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My Sister and I, Pt: III

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My sister and I had been experimenting with each other all even and now the show was about to begin with our parents coming home drunk.

Norma went to her room after we re-enacted a sex scene from a VHS in dad’s drawer labeled “Dad’s Tape”. Our recreation ended much earlier as I shot a few dribbles of cum between Norma’s butt cheeks. As badly as we wanted to figure this stuff out, we were no where near understanding how penetration works.

When mom and dad came home, I heard a knock on my bedroom wall. That was Norma letting me know she was awake and our parents were home. Her bedroom was next to mine and had a visual of the driveway that my room didn’t have.

Once Norma saw our older sister/babysitter Theresa leave, she snuck into my room and told me that mom and dad were still in the kitchen. We sat patiently waiting for them to go to bed but it wasn’t happening. Finally after what seemed like an eternity, we heard their bedroom door shut. We waited about 5 minutes before creeping out into the hallway. Their bedroom was across the hall from mine so all we had to do is open the door and take 2 steps.

We both quietly pressed our ears against the door and heard nothing. We waited for minute or two and tried again and still heard nothing. At that point we knew nothing was going on in there. Our parents, mom in particular were quite vocal during sex. So, Norma and I gave up and went to bed.

Norma and I would have a hard time finding privacy in our house. We were 11 and 10 and despite having been left home alone a few times, our parents weren’t really big fans of it. Over the course of the next couple months we only got to “play parents” as Norma called it a few times. It wasn’t anything really special about it either.

Finally, our parents were going out for their anniversary dinner. Norma was now 12 and I was 11 and with our older sister Theresa not able to babysit, mom and dad agreed to let us stay home alone. Of course they told the neighbors who were friends of theirs to keep an eye on anything which they did.

As soon as they left, we both ran into our parents bedroom and started digging thru drawers and whatnot. As always I pulled out mom’s dildo and flapped it around. I was so amused by that thing! No surprise that I turned out bisexual I guess. Norma pulled out a box of condoms and showed it to me.

“Look, condoms!” She said excitedly

Over the past few months of fooling around, Norma and I had learned a few things. We definitely were figuring things out as both of us had started masturbating. We’d talk about it all the time and do it while laying next to each other. Norma confessed she liked rubbing herself in the shower.

I made my way to our parents closet and found a nightgown that my mom had. I picked this one out in particular because I liked the way it looked and whenever I saw my mom wearing it around the house, I got that tingly feeling in my dick.

“Take your clothes off and put this on!” I told Norma

“No, it’s way too big for me.” She shrugged it off

So I decided to get naked and put it on. So, if you’ve read any of my other posts, you may know that despite being married to my wife with children, I also have a boyfriend that I cross dress and bottom for. This was the first time I had ever wore women’s clothes and I very much liked it. The silk nightgown felt so good against my skin and even better as it gently tickled the tip of my boner.

“Take it off, it’s too big for you and you look stupid.” Norma said closing up the drawer she was searching.

“What should we do?” I asked standing there completely naked

“I don’t know but I have a really good idea for when mom and dad get home!” Norma said excitedly

Despite my best efforts, Norma didn’t reveal her plan. Instead we just went into her room and masturbated next to each other.

“What does it feel like when you cum?” Norma asked

We had learned enough over the past few months that we stopped calling it pew and finally figured out what it really was.

“Tingly, sensitive. Really good!” I said “…how about you?”

“I get all hot and I can’t breathe. And then tingly too I guess.” She explained

We just played together for a little while until we decided to shut off the lights and pretend we were in bed for when our parents came home.

Not long after, I heard a light tapping on my wall. That was Norma’s way of letting me know she saw their car pull in the driveway. A few minutes later I heard my door open and mom walk in. She smelled of being at a bar. Alcohol, cigarette smoke kind of smell. After she left, Norma came running in my room frantically.

“C’mon! Let’s go!” She whispered

I got up as fast as I could and met her at the door. As we entered the hallway we could hear mom and dad in the living room and they were definitely getting frisky. Norma peeked down the hall to see what she could see.

“They still have their clothes on but they’re kissing.” She whispered.

Then Norma opened our parents bedroom door and grabbed my hand and escorted me inside and quietly shut the door behind me.

“What are we doing? We’ll get caught!” I said turning towards the door like I was going to leave.

