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My friends dad part 1

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My names Jackie and I’m 16 I have B cup boobs a flat-toned stomach and a nice body but my sister says coke bottle shape.

I’m.black and Filipino and my hair are kinda wavy and I dyed it blonde keep it down it’s kinda in a wolf cut to the front.

I have a friend whose name is Jenna and we’re close and I decided why not go see her she wasn’t there because she and her mom went to a banquet in Florida.

But her dad answered the door and I was weak kneed he had no shirt on but sweats and he was going commando from the big bulge.

My face was at his chest me being 5’4 I was stuttering and asked where’s Jenna that’s when he told me about Florida.

He felt bad about me walking in the 90-degree weather and invited me for a drink.

This turned into him let me try whiskey shots it burned my throat but we added lemonade and I got tipsy my mom never gives a fuck about where I am sadly so as it got later and we got dunk I got 0 calls.

He asked if I wanted to skinny dip in their jacuzzi it was inside just like the pool and I agreed and when I pulled off my tank top he came over to me and gripped them laughing making me laugh and bite my lip I finished and felt nervous.

And the words that still make me cum instantly was him saying why don’t you be a good girl and take off my sweats for me.

We were drunk and honestly, I was gonna do it I got on my knees and slipped them off his tip poking my forehead as I looked up and bit my lip.

He didn’t wanna waste time so I let him fuck my throat.

By the end, my face was covered in his hot cum and my eyes were teary I picked me up and wiped my face we made out in the jacuzzi while he gripped my ass.

He kissed and sucked on my neck leaving hockey while I eagerly tried to guide his white cock in me.

And when he did he pulled my hips down and I swear to God his tip kissed my cervix.

He asked if I was on birth control and I said no and he only kissed my neck more he told me that after this I was gonna have to get on it.

I nodded and he moved my hips for me this went on for a few minutes but he wanted to be deeper and go faster so in minutes I was face down ass up on his bed that he shared with his wife being railed.

Every time he pushed all the way his my cervix got a kiss from his cock his hands gripped the back of my neck and he slowed his thrust whispering that I was his teenage slut and I belonged to him.

Once I came like 3 times soaking the bed his sprayed his seed on my asshole.

Telling me that home was next.

The morning after before he woke up I was able to sneak out and get home to take a shower.

I felt guilty when Jenna texted me but I also didn’t care her dad was hot and honestly I don’t know when but I cant wait for him to claim my ass

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