Indian Mallu Mother & son – enjoy vacation on a lonely sea beach part-1

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I kept silent and slowly I put my hands on her back and opened her bra clips. Mother made a meek protest but there was not much resistance in that.

Indian Mother & son, enjoy vacation on a lonely sea beach, incest stories, My name is Rahul aged 24 years and I live in Mumbai along with my family. There lives my mother Sushma aged about 43 years and my father Ram Lal aged about 46 years. My father is a business man and is a workaholic. He is normally in bad health and normally resort to drinking in evening due to his work fatigue. I don’t know anything about their sex life but think that it is not good as mother is not in happy mood normally and father never cares for her.

We both mother and son are not so attached to him and so we are normally close to each other. We both are like friends to each other than being mother and son. Mother also looks towards me in any need as she knows that father is never there in time of need.

My mother is working as a head mistress in a local school and she has done her B.E.D and since she gets financial benefits and also promotions for higher education, she is doing her M.E.D with a south Indian University through the post. She has finished the course and had to appear for final exam. The exam was in Goa. She has to go to Goa but as usual father was busy with his business and had no interest to visit a place like Goa even with mother. Mother could not go alone and was unhappy with father for his refusal to go, so she requested me to accompany her to Goa. I applied for three days leave as exams were for two days and one day we planned to spend as holiday.

We started by night bus and reached Goa by early morning and as I had already booked room in new woodlands hotel we checked in at 6.00. Mom was tired by the journey however she was totally in the mood for the exam, she had her bath freshened up and studied for the exam in the last minute. she went for the exam at 9 am and I spent roaming around. She came back from exam at 1.00 and was again busy with studies for next day. I didn’t disturb and come late and slept. Next day she was again busy but said that she will be finishing her exam and will be free by 1:00 am. She came back after the exam and was in a happy mood as she had performed well. I asked her, “Mom shall we go to some beach city and stay for the night and go tomorrow back as it will be very pleasant in the evening”. Mom said “OK” as she was in good mood. I checked out of the hotel immediately and booked a taxi and proceeded to a small beach side city.

There I asked the taxi driver to take to a good hotel he took us to a seaside cottages which were very independent but a bit expensive. I convinced mom and got into one cottage. By that time it was already 6:00 in the evening and sun was about to set. As we all know that the sunset is a beautiful scene on sea and also a cold breeze was flowing.

I wanted to go into the sea enjoying the waves so I changed into shorts and t shirt and carried one towel. I and my mom got out of the cottage and started walking on the beach. These was the off season days in Goa and there were very few tourists. Also our beach side city was almost empty these days. Ours was the last cottage and the beach was absolutely empty.

We started walking along the beach. We were having a casual talk and my mother was in a very happy mood. She was enjoying the sea with her son. Perhaps she had started learning to enjoy her life without father on her side. We were very close to each other and were like two friends instead of mother and son.

After some time the sun set and now it was getting dark. There was nobody on the beach except us two. The sky was cloudy and no moon was visible.

After walking for some distance I wanted to go into the sea and swim. So I removed my shorts and t-shirt. I was in the underwear only.

Mother was standing near me and watching my athletic body clad only in a small underwear. I gently asked her. “Mom I want to go into the sea and enjoy the waves why don’t you also come?”

“No I am afraid and I will get wet”

“What mom you have come all the way to a sea beach and don’t want to enjoy the sea. What is this? You are not going to get many chances like this to visit sea beaches. Mother! Nothing will happen I will hold you don’t worry and come to the sea and enjoy the life. See people from so faraway places come here and you are not coming in and want to stand outside. ”

“No please, I fear the water and also I may get wet.”

“Come on momma. Come and enjoy the life. See how romantic a place this is?”, saying this I forced mom to the sea.

She was unwilling but within her she was also interested and came. She lifted her saree and tucked it into her waist. Her legs were exposed up to knees I went into the sea. Mom was holding me by my waist with her arm around it. Unknowingly she was standing very close to me. We both were standing like two friends. I was enjoying the feelings unknowingly.

