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i didnt understand what i saw but now i do; part 4

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in the moon light

im jason and i was 9 at the time what makes me deferent is that im a twin my other side is my sister josie who is special i the fact that josie is mentally disabled my sister cant speck but if you didnt know her she would just look like any other girl and i also have another brother tom who is 13.

the day this happened tom had his two friends over crag(13) and jerome(13) it was friday and they were going to stay over i remember everything was normal crag and Jerome were nice to josie thay never made fun or picked on her or me but thay never seemed interested in josie thay just stay with tom in his room so nothing was wrong

josie didnt like waring a lot of close but we kept her in shorts and a long shirt because sometimes josie would take her shorts off we were use to it but crag and jerome weren’t i guess i remember me and josie were in the living room i went to the kitchen i heard someone down the hall it was crag.

when i came back crag was standing there looking at josie who was dent over her shirt had rod up and her but and everything was there when i came in he jumped he then just waked away i think he told jerome because a little later he and crag came out but josie wasn’t in the same position so they throw something and asked josie to pick it up and her shirt did rid up when josie stud up they just left laughing down the hall

lets skip ahead

later that day we josie and i got ready to so to bed crag and jerome were around just checking up on us asking questions i remember crag asking me if josie slept alone and if my parents ever checked on her i answered and they left

i woke up when i though i heard josie scream i stayed still to see if i could hear josie make a sound but i couldnt so i went back to sleep but i needed to make sure she was ok so i got up and went to her room but it was locked josie did that locked the door so we put a secret door to her closet

i was going to come out of the closet but i heard some noises and they weren’t josies so i looked through the hole in the closet doors i saw jerome just standing there he was scratching his area and when i started to look around for the sounds i zeroed on it

i saw joise laying down with her hand in her mouth and crag was on top off her and all i could see was the top of their body and crags body was moving up and down making sound and noise through it but after a while crag started moving faster and making louder noises a second later, he just stopped and went (aha aha aha ahhhhhha)

a minute after crag stud up and turned half of his body was lighten up by the moon he was naked which was weird i saw crag put his cloths on and walked to jerome and say its your turn i saw jerome walk to were crag was jerome started taking his clothes off he then got on top of josie and in a moment jerome and josie made a deferent sounds jerome was like ohhhh ahaa and josie was ouch

jerome then started moving his body up and down he then looked up at crag and said she is wet i dont know what that meant but minutes went by and then like crag started moving faster and nosier he then went (ahhhha ahahaa)
he got up and put his cloths back on

crag and jerome put josie to bed and left the room i waited a minute and checked on josie and then i walked to the hall to see if they were gone i didnt understand what was happening i did though some off it was weird but not wrong so i was dumb and naive but now i know what i saw sorry josie

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  • Reply Taboosissybby ID:1e3kcqpxucgg

    I agree with the spell comment I’m mean hell auto correct is a thing

  • Reply Mei lin ID:2px1ogouh8z

    They were way to gentle

  • Reply A. ID:h2f7zeynlxc

    Where did you learn to spell, that teacher needs to be fired they did you no favors, story is litter with spelling errors, enough to made this story unintelligible and unreadable