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Got Fucked On A First Date (Part 2)

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Ronnie called me while I was gone to the clinic. He told mom he’d call back. He called shortly after I got home. He said, “Let’s do something today.” I said, “Okay, what?” He said, “Anything, the zoo, the park anywhere, I just wanna be with you.” I said, “Okay.” I told mom I was going to the zoo with Ronnie. She didn’t know he was 22 actually going on 23 but, daddy was 9 years older than her so, I don’t think she’d throw too much of a fit if she found out.

Now we didn’t really live in the country but, it was a rural area, big farms of corn and wheat. Our house was a good distance from another one but, you could see it.

What was I gonna wear? It was hot today so, I thought I’d wear another skirt with a tube top and sandals.
Ronnie liked skirts but, it was too hot for knee socks.

Ronnie picked me up an eyed me with a great big smile. He said, I hoped you’d wear a skirt.” I said, “I wore it for you.” We started driving and I ask about the zoo. He said, “We’re not going to the zoo.” He said,
“Were going to a motel so I can properly fuck your brains out.” I felt my pussy get wet.

I’d never been to a motel before but, I was excited. Ronnie reached over and touched my panties and said, “Take those off.” I did and stuck ’em in my purse. He lifted my skirt up so he could see my pussy and said, “Leave it up.” He was sticking his finger in me and I reached over to rub his dick. He pulled it out of his zipper an I stroked it while he drove.

My pussy was getting wetter and wetter. Ronnie said, “You’re getting pretty wet down here.” I turned red. He said, “Scoot your butt out so I can see more of your pussy.” I did and his dick flexed when he looked at it. We had a bit of a drive to the motel and by the time we got there, we were both ready to fuck.

We went into the room and he kinda took charge. He sat on the bed and stood me in from of him. He started taking off my clothes. He lifted my tube top to expose my 34 C titties. He cupped them in his hands and sucked on each nipple. He pulled my skirt down to reveal my freshly shaved pussy. He just sat there running his hands all over my body looking at me.

Then, he stood up and took off his clothes. I saw his hard dick in full view. It was shaved like mine. I liked that. I told him I went to the clinic to get on birth control and he said, “Great.” I said, “But, for a few weeks you’ll have to use a condom until they take affect.” He said, “Whatever you want.” I could tell the way he looked at me he was nuts about me.

He said, “I kinda thought you were a virgin as timid and shy as you were.” I said “No, I wasn’t, sorry.” He said, “No, it don’t matter, I just wondered who took it and how old were you?”

I said I was 11 an it was my uncle.” He said, “Really?” I said, “Yeah.” “Did he rape you or smooth talk you out of your panties?” I said, “It was a little bit of both, he was my favorite uncle.” “I loved and trusted him enough to let him do whatever he wanted to do to me” “Did he do you more than once?” “Oh yeah, he fucked me almost a year before he shipped out.” “Did you like it?” “Actually, I did.” “I loved him and still do.”

He slipped his fingers in my pussy fucking me while I stood in front of him. He said, “Who did you fuck next?” I said, “It was a high school boy an I was 13.” “We fucked about 4 months.” Ronnie said, Anybody after him?” I said, “When I was 14 a senior started coming over to my house.” “Did you guys go out or did he just come by to fuck you?” “He just came by, fucked me then left.” Didn’t you feel used?” I said, “Yeah, I did and told him not to come over anymore.”

“How long did he do that?” “About 6 months, he’d come over when mom and dad were at work.”
“Was there anybody else?” I said, “Not until you.” He was fingering me with three fingers and started sucking on my titties. He said, “Have you ever sucked a dick?” I said, “No.” He said, “Well, I want you to suck mine.” So, he sat me down on the bed and stood in front of me.

I said, “I don’t know what to do.” He said, “I’ll tell you.” He told me how to use my tongue and how to let him slide it in an out of my mouth cupping my lips on it and sucking on the head. I really liked it.

I felt very naughty sucking a dick. My pussy reacted by having a little spasm. He held my head and pumped into my mouth. I didn’t know he was gonna cum. But, when he did, I didn’t like it. I let it fall out of my mouth. Ronnie said, “You don’t have to swallow if you don’t want to but, I hope you’ll let me cum in your mouth.” I said “I can do that if you like.” He pulled me up and kissed me hard running his hands all up and down my body.

He looked at me and said, “I’m never gonna let you go.” That made me feel so good. I really liked Ronnie. I hope he wasn’t just using me for sex like the other guys did. I didn’t think he was. He laid me down on the bed and got between my legs. I felt his hard dick touch ing my pussy and wanted it in me.

Ronnie pushed my knees up by my head and put just the head of his dick in me. I was wanting him to put it in so bad. I said, “Aren’t you gonna fuck me?” He said, with a quivering voice, Oh, I’m gonna fuck you so hard but, I’m teasing you right now and myself.” He said, “Do you want it, do youy want my dick in your pussy?” I said, “Yes, yes I do.” He said, “How, hard or soft?” I said, “Which ever one you want to do to me, I wanna please you.”

