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sex with my 12 year old sons

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I had thought about having many kids for a long time now and I was having a lot of trouble finding someone who I had a sexual relationship with because all the cute boys h. It was a lot harder to find someone who would have sexual intercourse with me because I had been sexually active with my adorable sweet, cute brother. I had tons of dreams when I was younger and then one night it became reality because one or two times when I was showering, he was peeing in the toilet. He saw my cute girl parts and I was not really thinking because I saw his cute little penis and I asked him if I could suck his cock with my mouth since he was hard, and I said yes.

After that I was feeling really wet down there in my vaginal region and he asked me if I wanted to have sex with him and I said that he could take my cute virginity. He then asked me if we could go to my room to have sex and I agreed but we had to lock the door to my bedroom so our parents couldn’t find out what we were doing with each other and then he started to finger my 13-year-old pussy and he let me stroke his cute shaved 10-year-old penis which was already big considering his age. When he was ready to insert his cock inside of me, he asked if I was ready to have sex with him, he asked if I wanted him to use a condom since I was 13 years old and I said that he didn’t have to use a condom or protection because I wanted to get knocked up by his seed. Then he went to town and inserted his cock deep inside me and it hurt and first but then I genuinely enjoyed it and then I started to moan in pleasure. Then after about half hour of enjoyable sex he said he was about to explode, and he asked me if he should pull out or stay inside me and I said “please cum inside of me as much as you can” because I want to get pregnant with your children. Right after he asked me if he should pull his penis out, he shot his load of cum deep inside of me and I was extremely fertile which meant that I could easily get pregnant with even a single drop of cum.

After we had continued to have sex for the next few days, I became to feel sick and began having severe morning sickness and it was not going away so I decided that my brother was going to take me to the doctor to see why I was having sudden morning sickness. It was at that point that I had discovered that I was in fact pregnant, and I knew that it was my brothers’ baby because he was the only person who had put his cock inside of my pussy and who I had allowed to cum inside me. Me and my brother agreed that we were going to keep the baby or babies and that I was not going to tell my parents the truth about who knocked their 13-year-old daughter up because they did not believe in abortions since we were Jewish.

It was during my second trimester that I found out that he knocked me up with not one but two babies and that they were both going to be twin boys and then we were going to get married and spend the rest of our lives together and live with our children. Unfortunately, things did not turn out this way because fast forward to when I was 25 years old and a single mom to two 12-year-old twin boys. After my brother cheated on me which resulted in getting another woman pregnant, we had no real choice but to move into a smaller apartment, and we had to share a room, but I slept on the couch which was not extremely comfortable.

Since my twin sons were born, the three of us which included me as their mom have always slept together naked which did not really affect me. This was true until this one Friday night, and we were cuddling together under the covers naked and suddenly I could feel two erect penises poking up against me. This annoyed me a little bit because I had not gotten any sexual pleasure from my brother since he cheated on me, and I knew exactly what I needed. Although sometimes I would just lay there naked and finger myself and sometimes giving my boys hand jobs while they were sleeping, I still felt the need for some sex, or something related to that. The other thing that happened was sometimes when I could not take it anymore, I decided that I would suck one cock while playing with his other boys’ cock and finger my pussy which was very wet already as well as my hand because one of them had cum all over my hand and leg.

On this particular Friday night, since I always sleep in the nude and so do my sons although they were only twelve years old and they were both already sleeping I felt someone put a cute little hand on my arm and his hand landed right on my left tit and I was startled and I felt an incredible sensation and since it had been so long since I had gotten touched like that I thought. One of my young boys had cuddled right up against me and he put one of his legs over mine and I thought to myself “WTF” he had a huge penis, or an erection and it was on my thigh, and I knew it was inappropriate because this was my young boys and I think that fact was what had turned me on big time. I reached down and grabbed his horny penis, and I was dumbfounded at how massive he was for a 12-year-old.

I really began to play with his young penis, and I started to finger myself and my vagina already was extremely wet, and I thought to myself I needed this bad. My mouth was extremely dry, and my hand began to stroke him as my other hand went between my legs and began to rub my already wet pussy lips. I will just do it a little. I slid a finger inside myself and moaned as I fondled his cock quicker, and my son moaned. It had been 12 years since I last had any kind of sexual pleasure and I had my hips bent as the feeling rushed through me, my boy groaned. Suddenly out of nowhere I felt streams of cum cover my hand and pussy. I cried out ass I exploded my liquids flooding out of me and soaked the bed sheet under me. I gripped my boy’s cock so hard I woke him up. He was glaring at me wearily, “What are you doing Mom?” he asked.

