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Daddy’s Little Fiend

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True stories between me and my daddy after finding his porn stash

I found his secret stash of porn movies when I was in the fourth grade (10 years old) and would lock myself in his room to watch them and fuck myself with my parents’ toys whenever he would leave the house for work or his weekly NA meeting. One of my favorite toys was a vibrating egg I would shove up my asshole.

Although playing with my young pussy in his empty bed was fun, what I really craved was our daily nap. Every day after school, we would take a nap together in his bed. My favorite way to nap was against him in the crook of his arm with my head on his shoulder, aligning his hand perfectly with my crotch, since my torso was only as long as his arm.

Sometimes I would wake up to the incredible feeling of his huge fingers playing with my tiny pussy while his other hand stroked his cock. If I woke up before him I would press his fingers into my clit, hump his hand and fuck myself with his fingers until he started doing it himself. If that didn’t work I would crawl down his big body and begin hunting around the front hole in his underwear to find his cock. I loved the feeling of his velvety cock in my hands, on my lips, on my cheek. I would rub it with both my hands and kiss it sloppily all over until it was hard enough for me to sit on. Sometimes while I did this I sat on my daddy’s face and 69’d him, grinding my baby pussy on his mouth until he would wake up and fuck me with his tongue while I moaned and gagged on his cock. I loved smothering him with my pussy until he woke up… He never once complained.

He told me when I was older the things he would do to me while I was asleep in the car… Daddy always liked me to wear skirts or dresses without panties; I always assumed he just enjoyed my peepshows while we were in public, but my daddy is even dirtier than that. He would have my car seat in the middle back seat and would reach back while he was driving, slip his finger inside me and then suck that same finger into his mouth.. over and over again. Once, we went camping with my grandma. She had her own tent while daddy and I shared one. He told me that while I was asleep in the tent he was playing with my pussy while having a conversation with his mom who was obliviously standing outside.

*If I’d woken up*
I wake up to an orgasm from daddy’s fingers to find his other hand covering my mouth, keeping me silent. I hear grandma say something from outside but I can’t focus with my daddy’s fingers circling my sensitive little clit. Daddy responds to his mom while I reach for him- grandma has no idea I’m silently begging her son to fuck his daughter while his mom listens without a clue. Daddy’s cock is leaking precum and when I suck it off he shoves his cock into my throat while he rubs my wetness from my pussy down to my asshole. While I am trying to breathe around his cock, I hear grandma say that she will take a nap, too. As her tent zips shut, daddy flips me on to my tummy and pulls me up onto my knees. I have to bury my face in my pillow to keep quiet when I feel daddy’s tongue trail from my pussy to my asshole. While he fingers my pussy, he presses his tongue into my tight little asshole over and over until I’m shuddering and pushing my ass into his face, begging for more. Daddy replaces his tongue with a finger so that he’s fingering both my holes at once and I have to bite the pillow so as to muffle my scream of release. Before I can recover, daddy shoves his cock deep inside my pussy while stretching my asshole with two of his large fingers.

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    KEEP GOING!! You’re making my little pussy so fucking wet. Any moms that sees this & wants to play w their babygirl hit me up!! Or if any daughters wants to share daddy’s cock w me I’m down for that too. @[email protected]

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