The waves were coming and touching our legs and the water was slowly touching her saree’s edge. She was also joyous of the water like a child and enjoying the feel of water on her legs. Slowly I was going step by step into the sea and as I was a good swimmer and very confident. But mother was not a swimmer and was fear to go deep in the sea.

She chanted, “Enough don’t go further it is dangerous”.

“Come on mommy I am there, you just hold me tight”

“My clothes will become wet”

“So what even if a bit of your clothes get wet? Nothing will happen there is nobody”.

Saying this I took her into sea almost up to the knees.

Suddenly one big wave came and pushed us both she was out of balance and fell. As she was holding me so when she fell, I also fell along with her. She fell on me and both of us fell into the water fully and the wave receded. I was lying beneath her and her boobs were pressing on my chest. My hands circled automatically around her waist. I was enjoying the sensation of her body when she got up from me.

Mom was fully drenched top to toe and her blouse and saree was struck to her body. I could see the shape of her boobs and the bra as the blouse was of thin material and also I could see her legs as her saree and petticoat were plastered to her body.

“What have I told you not to go so far in the water? See I am totally wet now. What to do now as even our cottage is far off”.

Saying that she came out of water and lifted her saree and started squeezing it while trying to remove water but she was totally wet.

“Mom don’t worry nobody is here you can dry your clothes here without any problem”. I told her.

She misunderstood me and said,

“Ok find some big stone so that I may change behind it and help me”.

Saying that she moved behind a rock and removed her saree and squeezed it dry and asked me to hold it on other side and spread it on the beach. I was shocked as my mom was standing on the beach with only blouse and petticoat that too fully wet almost looking like a cinema heroine.

To be very frank I did not much sexual thoughts about my mom earlier, but I was terribly aroused seeing her like that even though my conscience was prohibiting me as she was my own mother.

She saw me looking her in such revealing clothes but she did not admonished me for that and also did nothing to hide her semi nudity. She just crossed her hands on her chest to cover her upper portion.

“Mom even though your saree will get dry your petticoat will be still wet why you don’t take my towel and dry petticoat also”.

Actually I was terribly afraid to say that but took a chance as by that time my mind was looking at her as a sexual object. She understood what I said and looked around and not finding anybody she took the towel from my bag and turning the other side wrapped towel and slowly pulled down her petticoat and kicked it away from her legs. In that process I saw a part of her buttocks. She turned around and squeezed the petticoat and put it down for drying.

When she bent down to spread the petticoat, I was able to have a glimpse of her upper thighs as the towel rose upwards.

I was terribly aroused seeing mom in towel from waist and blouse, I got more daring and thought whatever happens I should not lose this chance and said,

“Mom you are an asthma patient why you don’t remove your blouse also otherwise you will catch cold and it will be a great problem”.

Mother was getting irritated with all this and in a hoarse tone said,

“It is all because of you and your wrong demands. See what will happen if somebody comes here. I am dying of shame”.

Saying that she saw around and slowly removed her blouse and puts it down near the petticoat.

She had big armpits which was full of hair and her big boobs were forcibly held by her bra. My God! It was a fantastic sight. She was angry and irritated but perhaps she was also enjoying all this without her intention.

She felt tired and sat down. From my view it was simply unbearable as my own mom, sitting in a bra and towel, hardly covering her thighs and beautiful exposed midriff. My underwear was straining with the pressure of my prick standing erect. Perhaps mom was also getting aroused with all this as she was sitting seminude on a beach and her own young son was standing near her.

I suddenly got a wild idea, and since I had anyhow decided to take maximum risk.

I said, “Mom if you don’t get angry I got a one desire”

“What is it?”

“Since there is nobody around, I want to bathe in the sea without any clothes. So many foreigners come to India and take bath in the sea totally nude. I also want to feel the same sensation. Now nobody is near to see me so let me do the same and enjoy like those foreigners.”

Saying that and not waiting for her response, I put my fingers in my waistband and removed the underwear and wiggling my legs I took it off my feet, and revealing my hard and erect cock, I threw it near mother and went into the sea stark naked with a big giant erection.

