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Davey’s Journey part 9

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Davey chats with Sandy at the pool, and agrees to help her make friends. He later meets Jenny, helps comfort her, and gives her a going away ‘present’

I slept in. Normally I would have woken up at the crack of dawn, but this day I woke up around 7:30 AM. I just could not fall asleep last night because my mind kept going back to Kelly. Sure, I have Jenny to keep me company most of the time, but Kelly was still my number one girl!

I sighed, got up, got dressed and got ready for the pool. I then ate some cereal, drank some coffee, and headed out to get some laps in.

I preferred going to the pool in either the mornings or the evenings due to the fact that there weren’t as many people around so there were less people to get in my way while I swam.

Most of the people there at this time were adults anyway, and were courteous enough to stay out of my way, if they weren’t actually doing laps themselves.

There were a few children there, but they mostly stayed on one side of the pool while us older folks were on the other side.

All, save for one eleven-year-old brunette girl who tended to get on her classmates nerves, and honestly, got on my nerves too.

Sandy said nothing as she raced next to me, and did a good job at keeping up, despite being her age. Granted, I wasn’t going at my top speed, but that’s mostly because I didn’t want to wear myself out.

Plus, I didn’t want to make this girl, as annoying as she is, feel bad about being unable to keep up with me.

We raced each other until the Iife guards blew their whistles to signal break time.

We got out, both of us tired. We both sat at the pool’s edge for a moment, and I commented her, “good race.”

Sandy was wearing the same blue bikini she was the other day, and honestly, she looked very sexy in it, despite how annoying she was.

“Yep,” she said, smiling, “and I beat you too!”

“We weren’t actually competing,” I thought to myself, but still felt the need to tell her, “actually, I won.”

“I got out of the pool before you did!” She said, sticking out her tongue at me.

“Well… I touched the edge of the pool before you did,” I replied, sticking my tongue out at her as well.

She stood up, and she walk to the upper area where I was sitting, her bikini bottom clinging to her ass, while passing me by, she said, unable to accept reality, “I won, and you know it.”

I went up there as well, and saw her sitting in one of the wooden chairs the pool provided, letting the sun dry her off. I dried myself with the towel I brought and sat in the chair. I don’t know why I did that. Perhaps I felt sorry for her because from what I understood from talking to Kelly and Jenny she had no friends.

“Maybe that’s the reason why she acts like she does,” I thought to myself, “she doesn’t have any friends, and this is the way she thinks people make friends. Or this is just the way her personality is, and she can’t really help herself.”

“No Kelly or Jenny today?” She asked, wondering where my two young girlfriends were, although she didn’t know they were my girlfriends, but I knew she suspected they were, or atleast that Kelly was.

I shook my head, and told her, “no. Kelly’s going to camp today, and I imagine Jenny’s at her house spending some time with her before she leaves.”

The girl’s normal sunny smile faded away, changing to a sad expression. She then revealed to me in a whisper, “I wish I had a friend like that.”

“Don’t you have any friends at all?” I asked, now a little bit concerned for her.

Sandy’s voice got even sadder, and she looked like she was about to cry. She then answered me, “I don’t. I’ve tried to make friends, but no one will be my friend. They just tell me to go away, and that I’m annoying.”

I placed my hand over hers, looked her in the eyes, and told her, “I’ll be your friend if you want me to.”

Sandy looked at me and smiled, telling me with tears in her eyes, “thank you!”

I left my hand on her for a few more seconds before removing it, and telling her, “I’ll try to even get Kelly and Jenny to be your friends too.”

“Really!?” She asked, surprised by what I was telling her. She then asked me, whispering, “are you sure that your girlfriends won’t get mad you if you try?”

“They might get a little mad at first, but…” I stopped my statement, as I realized what she had just said. I then told her, “I never said they were my girlfriends.”

Sandy giggled at my attempt to deny that I was in a relationship with both the girl, and informed me, “I saw you and Jenny have sex in the woods behind your house. And I watched you and Kelly have sex in the woods at the park yesterday.”

“You were spying on up?” I asked, annoyed and holding back my anger.

“I… didn’t mean too… I just tend to do so,” sounding a little worried. I wasn’t sure exactly why. Maybe she was scared that the first person who said they would be her friend might not want to do so.

I took a deep breath, doing my best to get rid of my anger, and asked her, “have you told anyone?”