“No, come with me.” She whispered tugging on my arm.

Norma climbed into our parents closet and sat down. She extended her hand and pulled me in with her. We sat as far back as we could and covered ourselves with clothes we found on the floor near the closet.

“Norma, we’re gonna get caught! They’ll see us for sure!” I argued

“They never turn on the lights.” She answered

“Then how are we going to see?” I asked

Before Norma could answer, the bedroom door opened and mom came in and shut the door behind her. It was dark but there was enough light from a streetlight outside their bedroom window and our eyes had adjusted pretty well that we could see mom taking off her clothes. Norma looked over at me and put her finger over her mouth to indicate I should be quiet, as if I needed to be told.

A minute later the door opened again and dad walked in. He was already naked as we watched him walk over to the dresser and pull out a condom from that same box Norma found earlier. Then he climbed into bed with mom.

The darkness of the room and the fact we were sitting on the floor with a bunch of clothes surrounding us made it almost impossible to see what exactly they were doing but we heard every little noise they made.

“I’ve been thinking about your cock all day!” Mom mumbled

“I’ve been waiting to play with your pussy all night!” Dad said back as he apparently started fingering her

“Oh that feels so good!” Mom moaned “…lemme suck that cock!”

We could see dad get up on his knees and mom was definitely sucking his dick. It looked like dad was still fingering her as well because she kept moaning while she sucked.

Dad then ripped open the condom and laid on his back. Mom got on top of him and began riding him. She had her back to us, so Norma and I boldly popped our heads out of the closet for a second or two to try and get a better view.

“Did you see anything?” She softly whispered in my ear as we pulled our heads back in the closet.

I shook my head no and then turned my attention back to the show. Shortly after we heard mom start to moan and breathe heavier.

“Oh god I’m gonna cum! Oh fuck it feels so good!” She cried out

Dad began grunting and thrusting upwards as mom put her hands on the back of her head and cried out in ecstasy. When she was finished she was out of breath and laid down next to dad.

“How do you wanna finish?” She asked

Dad sat up and grabbed mom by the hips and pulled her onto her hands and knees. He positioned himself behind her and now both of them were facing away from us. Dad began thrusting and mom started moaning again. Norma and I once again popped our heads out to get a good look. While our heads were out, dad started to thrust faster and faster.

“Fuck me with that big dick!” Mom moaned

Then dad thrust into her and leaned his head back looking up at the ceiling. He grunted and kicked his leg a bit. When he finished, he immediately stood up and went to the bathroom.

“How are we gonna get outta here?” I softly whispered to Norma

“Wait until they fall asleep.” She answered

The door shut and dad collapsed on the bed next to mom. They fooled around a bit and talked about how good that was for a minute and then mom got up and went to the bathroom. The bathroom was right next to their room and we heard the shower start to run. After a few minutes of sitting in fear and silence, we saw dad get up and go to the bathroom as well. Thru the ball we heard them talking and thats when Norma grabbed my arm and pulled me up.

“Nows our chance, let’s go!” She whispered

We frantically stood up and darted across the room and into my bedroom as quickly as possible. The bathroom door opened less than 2 seconds later and had we waited any longer, we most certainly would’ve been caught.

As soon as we knew mom and dad were back in bed, Norma and I took off our clothes and got into my bed. We started kissing and that lead to French kissing which was my favorite thing to do.

“I’ve been thinking about your dick all day!” Norma whispered

“Really?” I said naively

“Yeah that’s what mom said to dad remember?”

“Oh yeah. I’ve been dreaming about your pussy all night.” I responded

Norma then grabbed my hand and put it over her pussy and showed me how she rubbed herself. After a few seconds of letting me do it on my own, she reached back down there and pushed my middle finger inside of her.

“This is how you do it!” She quietly explained continuing to guide my finger

“It’s warm and wet down there.” I said

“It’s supposed to be. That’s where you put your dick. It goes inside there.” She continued to explain “…sit up and let me suck your dick, but keep rubbing me.”

I got up on my knees much like I saw my dad do, and Norma leaned over and put my cock in her mouth. She began to lick and bob her head and my god it felt amazing!

“Keep rubbing inside me!” She mumbled between breaths.

I continued to rub and slide my middle finger in and out of her pussy which was extremely wet by this point. Every now and then I would feel the vibrations of her little moans on my dick.