I said that I was not doing anything and that he should just go back to sleep, which he obliged, and he rolled over. I felt his cum on my pussy and stomach and lifted some from my belly and pulled my fingers off, OMG it tasted remarkable. I had one of my sons cum all over my vagina and as I attempted to remove the cum from my pussy but unfortunately, I succeeded in pushing it up inside of me. I was fertile and it was at that moment that I dozed off to bed and I thought I should get showered and clean out the cum from my son, but I did not think I had anything to worry about since he never put his cock inside me.

A little bit later while I was still naked with one of my sons’ hands on my horny breast with my sons’ hand still on my erect nipple and could feel his chubby penis rubbed up against my leg. I questioned if my other twin son was getting hard too it sure felt like it and then I thought since I had jerked off his twin brother I might as well also give my other son the same kind of pleasure and started to caress him slow and easy. At this point in the evening that I decided to have my eyes closed while I was playing with my son’s cock and myself and I suddenly felt a little hand on top of my hand that was on my vagina and was not long before I found myself dripping from my pussy, I was so excited. I lay there playing with myself and my son’s cock with my eyes closed and feeling so dirty and perverted when I felt his hand on top of the hand I had on my pussy.

Once this happened, my eyes were wide open and I glanced up and my cute young son had a big smirk on his face and I halted what I was engaged in and he placed my hand which was on my vagina and he put a few of his fingers inside of me and I gulped. OMG, He moved his fingers inside my wet pussy while he was happily fingering me which only made me even hornier, and I had not removed my hand from his penis, and I resumed jerking him off as we were caught in a staring contest. All this sexual attention made me say “OH yes, I was going to cum by my young sons’ fingers in me. After I said that he happily said that “I’m going to cum Mom” he mouthed, and I rolled over on my side so he could release his cum on my pussy like his brother had.

I played with his cock which was against my wet vagina and I felt myself starting to lose it when one of my young sons’ penises pushed forward which ended up going to his mommy’s pussy and he released a huge load of cum right directly into her and I realized that I had orgasmed all over his cock head. As I came, I could not help it my hips pushed forward, and my sons cock submerged itself inside me making me continue to release my cum. I knew one of my sons had his cock explode and he came deep inside of me. Although he had just gave me a huge cream pie and I was not on birth control I thought I may be in a lot of trouble, but it felt unexceptionally amazing getting a huge cream pie from one of my sons.

I had originally thought that my son would know enough to pull out and cum somewhere else which all men do after they cum inside a pussy. However, my 12-year-old son who had not even had his penis begin to shrink he just kept thrusting his cock in and out of me which felt amazing, and I began to hump one of my twin sons as he kept penetrating deep inside of me. By this point I was moaning and squealing and one of my twin sons was fucking me as if he has fucked a lot of women or girls and my legs were around his waist, and I pushed upwards to meet his beating cock.

Suddenly my other twin who was sound asleep had woken up with a huge erection at the sight of his own brother fucking their mother and he had changed my position so that one of my sons could fuck me and the other one was thrusting his cock into my mouth. I thought to myself “oh my fucking god” as I was sucking one son and got fucked by the other and I was thinking that my pussy was on fire as I orgasmed again shooting cum all over my sons’ cock and balls as he released another powerful load of boy cum inside his mother. They switched their positions and then after 4 fun filled hours of having cum covered penises and a spit covered penis entered my pussy and after that I could not take any more sex. After it was all set and done, I had an astonishing eight loads of my sons cum inside of my vagina and I was positive I was pregnant because I was not on the pill, and I was ovulating. I ended up having my sons fuck me all weekend so I forgot all about the morning after pill and by Monday I would not be able to pick it up until after work at 5 and odds are it will not even be affective.

What kind of mother have I become? I love being fucked and eaten by my 12 yr. old boys and even if I am pregnant, I would not care that much because I love my boys. I should just forget about the morning after the pill. I will think about it tonight, one more day will not make that big of a difference I thought I have had like thirty loads of cum deposited inside my pussy since Friday night. My pussy got moist thinking about going home after work to my boys and about being pregnant with one of my sons’ sons or daughters.

If you want a gay story of my sons’ fucking each other and to see what happened to me just leave me a comment.

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