She shook her head, and said, “no. I haven’t.”

I took another deep breath, and told her, “thank you, because what we are doing is… technically not legal.”

Sandy giggled and responded, “well, it’s not legal for you.”

I rolled my eyes. Yes I knew if the police ever found out I was having sex with two girls the were legally not old enough to have sex, I would be in big trouble, and would most likely get jail time, despite the fact that both girls were consenting to me having sex with them.

I continued with my conversation, and asked her, “so why were you outside the other night? I wasn’t just to spy on us, was it?”

Sandy shook her head, and said, “no. I was spying on those two girls that are behind our houses. They sometimes put on a show!”

I nodded my head in agreement to her statement about the two girls before telling her, “thank you for not interrupting any of us.”

Sandy gave me a smile, and told me, “you guys really put on a show too!”

“Well, we won’t be putting on any shows for the next few days either,” I told the girl, informing her, “Jenny’s go to being staying with her dad.”

Sandy gave me a curious look, and asked me, “for how long?”

I shrugged my shoulders and said, “maybe a couple of days. Maybe three. I’ll ask her today.”

Sandy giggled and asked, “when you two meet to have sex?”

I thought about what she asked, and replied, “I’m not sure if she’ll want to have sex today. Remember, Kelly left, and she might be to upsets to want to do any but talk, if that.”

Sandy thought about what I told her, and asked, “well, can we still hang out while she’s gone?”

I nodded my head, and told her, “sure. But I’m going to be camping for the next day or two once she’s left. I kinda want to get away from things, and get myself less horny, if that makes sense.”

Sandy thought about what I said to her, and commented, “yeah, it does, because you are a really horny guy!” She then got up and said, “I’ll meet you in the pool in a little bit. I need some snacks.”

I stayed for another hour, swimming and racing Sandy for a little bit before we both we went over the diving boards where we had ourselves a diving contest for a while, and I have to admit, she won.

There was a moment of embarrassment for her when her top went up above her breasts, and she didn’t notice until after she got out the water. I looked away quickly, but from what I saw, she had a nice rack for someone her age. Probably almost as big as Kelly’s!

Finally, I decided to leave around 9:30 AM after saying my goodbyes to Sandy. I would have stayed longer, but I wanted to check on Jenny, and make sure she was okay.

After getting home and dressed I went to the park, hoping that Jenny was there, which she was, sitting on a bench alone. When I approached her it was clear she had been crying.

She was wearing a gray t-shirt with short sleeves and a plaid skirt. I could tell upon closer approach that she was wearing a bra. “Probably wanted to wear something a little more appropriate when seeing Kelly off,” I thought to myself as I approached her and sat down next to her.

“How you doing?” I asked in a calm, soft voice.

“Okay, I guess,” she told me, although I didn’t really believe her, “I just didn’t think I would miss Kelly this much.”

I decided not to mention my encounter at the pool with Sandy, or that she saw us having sex, or that I was going to try to get the two to become friends. She was already upset about Kelly going away for the next two weeks. It was best if she just did not know any of this, because it might get her even more upset.

I wrapped my arm around her shoulder, and she leaned her head against my shoulder, which she began to cry into. There were a few people around, but at this point I didn’t give a damn. If someone asked I’ll just tell her she’s a neighbor that lives down the street and that she’s upset that her friend went to camp for two weeks. All of which is true.

Finally she stopped crying, and looked at me with a small smile before telling me with a whisper, “thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” I told her with a smile of my own. I then asked her, “so what do you want to do now?”

“We could go into the forest,” she said with a smile, adding in, “Kelly told me that’s where you two went yesterday.”

I smiled and stood up, with Jenny following me, grabbing a small pocket book that sat beside her.

We hiked a little ways up the trail, only passing one other hiker, and they were leaving.

We got to the spot where me and Kelly first met. The area was a bit off the main trail, and you had to go down an unofficial foot path and around some bushes and boulders to get to it. This was probably the reason why Kelly got lost here in the first place.

Once here Jenny took off her shirt, revealing a white, lacey bra that really showed off her bust. Honestly, it looked more like it belonged on an adult lingerie model than an eleven-year-old girl.

“Did your mom actually bye that for you?” I asked, pointing at her chest.