“Do you want to put it inside me?” She asked

“Yeah!” I said as excitedly as I possibly could

Norma laid down on her back and pulled me on top of her. I put my dick, which at this point was somewhere between 4 and 5 inches, against her wet pussy. I could feel how wet it was!

“Now what?” I asked

“It’s in the right spot, just gently push it in.” She explained

I softly pushed and I felt the tip of my dick get wet and warm. I shuttered at how good it felt and she moaned a bit.

“Oww. That kind of hurts.” Norma said pushing me away

“Are you okay?” I asked “…should I stop?”

“No, put it back in there but go really slow.”

I pushed my dick back inside my sisters wet pussy. Once again she groaned but this time didn’t push me away. Next I did what came naturally, I began to slowly grind on her. Both of us started to get into it. She had her arms around me and was mildly digging her nails into my back.

“Are we doing it right?” I asked

“Yeah, it feels really good now!” She whispered in my ear

That made me relax a bit more and I started thrusting with a bit more fluidity. About 30 seconds later I felt that awesome tingly sensation and then I felt cum spurt out of my cock and inside her little pussy.

“Did you make cum?” She asked

“Yeah! It felt awesome!” I answered a bit light headed

After I composed myself, I laid down on the bed next to her. She kissed me a few times.

“I wanna feel tingly too. Will you put your finger back in there and rub it some more? That felt really good!” She asked

I immediately reached down and began playing with her pussy again. I slide my finger in and out and rubbed anything I could feel. Norma moaned a bit and kept telling me to keep going. Then she covered her mouth and tensed up. I could feel her muscles clinch around my finger. As she relaxed a bit she pushed my hand away.

“Wow, I’m super tingly right now!” She said out of breath

We laid there quietly for a few minutes trying to process what we just did.

“My penis is still hard.” I whispered

“Rub it!” She said

I slowly started to rub my still hard cock. It felt great! Norma rolled onto her side and watched intently.

“Are you gonna make cum again?” She asked

“I don’t know, it’s not working.” I answered slightly frustrated “…can I put it inside you again? That worked super fast.” I asked

“Ok.” Norma responded surprisingly willing

I got back on top of her and slide my dick back inside of her. I began thrusting and almost immediately Norma started panting and covering her mouth so not to yell.

“What’s wrong?” I asked as I continued to thrust

“It’s super sensitive and tingly down there!”

“Should I stop?” I asked

“No! It feels so good!” She cried digging her nails into my butt cheeks this time

With in a few minutes I finally felt that tingle in my cock and I climaxed once more. I doubt I made any cum this time by it was super intense.

“Oh my god I’m so tingly all over my body right now!” Norma said as I laid back down beside her.

“I am too!” I responded

“I can’t believe we did it like grown ups. Let’s do this again tomorrow night.” Norma said as she rolled over and pulled the blankets up over herself.

“Ok! What are you doing? Sleep in your bed.” I said

Clearly I still had a lot to learn about women.

“This is what mom and dad do when they’re done having sex, the cuddle naked until they fall asleep.” She explained

“Oh, ok.” I said pulling the blankets up over me as well and spooning behind my naked sister.

We both fell asleep rather quickly and when I woke up, the sun was up, I was still naked but Norma was gone. She had gotten up an hour or so earlier and went to her room before mom and dad woke up.

That’s how I lost my virginity, and probably what lead me down the road of cross dressing as well. Nowadays I’ll pretty much do anything with anyone to get off. I love women and I love men.

Norma and I would continue to have awkward sex together for almost a year before we got caught by our mom. Fortunately she didn’t catch us in the act of having sex, she just walked in on us cuddling naked together afterwards. She was able to put 2 and 2 together though and we got a very VERY stern talking to and that ended that for Norma and me. Fortunately she never mentioned it to our dad because I think he would’ve beaten the hell out of me.

All this reminiscing about my sister has really made me miss her. I think I’ll give her a call…

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  • Reply Jessica L. ID:1esffllht7yk

    When we were kids, my younger sister and l shared a room. Though we never engaged in actual sex with each other, there were a few times that we did masturbate together, her in her bed, me in mine, but at the same time. We were very lucky in that we never got caught doing it, our parents have no clue that this happened between us. As adults, we never talk about it, but l am very sure she remembers it as much as l do.

    • SamanthaCD ID:15qcer0o8ri

      Nice 👍