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Training young Valerie #5

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Those 4 days of having this little 13 year old girl all to myself went by to quickly. She had become well trained in satisficing me or any man now.

Valerie and I never got dressed that next day. She became obsessed with my large cock as it filled and abused that tight little pussy of hers. After breakfast she help me clean up, as I washed the dishes she would come up behind and start play with my cock. She get it hard in her hands loving how it would grow and throb under her touch. I would turn around so she could take it in her mouth, she sucked hard and pumped with both both hands until I was about to come. I pick her up placing her on the sink, she wrapped her slender legs around me and I would start to fuck her. Soon I carry her, she bounce on my cock as I laid her on to the table. I soon came, a thick creamy load of sperm filled and squirted out of her cunt onto table top.
This was how most of our mornings went, afternoons were filled with a slight rest then a good porn movie then lots of fucking on the couch and rug floor . Later it was soaking in my large hot tub and then supper. I treated her as a grown up with special foods and adult drinks. After, it was up the stairs to my bed where I could do anything that I wanted to her, she only wanted to please me. Valerie would lose complete control of her body, she shook wildly about climaxing nonstop as my huge cock went in and out of her tight young vagina. By the time I had finish with her we both needed showers again . The next day I took Val out for shopping , we went out of town so that no-one would recognized the two of us. I let her get a sexy new dress, then took her out for lunch. Then we went sexy night gown shopping where I let her surprise me by picking it out just for tonight.
Later that night as I laid waiting for her in bed she made the entrance dress in this lacy black see threw baby doll out fit. She paraded around the bed taunting me with how sexy she looked. She just stayed out of my reach and as I started to get up after her she took off out of the room and down the steps. I ran naked after her and caught her in the living room. She began playing the poor defenseless little girl part and told me to keep away from her. I picked her up over my shoulder and carried her back up the steps to my bed. Once there I tossed her on the bed ,she laid there all sprawled about begging big bad me not to tough her. She kept up the playing as she saw how excited this all had made me. My cock was throbbing hard with excitement as I crawled up. No please no, keep that huge thing away from me Val groaned. I grabbed both of her ankle’s and dragged her towards me. She put up a struggle as I pushed her legs apart, then I grabbed her small ass and parted the crotch of her silk thongs . She squealed loudly as she felt my mouth against her pussy. She began to shake and twist begging me not to take her virgin cunt. I was out of control sucking and fucking her with my tongue. I could taste her hot juices as they spurted from her. I pinned her hands down, crawled up between her thighs pushing them wide apart. No please stop Val begged as she felt the head of my cock pushing against her wet entrance. In that heated moment I thrusted as hard as I could, my cock suck over half way in her. Val let out a sharp cry, I could feel her hot insides grip me as I began to fuck her. We began to hungrily kiss with my cock pumping in and out of her tight little girl pussy. It was not long till Val lost all control and hot fluids began draining out of her. She was moaning loudly and wiggling all about under me. My cock was deep in her fucking and pushing hard against her cervix opening . You could actually see the bulge my huge cock created in her belly as it went in and out of her little body. It was not much longer until I started to come, I saw it in her face as my hot sperm sprayed up into her womb. I kept fucking her hard making a mess as sperm squeezed out running down her butt. I could feel Val suck the seed from my cock with her vagina. The excitement of tonight kept we hard as I kept fucking her more. Again I came and shot a second load my my sperm deep inside her . Still hard I continue until little Valerie was completely filled with a third.
We both sleep the rest of the night away , that morning it was a long hot soak in the hot tub. Then wash the wet sticky bedding and put fresh on for night night. Valerie helped with all the house chores, she was starting to think of herself as my wife in doing things for me. The rest of the days were filled with lots of hot sex. By the time our days together were over Valerie was so addicted to sex with my cock that she did not want to go home. I had to promise here that this would not end and that I would continue to make time for us together . But in return she must never tell a sole about what we do together or we both would hurt other people and be in serious , serious trouble.
After Valerie had went back home Her mom Diana had got back from being on the road. Kathy my wife was back two days later which left Val and I a few additional times to fuck. She had a easy time to get away from her mom telling her that she had to clean for me. But the last day Diane came down to my house while both Val and I were fucking on the floor in the living room. It was a mad rush to get dressed and let her in to check on Val. It was very close to hide what we had been doing being both red faced and exhausted. I explained that Val had been helping me in the basement moving stuff, she believed what I said and went home since Kathy was not home yet.
Even once Kath got home I managed to get Val alone with me, a few times in the car we would meet and when ever she went out by her self. But that was risky because Kath almost caught the two of us fucking up stairs in the extra bedroom . She had come back to early as I was just coming in Val’s mouth, It was hurry up and dress . Every thing carried on with out a hitch until Kath found out about her sister Donna and me . The stay over in the same motel room when we were out of town at company meetings. Kathy never believed that nothing happened between her sister and me . So Kathy did leave and is staying with a friend till she decides what to do. Donna is also not talking to me as she is upset with how things went down. So my nieces aren’t allowed to visit me yet, Donna is not going to let them could by their selves until issues are resolved with Kath . Diane is staying clear because of her friendship with Kath but has agreed to let Val keep her house cleaning job with me. So Valerie has just turned 14, I secretly took her out for her birthday and then back to a motel for the afternoon. We fucked for hours, thank god I have had her through all these uncertain times. Her mom is going to be gone on the road in a few weeks and Valerie well be all mine again …

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  • Reply Piti ID:1ds16yt9s2xv

    Ich hoffe es kommen noch sehr viele Teile und du erziehst Val noch mehr zu einer Schwanz und Sperma geilen Shlampe und zu einem Fickspielzeug für andere geike Männer

  • Reply A. ID:5u1d7cg49j

    Breed her

  • Reply Daddy ID:1cqvvvs9vgr9

    You could be my Val Little Cherry

    • Little Cherry ID:62957kh49c

      Yes, Daddy!

  • Reply nitecaptain ID:1u6viufi9

    I have a company meeting coming up and I wonder how Donna well act seeing me there. I know that she is seeing someone but It would be nice if we can just talk regardless of her sister and my issues.

    • LittleCherry ID:c4iaf4xzl

      Wish I was Val. My tight little pussy needs some pounding.

    • 6924cm ID:zddce9fia

      Give me your contact LittleCherry