He looked at me thrusting just barely in an out of my pussy then, all of s sudden he rammed it in me so hard. Four or five times he rammed it in me. He made me cum on his dick immediately. It felt so good.
I loved laying in the bed getting fucked completely naked. The other guys would just pull my panties down enough to get their dicks in to fuck me. Just in case someone might come in on us.

And the other guy, would walk me over to a wheat field and bend me over and fuck me. He was one of my neighbors, the guy that fucked me when I was 13. So, to lay down in a comfortable bed spread wide open felt good.

Ronnie talked just about the whole time he was fucking me. He told me how good my pussy felt to him. He said, “I wanna do so many things to you.” “I wanna fuck you in every hole you’ve got.” “I want to cum in your mouth again.” “I wanna fuck your throat.” “I wanna lay here and watch you suck my dick.” “I can’t wait till I marry you an you’re really mine.”

I said, “You’re gonna marry me?” He said, “Just as soon as I can.” “I’d marry you today if you were old enough.” That shocked me.

He was getting ready to cum so he pulled out and laid on the bed. He pulled the condom off and made me get between his legs. He said, “I want to lay here and watch you suck my dick and let me cum in your mouth again.” “To see your lips stretched around my dick as it slides in an out makes my head spin.”

So, I got on my stomach and put my hands on his dick then, guided it to my mouth. I was licking it swirling my tongue around the head and then, I started sucking the head of his dick. It was so hard
and the skin was so slick. I watched Ronnie as I sucked his dick. He watched my mouth an his dick would pulse and cum would leak out.

He was so excited and turned on. He said, “I love watching you suck me.” I’m busting to cum so, put your mouth on it and I’m gonna fuck your mouth.” I closed my lips around it and he fucked my mouth hitting the back of my throat. He reached up and held my head still while he pumped into me.
Then, he pushed it into the back of my throat and cum.

I felt it squirting several streams of cum hitting the back of my throat. I stayed still while he continued to cum and then, I went to the bathroom and spit it out.
I brought a wash rag back and cleaned him off. Then, I sucked on it a little more.

Ronnie was so happy I let him watch me suck him and cum in my mouth. It was a turn on for me too.

He said, “You’re gonna love what I’m gonna do to you next.” I said, “What’s that?” He said, I’m gonna fuck your ass.” I said, ” Why do you think I’m gonna love that, I don’t think I wanna do that at all.” He said, “I’m gonna make you like it.” It’s an entirely different feeling and I’ll make you cum.”

I said, “I don’t know, it sounds painful.” He said, “You wanna please me don’t you?” “Yes, but I don’t wanna do that.” ” Don’t worry, I’ll go slow.”

We had some food delivered and he made me sit on the end of the bed naked, when the guy delivered the food.” The guy kept staring at me. Ronnie only had on his boxers. The guy said, “Wow, you’re lucky to be fucking that.” Ronnie said, “You can’t imagine.”

We ate and then he was ready to go again. He had some oil he massaged on an in my butt. I was still against it but I let him try. He started with two fingers, fucking my butt. Then he added a thjrd.
He was going slow so, it wasn’t awful.

He had me lean over the bed and he started putting in his dick. Now, this was hurting. I kept going but, I wished he would stop but, he didn’t. He got the head in and waited for me to relax a little. Tnen, he started to push it in slowly. It hurt. A lot.

I told him it hurt and he said, it’ll get better after I get it all the way in. He kept pumping in an out. It was an odd feeling.I wasn’t liking it yet. Ronnie was getting excited and wanted to fuck me faster, I could tell.
He started going faster and pushing it in more and more.

Then, he just pulled my hips to him pushing his dick all the way in and started pounding me . I said, “Stop! It hurts too bad.” But, he kept it king me. He said, “Just let me baby, I’ll be done in a minute.” All I could do was take it. I was surprised how rough he got with me. He sweating and breathing faster. He’s getting harder and bigger then he rams into me and cums. He gives a big, Ahhh sigh of release.

I said, “Take it out, Ronnie.” He pulled out and I said, “I don’t like that.” He said, “You’ll get to like it.” I said, “No, I won’t, don’t tell me that.” “I’m not doing it again.” He looked at me and said, “Okay, I’m sorry.”

I settled down and we fucked two more times. He was fucking me from behind and he stuck two fingers in my butt and fingered me while he fucked my pussy. I let him do that an it wasn’t horrible but, I don’t want his dick in me again back there. He reached around and made me cum with his other hand.

It was time for us to leave to get me back home. I had a great day at the motel with Ronnie. I couldn’t wait to see what we would do next.

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  • Reply Clair ID:jtp3mrdfqb4

    Loved it

  • Reply Gonzo ID:7ylrenbb0a

    Such a good wholesome cum slut story brings tears to my eyes. It is natural that a young developing girl between, 7 to 13, instinctively craves cock and if it gotten the chance, it will happens. They love cock and older men love young pussy so a match made in heaven.

    • Sven ID:cxcbm99

      So true I was 15 when I fucked a neighbours daughter ,she was 12 but acted older ,no protection and i was scared I’d made her pregnant