at me. I learned that if I am outside of his bedroom window I at the right time I could see him change his clothes. It helps that I raised the bottom of his blinds about an inch so I could look in without him noticing. He looks so gorgeous when he is standing nude, but his cock is always hanging loose like it is tired, all soft and dangling maybe 5-6 inches. I think is cock is beautiful, but the other girls talk like all men’s cocks are like 8 to 10 inches and stick out straight and hard. He was the first one I ever saw and after hearing the older girls telling me about what they looked like and how big they were I thought he was a little small. The other girls did tell me that they get bigger when the man is excited and wants to have sex. But, I had no idea how much bigger they could get.
I enjoyed watching him for several days whenever I had the chance. One day I had a friend over swimming in our pool. When we were done we all went into the house to change. Steph went into my room to change and I told her I would be back soon. Then I went around to the side of the backyard to look in his window and if he was changing.

I saw him pull a notebook out of his bottom dresser draw. He opened it and set it on the top of his dresser. He then pulled down his swim trunks and then kicked them onto his bed. He then stood in front of his dresser and looked at his notebook. I saw him turn 3 pages and then he stayed on that page. He grabbed his cock with one hand and started to slide his hand back and forth along it. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It started growing so fast. It had to double in size in just a few seconds and it swelled up so thick. I knew I had to get back to my room to steph before she came looking for me. I just didn’t want to leave. He started stroking his cock up and down faster and faster.. He was looking so excessively at his notebook as he stroked his enormous grownup cock. I could hear him say “yea, baby take it. Take it all baby just like I like it. O’ Yes.” Then thick white stringy goo came out of his cock and shot all over his dresser and his book. I had so many confusing emotions spinning around in my head and belly. I then felt something dripping down my inner thighs. My pussy got wet before but it never got wet like this. As much as I wanted to stay I went back to my room before I got caught.

Once we got dressed, Steph went home and my uncle went to the store to pick up some stuff so we could make ice cream sundaes for dessert. As soon as he left I snuck into his bedroom to see what he had in that notebook. I pulled it out and opened it, At first I had an excited feeling in my stomach and as soon as I saw it I froze for a moment and I don’t know what feeling I was overcome with. It had pictures of Steph in it. wearing different outfits and in different poses. On the Third page she was in the same swimsuit she had on today. He cleaned off his dresser and some of the book, but page 3 was very sticky. As I looked through the rest of the notebook my heart felt like it dropped into my stomach. It was filled with pictures of all of my friends. Then when I got to the last page it was the largest section. and there were pictures of me. and a few you could see down my shirt to my little breast. There were even a couple of me sleeping, he must have come in my room and pulled my covers off me to take them. Some of my pictures had dried sticky spots on them. Then when I put the notebook back I was in for another shocking surprise.
I saw a pair of little girl panties on the bottom of the drawer. As I picked up the panties I saw that they belonged to me and it revealed several other pairs that belonged to my friends. He must have gotten them during my sleepovers.

When my uncle returned home we had dinner and after dinner we made the sundays and then went to the family room to eat them. I snuggled on the sofa with my uncle. He had no idea what I knew. While I snuggled with him I tried to think of what might get him excited or get him to actually try and do something and not just beat off to my picture in his room while sniffing my panties. I even thought about making the panties I’m wearing now very wet and then sneaking them under his pillow. I wonder what he would do when he found them. Then I started to wonder if he did anything with one of my friends. I’m sure they would have told me. If he did I would be so pissed off. That wouldn’t be fair, he is my uncle. I should be first. If I could only get my parents out of the house for a while. For the entire summer would be great. Even a month, a week, a weekend, a night even. But, how. I kept looking at his cock to see if I could tell if I got it to move at all. I just couldn’t tell. When he is done with his ice cream I will have to take the bowls into the kitchen and when I come back snuggle in his lap. Then I think I could get his cock moming. Maybe I could go into his room tonight scared with a bad dream and get him to let me climb into bed with him.

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    I would love to have a naughty little girl like you to play with!! Add me on SC if you want to play with an older guy. Daddyisback6996

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    I simply love naughty thinking girls which leads into so many fun things.

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    I wish I was your uncle

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      damn bro i was wishing what too! that would be crazy af

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    It would be easier than you think. Lay your head in his lap and rub against his cock. Or do your panties. Or let him catch you masterbating sometime. Make it easy for him to take you and he will. I’d love to chat

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    33 uncle here, hopefully a dad soon too


    Wanna chat hit me up on session

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    Your uncle’s a creepy pervert, but that’s good. You could be a very lucky girl!