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Freaky little girl in the park

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I met a little girl running in the park, she took me to see her secret shed, then blackmailed me in to fucking her. she was freaky as hell.

I am 38 years old and I was on my daily run through the park at 5:30am, I always have a run before going to work, reached that point in my life where I need to keep fit and watch my weight.

There’s never really anyone in the park in the morning apart from the occasional dog walker down the far end of the field, but on this particular day I was running my 4th lap around the park when I heard someone running up behind me, a young girl appeared, running right beside me.

She was short a petite, about 10-11 years old, wearing tight pink short leggings, a white crop top, her long blonde hair was done up in a ponytail at the back and it was swinging as she ran, she had a light blue jacket tied around her waist with its arms tied in a knot at the front and she was holding a water bottle, she looked at me and smiled so I smiled back.

“Can I run with you?” she asked.

I’d never had a running partner before and she looked like she could keep up with me, “Sure.”

“I’m Amy.” She said,

“Tom. Nice to meet you Amy.” I replied, shaking her hand, which wasn’t easy as we ran.

We ran for about 20 minutes and then stopped and sat on a bench, we drank some water and caught our breath.

I was wearing my running gear, tight running shorts and top, I saw her glancing a look at my crotch, the tight shorts made my bulge very visible, but I didn’t really think much of it at that moment, but it was definitely a warning to what was about to happen.

“I’ve got a secret place just behind these trees…” she said, looking behind us, “…Do you want to see it?” she asked.

I looked at my watch, “I should be heading back home to take a shower before work.” I replied.

“Please. It will only take a minute.” She said, batting her little eyelids at me and smiling.

“Okay, uhm, sure, why not.” I replied.

So we stood up and walked through the trees, she held my hand and walked swiftly ahead of me, almost dragging me with her, “Slow down.” I said, with branches hitting me in the face, “It’s just here. Quickly.” She said.

We got in to a small clearing and there was a very old shed type structure made of bricks, “It’s in here.” She said, she made me go in first, there was nothing inside the shed, just a bit of rubble, leafs and rubbish packets, I was looking at the back wall when I heard the door close behind me, so I turned around.

“What are you doing? – Why did you close the door?” I asked her.

“I closed it so we can be alone.” She replied.

For a moment I thought she was going to murder me or something, then I came to my senses and looked at the skinny little girl in front of me, yeah right, no way could she hurt me, “Well it’s very nice, but I do have to get going now.” I said, then I went by her to the door, but it was locked.

I turned around and she was standing by the back wall grinning and holding up a key in her hand.

“Okay, very funny. Can you unlock the door please?” I said.

“Nope.” She said.

“Come on, Amy, I don’t have time for games right now.” I said, stepping towards her to take the key.

As I got close to her she put the key down the front of her shorts, so I couldn’t get it.

“Seriously? – Come on. Just give me the key.” I said.

“Show me your cock.” She said.

I couldn’t believe it, just she actually just say that, “Pardon?”

“Let me see your cock and I’ll let you out.” She said.

“I’m not showing you my cock.” I replied.

“Why not?” she asked.

“Because you’re a little kid.” I said.

Then she stepped up close to me and rubbed my shorts at the crotch, I tried to move her hands away but she just get grabbing for it, she was a slippery little devil, “Stop it. – Amy! – Stop it.” I said.

But her relentless rubbing caused a reaction and my cock got hard inside my shorts.

She giggled, “See, it’s wants to come out and play. Let it out. Let me see it.” She said.

My cock was getting harder and quickly filling up my tight shorts, it was very uncomfortable, so I agreed, in order to relieve the pressure, to show her my cock, “Okay I’ll show it to you, then will you let me out?” I said.

She nodded.

“Can’t believe I’m doing this…” I whispered to myself, then I pulled my shorts down to my knees and let me erection spring out in full view, “…There. Happy now?” I said.

“Mmm.” She hummed, then she took hold of it and started to jerk it.

“What – What are you doing?” I said.