“You are absolutely a shameless bugger just like your father. You are as shameless as him.”

She was laughing on this bold act instead of getting angry. Perhaps she was also enjoying all this and she shamelessly watched my hard and throbbing cock, which was dangling up and down while me going to sea.

This gave a great encouragement to me and I felt relief that she was not angry.

I went into the sea and was enjoying each wave touching my naked body. Mom was sitting near the sea shore and could see my naked body from there. When I found that mother was also enjoying the show and seeing her like that I wanted to take a chance and I shouted,

“Mom such opportunity never comes in life why don’t you also come again, you can enjoy for some time and by that time the clothes will be dry and you can wear it. Have you never had any fantasy to bath in the sea in this type of position and atmosphere? Life is not got again and again and also this type of opportunities don’t come many times in life. So don’t hesitate and come on with me. ”

Probably by that time, mom was also slightly aroused as she was seeing me naked with the beautiful long hairy prick, dangling between my legs which by now has started getting a bit hard due to the situation that my own mother was there to see it. And my cock has started raising its head now.

I think mother also wanted to enjoy bathing in the sea and since there was nobody around and probably she thought she was safe with me. She got up and slowly walked towards me, she was wrapped in a towel and wearing only her bra and panty there. She was looking damn sexy in that outfit and her whitish skin was glowing in moonlight.

“You please hold me otherwise I am afraid of water. I don’t know swimming”.

“Mom! Don’t afraid and just hold me for a better balance. I am there with you.” Saying this I held her from her shoulders and pulled her near to me.

There I was absolutely naked and my mom close to me. She held me by my waist for balance. She was in her towel and bra only.

I was getting more daring with each minute as here I was standing stark naked and my mother was standing holding me by waist. And she was wearing only a towel on her bra and panty.

Suddenly a big wave came and both of us fell down into the water and mom’s towel came off floating away. Mother gave a muffled but I started laughing on her squeal and hugged her tightly to stop her from falling in the water.

Mother tried to resist and come out of my hug. I had encircled my arms around her and was holding her tight pressing her body with me. Mother was feeling uncomfortable as I was totally nude and my cock was fully hard and erect by now.

I stopped mom from wiggling and said,

“Mother! Please don’t wiggle. I am just holding you so that you may not fell down. Please stand still and enjoy the feel of big waves. I will not let you drown in the sea or fell down. You just enjoy the moment.”

Saying this I tightened my embrace. Mother’s boobs were about 90% naked in her small bra. Her big boobs were poking in my chest. Mother was also getting aroused with all this. She was not wiggling now and she also put her arms around my neck in the pretext of keeping balance.

Now the situation was getting more and more hot. My cock was getting hard as a steel rod now. It was poking in her waist as my mom war shorter than me in height but mom was standing as if she was oblivious to the hard cock knocking her, near her cunt. It made me bold and I thought of taking more risk and started dry fucking her on waist.

Mother was also moaning slightly. She was getting hot and her nipples were getting erect and I could feel them poking in my chest.

Emboldened by her positive response, I pulled her to me with one hand and put other hand on her bra clad boob and tried to squeeze it softly. Mother tried to resist me by pushing my hand away but I squeezed her boob and said,

“Mom! Please let me remove your bra. Mom see, here so many foreigners come and enjoy bathing in nude. No one is nearby. I am also nude. You also remove your bra and panty and enjoy bathing the same way. You may not get a chance to bath nude in sea in near future. I think you must have fantasied about bathing nude in sea, sometime in past. ”

Mother kept a bit silent and then shyly said,

“Rahul! I agree that I had some fantasies like this, but these were with your father. I never thought to be nude on a sea beach with my own son. Anyway your father never thought of my ways. This is my destiny.”

I kept silent and slowly I put my hands on her back and opened her bra clips. Mother made a meek protest but there was not much resistance in that. Perhaps she was also getting horny and also wanted to enjoy the nude bath. I removed her bra and gave it in her hand.

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