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Busy life. Ex wife and daughter

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My ex wife has left her husband. We have reconnected several times. And still having sex several times a week with my 13 year old daughter and Hannah.

Sorry it has been so long since I have last written. Been quite busy lately.

My ex wife has left her husband. She has officially moved back in with her parents next door with her 2 younger boys aged 10 and 4. But they spend most weekends at my house. I still am continuing my relationship with our 13 year old daughter Kaylee, during the week. But Friday and Saturday night they stay over boys in the guest room, Shawna sleeps with me. We are weaning back into a relationship together. Shawna is my dream girl. And Kaylee is a smaller, younger, and more flexible version of her mother. Both simular dark hair. Shawna just is a little more curly and has highlights. Both have same memorizing green eyes. Both are athletic, Shawna a semi pro golfer. Kaylee gymnastics and volleyball. Shawna was 16 years old when our relationship unexpectedly started and she became pregnant after we had sex . As previously written in a story. Kaylee was 10 when we first started oral rubbing and using fingers on each other, 12 when we first had sex.

I found out Shawna originally left me because before we were married, I got a vasectomy. She wanted more kids. So she married another golf pro who lived in Ohio. And I gained custody of Kaylee when she was 2. Shawna quickly had a son with new husband. And another several years later. But hated being hours away from her parents.

So this weekend was the first time that Kaylee told me she was jealous. She liked when it was just the 2 of us. She loves seeing her mom and brothers more often. But she wants to be with me, not her mother. I am torn. I love them both. I know this relationship with my daughter can’t continue if Shawna returns. But she is the girl I always wanted. Shawna is incredible in bed. But our daughter’s young body is so tight and firm, every inch of her body is perfect, and will be for years to come. And my daughter somtimes comes with her best friend as well. Hanna is 14 now. Tall blonde skinny with long legs. Also does gymnastics and plays volleyball an 8th grader in middle school. Kaylee is in 7th grade.

Hanna traveled with Kaylee and I on a trip to Smokey Mountains. Where we shared a full sized bed in a small cabin. A vacation that really wore my lil man raw, literally. One or the other was demanding my attention that Columbus day weekend. Hanna joined Kaylee and I Sunday night into Monday. And kind of reminded me of this website.

Now Shawna is at work. Kaylee is at school. I am home alone wondering about the future. I would love to somehow work out a scenario where I could have both in my bed. But just can’t risk that until Kaylee is older. Prison does not appeal to me. So for now, I have my daughter Sunday to Thursday nights in my arms. And Shawna her mother Friday and Saturday nights. And on occasions i get that 2nd teen thrown into the mix as well.

What have I gotten myself into…

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  • Reply incest lover ID:5az3cep8k

    Ever considered trying a vasectomy reversal?
    Won’t help your current problem but your daughter might want kids some day and you will lose her anyway…
    Hope it all works out