My cock was pointing straight up, she was so short that the tip of my cock reached under her chin, then she licked my tip, “Jesus!” I gasped, feeling her soft warm tongue against my cock.

“Fuck me.” She giggled.

“What?!” I said, in shock.

Then she stepped back, untied her jacket from around her waist and dropped it to the floor, then pulled her top off, then pushed her shorts and panties down and stepped out of them, she was stood in front of me completely naked, “Holy shit!” I said, not believing my eyes.

“Please fuck me.” She said.

“Uhm – Listen, you’re a pretty girl and everything but – you’re – you’re just a kid – I can’t – I can’t fuck you.” I said.

Then she turned around and got on her hands and knees, with her nice little ass pointing towards me, I could see her bald pussy between her legs, it looked incredible, then she put her hand behind herself and rubbed her finger up her slit, her pussy was wet, “Fuck me, please.” She begged.

There I was in an old locked shed, surrounded by rubble and dirt, with my cock hanging out, and a little naked girl on her hands and knees begging me to fuck her little pussy, how could I say no.

I dropped to my knees behind her, my cock resting on the top of her ass, I grabbed her firm butt cheeks then pushed my cock down the crack of her ass then rubbed it on her wet pussy.

“Do it. Fuck me. Come on. Do it now.” She begged.

My heart was racing and my cock was twitching with excitement, I grabbed her ass tighter and then pushed my cock inside her pussy, “Ooooaah…” I groaned, feeling her tight insides squeezing the life out of my cock as it sank in to her folds, “…Oh wow!” I gasped.

“Ungh – Uh – Uuuh.” She moaned.

I held on to her hips and pounded her pussy from behind, then she started demanding more.

“Push it in more.” She said.

“I can’t. It won’t go any further.” I said.

“It will. Just push hard. I can take it.” She said.

So I pushed harder, pretty sure I entered her cervix, and I went balls deep inside of her.

“Ungh – Ooah – Argh – More – More!” she begged.

I literally could not go any deeper, so I just fucked her fast and hard.

“Spank my butt – Ungh – Spank me.” She said.

So I spanked her little ass.

“Tell me I’m a naughty girl. Tell me I’m a bad-bad, naughty girl.” She said.

“Oh you are, very naughty. You’re a naughty-naughty, very bad-bad girl!” I replied.

“Yeah – Fuck me. Punish me, Daddy – I’ve been a naughty girl.” she moaned out loudly.

“Daddy?” I thought, clearly she had some daddy issues.

“Hurt me!!” she cried.

“No, I’m not going to hurt you.” I replied.

She picked up a brick and hit me in the knee with it, “HURT ME!” she yelled.

The brick thing hurt, so I grabbed her ponytail and pulled on it, pulling her head back, “You want me to hurt you?!” I said.

“Yeah – ungh – uh.” She moaned.

I continued to pump her little pussy as hard as I could, my balls were slamming in to her thighs, I was spanking her ass, then I slapped her across the face, “Does that hurt? – You like that?” I growled, the girl was in to some freaky shit.

“Ungh – Yeah – Fuck me, Daddy! – Hurt me, Daddy! – Ungh!” she moaned.

I had the best and freakiest sex of my life that morning, finishing around 10 minutes later by flooding her little pussy with every drop of seed from my balls, then I pulled out of her tight hole, “You alright?” I asked her.

She rolled over on to her back and started laughing, “Oooh yeah.” She replied.

“You are one freaky little girl, do you know that?” I said.

I stood up and pulled up my shorts then I picked up the key out of her panties and unlocked the door, “I’ve got to go.” I said.

I offered to walk her back to the park but she just wanted to lay on the floor of the shed naked, so I left her there and went home and took a shower before heading to work, with aching balls I might add.

It’s been 2 weeks now since that morning, I’ve ran in the park every morning and not seen her again, but I’m hoping to see her again someday, and hopefully have a repeat, I’m fully prepared now that I know what she wants.

The girl was crazy freaky, but a really great fuck.

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