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Daddy needed my help

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A father needs help with a table from his little ten year old daughter

Last morning when I had breakfast Daddy called me over. He had just finished assembeling a white, square IKEA table. He had stayed up all night drinking beer and listening to music. It stank alcohol and cigarettes from him and all over the house and he seemed a bit drunk. I told him I was busy with watching a video on youtube. He got annoyed and yelled me over in a more aggresive tone so I thought I better obey and went over to him.

“Good morning, I need your help. I want you to help me check if this table is sturdy enough” he said and grabbed my shoulders and placed me infront of the table. “How?” I asked confused. “Just get up on the table and move around” he said and picked me up and sat me down on the table. I wiggled my butt a bit and searched his eyes for approval. He got annoyed “No, not like that! Do it properly. Lay down on your stomach and move around!”. Oh no, daddy is angry. I got up on the table, layed on my belly but I stayed still because I felt how my tshirt had started to slide up a bit and since I had just woken up. I was only wearing a big t-shirt with nothing under…

He let out a loud sigh, took a firm grip on the sides of my body and pulled me towards him and positioning me over one of the corners. My tshirt had now got stuck under me and my butt was now fully on display. My bald pussy was pressed against the cold corner and my legs dangled. Felt his crotch against my butt. I reached for the opposite corner and began to pull myself up more to the center of the table, to be able to cover myself up but he said “You can keep your hands there but your body needs to be here. I think it’s something wrong with this corner” and pulled me towards him again to the same position over the corner. He held me down so I wouldn’t do it again.

He then started to rock me back and forth over the corner, making the table squeek. “Now you do it” he commanded me. I did what he said. It felt funny after a while when my little pussy was rubbing against the table, it felt quite nice. “Yes, that’s right. Good girl.” he sounded more excited now. I was proud to help him. I could see in the corner of my eye how he took a few steps back but leaned forward to get close and inspected the corner under me and told me to keep going. I continued for a minute or so until he said “Okay I got it, I see where I made a mistake. You can step down now.” and headed over to his tool box. I had no idea what I’ve just done but glad it helped him. I got off and while I adjusted my t-shirt he asked me if I could bring him a beer from the fridge. When I came back I saw how he was sniffing the corner I helped him with. I asked what he was doing and he explained that you have to smell the wood otherwise you wouldn’t know when to stop tightening the bolts. That’s so cool. Daddy knows everything. He thanked me with a hug and said he could probably need me again for future projects.
The end – Thanks for reading! <3
PS I love reading comments, it makes me horny

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    When she first had her little bottom exposed I’m sure he saw all of her baby hair
    My 10-year-old niece let’s. Me rub her little bottom every day

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    Hopefully me someday. Minus the cigs and alcohol lol


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    • [email protected] ID:85ebbgm0

      Katy, how do I contact you?

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    more please ! I so enjoy good little girls!

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    I hope this progresses more

  • Reply LewdThoughts ID:h811nq49j

    Mmm what a good girl, I wish I could have you help me out as well:)

  • Reply Annonymous ID:4bn00en3fia

    That so cool

  • Reply Nick ID:1d2cl2kls33m

    He yelled you over, hmm 🤔

  • Reply Nick ID:1d2cl2kls33m

    Last morning, who says that?