Jenny looked down at her chest giggled before looking back up at me, and saying, “yeah. There aren’t really any bras for girls that fit me, so I kinda have to wear adult bras. Don’t you like it?”

She did a little modeling for me, an I replied, “yes I do. I just think it a little bit strange that she would buy you one so… sexy.”

She giggled again, and told me, “mom kinda said the same thing, but I told her since I’m going to have it covered up, who’s gonna see?”

I approached her, gave her a kiss, and the kissed her on top of her breasts before telling her, “well me, obviously.”

Jenny giggled some more, and I pushed her bra up over her breasts. I then began to suck on the left one for a minute. I even gently pulled on her nipple with my teeth, stretching it a little bit and making her moan. I then did the same thing to her right breast, sucking on it for a minute as well, and also gently pulling on her nipple with my teeth. While I was doing this Jenny moaned out, “my boobs are kinda sensitive, and that feels really good!”

Hearing her say that made me excited even more, so I continued to suck her tits for another couple of minutes, an continued to pull on her nipples with my teeth. While I was doing all of this I had slipped my left hand under her skirt, and into her panties, and was using my finger to pleasure her.

She didn’t come as I was fingering her, because I had no intention to make her come with my hand. I intended to use my mouth and cock to do that.

I removed my mouth from her chest, and kissed my way down to her navel to play with it using my mouth and tongue, getting down on my knees as I did so. While I did this I slid her panties down her legs, and briefly stopped kissing her body so she could step out of them, and allow me to put them in my pocket for safe keeping.

I continued licking and kissing her navel for another minute, even poking my finger into the little hole to see how wet it was, which caused her to break out in a fit of giggles.

Once I was done with her navel I lifted her skirt, revealing her near bald pussy to me. I licked her slit a couple of times, making her shiver when I did. I then placed my mouth over her slit, and began sucking and licking her gently.

Despite being gentle with my mouth, pushing my tongue in and out of her occasionally, she still came pretty fast thanks to my fingering of her.

I removed my mouth from her private areas, and kissed my way up her body, briefly stopping at her navel again to kiss and lick it before kissing back up to her chest, and sucked on her tits for another couple of minutes. I eventually removed myself from her chest, and French kissed her.

We kissed for about a minute before I guided her over to the nearby sitting log, and told her, “bend over, please.”

Jenny did what I asked her to do, and spread her legs some, knowing just what I was about to do. I then unzipped my pants, and pulled out my cock.

I grabbed ahold of her ass cheeks, and pushed into her slowly, causing her to moan in pleasure a little more loudly than I hoped she would, but there was no one around as far as I knew, so it was okay.

I slid my cock all the way into her, rested for a moment, and slowly began pumping her, increasing my speed as I went along.

It took only a few minutes for her to come, and before she did I pumped her harder and faster to get her to Heaven, and causing myself to come shortly before I did..

I ejaculated a load into her that I had been building up since yesterday afternoon, shooting my seed into her preteen womb, and pumping her a few more times before finally pulling out, spent for the moment, but still half hard.

I left Jenny in that position for about a minute to let her rest before pulling her back up, and giving her a deep kiss.

“That felt good!” She commented before adding in, “to bad I won’t be able to feel it again for four days.”

I gave her a questioning look, and asked her, “you’re staying with your dad for four days? I thought it was only going to be for two or three?”

Jenny took a deep breath, and responded, “I did too, but dad wants to take me on a little vacation, and mom agreed. I kinda want to go too.”

“Where are you going?” I asked, curious where she will be spending her mini-vacation at. She told me, and it caused me to laugh before telling her, “that place is a tourist trap!”

Jenny giggled at my response, and agreed with me, “it is. Even dad calls it that, but he likes some of the stuff there, and he likes the mountains around it.”

I shrugged and told her, “just as long as you two have fun, that’s all that really matters.”

Jenny nodded her head, and then told me, “by the way, I need to get back home soon so I can pack.”

I rolled my eyes at this, and instead of saying anything I leaned my head down, and gave her tits another couple of sucks before covering her breasts up with her bra, and hand her shirt to her.

Once her torso was covered up I handed her panties to her, and she was just about to put them on when she took a couple of tissues from her pocket book, reached under her skirt, and wiped off my excess jizz. She then through the tissues into some bushes, and put her panties back on.

We walked out of the forest together, and she took on off to her house while I drove around a little to take my mind off of things.

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